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Who Funds ISIS? Bilal Erdogan, Son Of Turkey's President

PublicEnquiry | 28.11.2015 01:11 | Analysis | History | Terror War | London | World

Nuclear treaties quietly binned post 9/11
Series: State Of The City reports
Subtitle: First NATO vs Russia act of war since 1990s and the Cold War
Program Type: Weekly Program

Who Funds ISIS? Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President - mp3 19M

NATO country Turkey downs Russian SU-24 supersonic bomber. First NATO vs Russia act of war since 1990s and the Cold War. Interview with John Banks - former paratrooper, special operations and counter-intelligence colonel in South Africa: Russian SU24 shot down by Turkey – first time since cold war; oil trafficking – Turkmen militants working with Turkish government; Paris terror attacks – 5 targets hit but supposedly there were only 7 attackers – media anomalies - top of ISIS product of USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel; should we attack Syria?; will Bosphorus be shut down to Russians – cutting off Black Sea ports; Russian bombing of oil convoys; Bilal Erdogan, son of Turkish President, profiteering from oil taken out of Syria – MIT facilitating ISIS; PKK and the Kurds; who's fighting who? Complicated; Paris -signs of a false flag attack; Assads' brothers helped CIA take weapons into Iraq; Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and dictators; Golan Heights occupied territory by Israel – oil and gas deposits being illegally exploited, pipeline through Syria; clip John Pilger on Russia Today's 'Going Underground' this week, RT – Roland Dumas's statement that UK initiated the uprising in Syria; media propaganda; what are the solutions? State of Emergency in Crimea – Pylons bombed. Interview with Bruce Gagnon from Space for Peace and Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, about how US is trying to dominate space: missile defence shield; satellites able to control and keep an eye on things; anti-satellite weapons; cyber warfare; Yugoslavia – US shut down air defence systems by cyberwarfare; Cuban Missile Crisis; George Freedman from Stratfor – taking down Moscow and Beijing – fight for resources – natural gas; balkanising of Russia; NATO breaking promises to Russia. Drone pilots whistleblowers – their money frozen.

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