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Syria: UK now at war with Russia but we haven't been told by the BBC or MPs

Bristol Broadband Co-op | 12.12.2015 01:17 | Analysis | Palestine | Terror War | World

World-class set of independent Syria experts pull Britain's latest folly apart
investigative reports: Interview with Mehrnaz Shahabi, an Iranian Bristolian, on Syria: Roland Dumas and his claim the British started the Syrian civil war on French TV, Wikileaks documents, and regime change in Syria – witnesses in Syria say Jihadis in crowd at early demonstrations were shooting at demonstrators and police. Interview with Dan Glazebrook, author of 'Divide and Ruin, about Syria:

World-class set of independent Syria experts pull Britain's latest folly apart - mp3 19M

insertion of extremists funded and trained by West; targeting of Assad; so-called moderate rebels; Frank Field MP – ISIS given free hand as long as fighting Assad; Strategic Russian naval base in Tartus, also Latakia in Syria, which Russia cannot afford to lose – Russia versus NATO; Paris attacks; Libya – failed states help extremists to flourish. Mehrnaz and Martin Summers - bombing of Syria not legal according to UN Security Council Resolution 2249; Turkish army goes into Iraq; Iraq only wants Russia there; Patrick Henningson from 21st Century Wire on a possible new EU army; West in war against Russia, China, and Iran; Are their similarities between Hitler and ISIS? No. Mehrnaz lists the various different Jihadi groups in Syria that are said by the Western media to be 'moderate'; Israeli jets bombing near Damascus; Russia bombing The Turkmen or Grey Wolves in Syria who are working with Turkish intelligence; Patrick Henningson – no forensic evidence of ISIS involved in Paris attacks or San Bernadino – NATO false flag terrorism - West's motives – gas, oil, military industry, religious - Saudi Royal family; Ghouta chemical attack; balkanisation of region; British officials (MI6?) probably responsible for starting Syrian civil war and now, therefore, possibly World War 3.

Roland Dumas' 'confession'

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