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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Is Indonesia employing ISIS to get a leading role in the Islamic world?

15-01-2016 08:44

When you refer to ‘Islamic factor’ stay fully aware of how different Islam may actually be in Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. The versions of Islam in these countries have more differences rather than similarities. In case of Indonesia, we should focus at several local peculiarities: the world’s biggest Muslim community, well-thought and balanced foreign policy of Indonesian leaders based on moderate approach to resolving global issues, and at the same time the sophisticated mixture of inner tasks aimed to bar Islamic radical elements from power in the country.

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Mindanao, Philippines: Stop ‘Lumad’ killings, harassment - UN

10-01-2016 06:43

Killings and harassment of the Lumad, or the indigenous people (IP), should stop and those accountable should be brought to justice, according to Ola Almgren, the UN country representative and humanitarian coordinator.

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UK KFA condemn Foreign Secretary's anti DPRK outburst

08-01-2016 13:04

The reactionary conservative government have recently slandered the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over its H bomb test. Here is a statement from the UK Korean Friendship Association exposing the hypocrisy of UK Foreign Secretary Hammond

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UG#727 - The Terrorism-Surveillance Complex (Diane Roark, Operation Gladio 4)

05-01-2016 12:06

This week,we begin with a talk from the most senior NSA whistleblower you're probably never heard of, Diane Roark, who doesn't mince her words about what the NSA are really spying on. As we hear, the deep state made reprisals against her but were unable to pin anything on her. We conclude the show with the final of our 4 part adaption of Allan Francovich's Operation Gladio.

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Chris Spivey rushed to hospital.

02-01-2016 11:29

News from the Alternative View. Renowned journalist and false flag event investigator rushed to hospital. Will he make it out alive?

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UG#726 - The Flight From Death (Importance of Death Anxiety, Operation Gladio 3)

26-12-2015 23:19

In our 15 year history, we have addressed a wide range of topics. It is a rare episode which tackles a new topic, an even rarer one in which we tackle a new topic with such direct relevance to so many earlier shows. Today's show fits that description, examining the theories of cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker, that fear of our own mortality is a topic of unparalleled importance - but one that human psychology encourages us to shy away from rather than to properly address. For an example of the dangers of living without due skepticism of "immortality symbols" we conclude with part 3 of our ongoing adaption of Allan Francovich's film about Operation Gladio.

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UG#725 - An Ongoing Deep State Clean Up (Dennis Hastert, COINTELPRO 2, Gladio 2)

19-12-2015 16:23

We continue our adaption of Allan Francovich's film about Operation Gladio. However, the majority of this episode is a review of the 1996 New COINTELPRO operation, started under Clinton, which is currently being framed in the US commercial media as the "Denis Hastert case". We sew together 4 recent podcasts from Sibel Edmonds (the US' most classified woman) who has been blowing the whistle on this case for over a decade, and from whom insight is therefore to be expected as to what will happen with this case, and most interestingly, what the controlled media is not informing us about.

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UG#724 - Calling a SCAD a SCAD(State Crimes Against Democracy,Operation Gladio1)

17-12-2015 14:57

This week we begin an audio adaption of the best film that will ever be made on Operation Gladio, Allan Francovich's famous 1992 expose. To introduce it, a 90 minute talk from Lance deHaven-Smith on State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs) - a term which he thinks we should start using as a prelude to prosecuting those responsible.

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Secret Kurdistan’s ally

16-12-2015 10:36

My foe’s enemy is my friend. This is how the well-known wisdom puts it and it appears to have become the ideological basis of the mutually beneficial cooperation between Israel and the Kurds fighting IS terrorists and other radical groups on the Syrian land.

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True reasons of the recent attack on Su-24

14-12-2015 08:36

More than a week has passed since the sudden attack of the Turkish F-16 jet on the Russian Su-24 bomber. The time was skillfully used to divert attention of the international community from the exploring of the true reasons behind the attack to discussion of the impact rupture in relations between Turkey and Russia. Those debates, that successfully stole the spotlight, were rather captivating but surely of minor importance.

Meanwhile, the data coming from the Syrian Kurds makes it possible to see the picture as a whole.

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A report from 'the Jungle' refugee camp in Calais.

13-12-2015 23:08

An 'on the ground report' and description of the conditions of the refugee camp in Calais known as 'the Jungle.'

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Syria: UK now at war with Russia but we haven't been told by the BBC or MPs

12-12-2015 01:17

World-class set of independent Syria experts pull Britain's latest folly apart
investigative reports: Interview with Mehrnaz Shahabi, an Iranian Bristolian, on Syria: Roland Dumas and his claim the British started the Syrian civil war on French TV, Wikileaks documents, and regime change in Syria – witnesses in Syria say Jihadis in crowd at early demonstrations were shooting at demonstrators and police. Interview with Dan Glazebrook, author of 'Divide and Ruin, about Syria:

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Emotional funeral for drowned Iraqi family

04-12-2015 09:26

Tragedy struck one Iraqi Family, who desperate to flee their war ravaged country, found the journey was actually their main enemy..

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Cambridge Gets Creative Against Syrian Bombing

04-12-2015 00:44

The main message of the night.
At 5:00pm on Wednesday, December 2nd 2015 Cambridge activists came together outside The Guildhall to publically express their outrage against the UK's RAF dropping bombs on Syria.

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Cambridge Says "No" to Bombing Syria!

01-12-2015 23:35

So many attended I had to make a panorama to fit them all in!
On Saturday November 28th 2015, Stop The War Coalition called for a nationwide day of action against the UK bombing Syria.

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Sheffield #DontBombSyria Protest

28-11-2015 20:09

Despite the rain several hundred anti-war protesters gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall on 28th November 2015 to protest again the the intention of the UK government to join a bombing campaign in Syria.

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Who Funds ISIS? Bilal Erdogan, Son Of Turkey's President

28-11-2015 01:11

Nuclear treaties quietly binned post 9/11
Series: State Of The City reports
Subtitle: First NATO vs Russia act of war since 1990s and the Cold War
Program Type: Weekly Program

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Iran Using Chumbawumba Trick To Defuse Car Bombs

15-11-2015 18:49

It cannot catch the Anarchist who asks some passers-by for a cigarette, breaks off the filter tip and walks away until the improvised fuse ignites the next stage, but it does not need to – because car bombs these days do not come out of backyard garages, but out of electronics factories. And the modern industrial car bomb with its high-end multifunctional user interface can be fought on an entirely different level than its self-reliant lo-tech ancestor. Like for any serial product, the disposal thereof can be serialised as well. Doing so has turned Washington´s ground-based assassination program into a virtual train wreck.

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Iraqi Minorities in Peril

12-11-2015 14:42

The plight of the Iraqi people was the main focus of debate at the US based Holocaust Memorial Museum. The debate was centred around those in Iraq, facing persecution by the self-declared Islamic State.

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UG#723 - A US Deep State Event (The Deep Implications of the 9-11 Money Trail)

08-11-2015 15:02

We continue our study of the deep state with a fresh look at what has emerged about the defining 21st century deep event, the attacks of September 11th. While that date inevitably invokes mental images of fireball and collapsing towers, we look instead at the financial implications. These range from Stratesec director Wirt Dexter Walker's $50,000 insider trade through a range of mid level fraud, up to the hundreds of billions of US Bonds which were due on that date and the trillions of dollars which have gone missing from the Pentagon budget. What does this complex pattern of innumerable financial frauds carried out on that day tell us about the interrelationships of the shadowy cabal of deep state insiders who pulled it off? And what about the technologies which may have been used on that day?