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True reasons of the recent attack on Su-24

Anonymous | 14.12.2015 08:36 | Analysis | Other Press | Terror War | World

More than a week has passed since the sudden attack of the Turkish F-16 jet on the Russian Su-24 bomber. The time was skillfully used to divert attention of the international community from the exploring of the true reasons behind the attack to discussion of the impact rupture in relations between Turkey and Russia. Those debates, that successfully stole the spotlight, were rather captivating but surely of minor importance.

Meanwhile, the data coming from the Syrian Kurds makes it possible to see the picture as a whole.

It becomes plain clear, that due to the Russian Air Force missions the planned joint offensive of 'Jabhat al-Nusra' and 'Brigade Jebel al-Turkman' on the government forces in the area of Nib Almer, Kesab and Samra was ruined. The offensive was to be launched at night on November 24-25, 2015, so that to get control over the highway joining Syrian Latakia and Turkish Antakya.

According to the Kurdish data, visually the movements of the militants looked just this way (see pic.4):

Now, compare it with the map showing the flight path of the Russian bomber (see pic.5)

It may be seen clearly that the Russian military planes were active exactly in the area of offensive threatening in perspective to ruin control of the government forces over the strategically important highway. Bearing in mind that all the other major transport routes linking the terrorists' groupings with Turkey are in charge of the Kurds this highway is actually of vital importance for terrorists.