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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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12-06-2006 19:50

We are accused of terrorism:

if we defended rose and woman

and the mighty verse ...

and the blueness of sky ...

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Terror threat to Western capitals left intact

11-06-2006 14:32

The killing of Abu Mussab Zarqawi leaves largely intact the threat of attacks from small, independent cells — the "100 Ben Ladens" that Egypt's president once said could be spawned by the US-led war in Iraq.

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11-06-2006 02:57


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Will Terrorist Attacks Be Launched at the World Cup?

10-06-2006 21:43

Fundamental principles of the American republic were thrown overboard by Spygate, the current spying scandal.. The Bush administration crossed the Rubicon when Bush set himiself above the law in the course of the bugging scandal.. Compared to Spygate, Watergate was a kindergarten picnic.

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Islamic Extremist Terrorism: America's Frankenstein

08-06-2006 21:54

I was a firm believer in the war on terror, its aims, resolution never to bow down and eventually its ultimate success. This article would have reflected that, but while trawling through reams and reams of official government releases in order to write said article, I found evidence that starting in 1979 the American Government, headed up then by President Carter had begun a policy of funding Islamic terrorists to fight the soviets in Afghanistan. As well as extensive evidence that this policy was not only expanded in Afghanistan but also other groups opposing communism were funded in other countries. Eventually my own views were changed and this article will now show, that since 1979 successive American Presidents selectively or intentionally ignorant attitude toward unintended consequences of foreign policy decisions, has figured largely in the scourge of Islamic extremist terrorism the world now faces.

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War On Terror: Only when It Affects Us!

07-06-2006 22:21

Is it any wonder the hotbed of anti-western feeling in the Islamic world is resulting in more and more terrorism? When time and again mainly America, but also other western countries display a willingness to go further than, or create new laws when it comes to attacking and/or occupying oil bearing countries, ejecting Muslim clerics alleged to have incited or glorified terrorism, or imprisoning alleged terrorists for years without charge, and (in the sham War on Terror) invading the countries where they helped Islamic terror to flourish when the terrorists aims no longer coincide with U.S oil interests

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06-06-2006 20:32

There is no "war on terror." The invasion and occupation of Iraq are not part of a "war on terror." Neither are the current threats and war preparations against Iran. The "war on terror" doesn't exist—no matter how many times the Bush administration cites it to justify its aggressions, no matter how often Republicans and Democrats debate how to best carry it out, and no matter how frequently it's referenced in the U.S. bourgeois media.

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The Meaning of Haditha: US Terror/War Crimes In Iraq

02-06-2006 17:50


Make Summer plans to join a rotating protest.

Block Downing Street. Fill it with copies of the "Downing Street Minutes". Harass the media.


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Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism

31-05-2006 13:45

The present conflict between the Western governments and the Islamic Republic of Iran can have disastrous human, political and social consequences. The terrible experience of Iraq has shown to all the catastrophes that can result from economic sanctions and a military attack. Deterioration of living conditions, economic plight, death, destruction and displacement of people, and increased repression by the Islamic regime, would be some of the immediate consequences of economic sanctions or a military attack on Iran. This policy would unleash Islamic terrorism on a regional scale and escalate it internationally.

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Terrorist comics???!!!

26-05-2006 23:02

Big Brother is reading comics...
Well, Big Brother is not only watching us but also reading comics...

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FULLY Investigate the 7/7 Bombings!

21-05-2006 22:33

...from STRATFOR Strategic Forecasting:

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Lack of Resources in 7/7 Bombings?!?!?

11-05-2006 15:26

…from The Scotsman:

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Remember the Palestinian Nakba! End British support for Zionist terror!

10-05-2006 20:13

While imperialism acts with brutal hypocrisy
against Palestinian democracy…
Israel continues to create facts on the ground.
The Intifada continues…

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Terrorist Arrested At Mayday Police Victory Party

05-05-2006 17:05

Following on from Indymedia's coverage of MayDay 2006, - see - here is a picture from the Police MayDay Victory Party with additional caption...

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War on Terror's Hit Parade: An Islamophobia Retrospective

01-05-2006 18:30

Before we attack another Muslim country, shouldn't we inventory the psyops campaign that creates permission in the public mind for war on Iran? Isnt war the ultimate hate crime?

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T for Terrorism

18-04-2006 19:04

A for Anarchy

V for Vendetta - Thursday 8pm

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Terrorism Act 2006 - Takedown notices, website owners beware!

14-04-2006 14:38

The newly introduced Terrorism Act 2006 has some alarming clauses relating to websites - particularly likely to affect sites where members of the public can contribute content. Unwary bloggers, forum owners and even Indymedia staff could find themselves held liable (with maximum 7-year sentence) for unwitting "endorsement" of materials deemed to be terrorist in nature.

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War and Globalization - The Truth Behind 9/11

13-04-2006 19:50

In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media...

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Terrorism is glorious!

13-04-2006 08:42

Terrorism forces democratic governments to reveal their dark side to the general public, which might not be a bad thing, in the interests of democracy.