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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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No Justice for North West 10

05-08-2009 11:20

The plight of a group of Pakistani men detained following raids across the North West last Easter – and against whom all terror charges have since been dropped – has taken another twist when they were refused bail last week.

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Support JOE GLENTON, Afghan War Refusenik

04-08-2009 19:33


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Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

04-08-2009 13:35

This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for
2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around
housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

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Obama and Afghanistan (by Latuff)

01-08-2009 20:35

Obama and Afghanistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Support Pensioner CND protester appearing at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court

01-08-2009 08:22

A pensioner from Tregaron, will be appearing at the Magistrate's Court in Aberystwyth (by the seafront)for the refusal to pay fines for CND blockades

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Mother Palestine and Palestinian state proposal (by Latuff)

30-07-2009 13:21

Palestinian state proposal
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Criminal Participants in the Swine Flu Scam and Other Pharmaceutical Bioterror

27-07-2009 14:47

World Health Organization's Margaret Chan and Tomiko Fukudu, Baxter of Illinois, GlaxoSmithKline of the UK, Roche of Switzerland, maker of the toxic Tamiflu in which Rumsfeld is invested, Aventis Pasteur, the BBC, The Telegraph, Homeland Security, CDC, Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger of Ft Detrick and NIH are part of the criminal syndicate attempting to put killer 'vaccines' into the population.

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Mother Palestine: Pieta (by Latuff)

24-07-2009 09:23

The Palestinian Pieta
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Open letter to Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Afghanistan.

23-07-2009 19:03

This is an open letter to British Foreign Secretary David Miliband about the continuing carnage in Afghanistan. Just why are we there? 3 related photos are attached.

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Houses of Parliament G20 peace activist receives caution

23-07-2009 10:08

A peaceful protester who trespassed into the grounds of the Houses of Parliament by scaling the perimeter fence received a caution from the Metropolitan Police.

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Bring the Bushite to Justice

21-07-2009 20:37

"We don't give them a bail out on top of
a bail out, they'll run Americans into the
ground - is the for sure crime of extortion"

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20-07-2009 19:34

AFGHAN MP who was kicked out of the Afghan parliament for her uncompromising stance against the Taliban, the Warlords and Gangsters & the armies occupying her country will speak out at a meeting hosted in London

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Brian Haw - day 2,970 of his magnificent protest!

20-07-2009 15:33

Here are 13 photos (copyleft) of Brian Haw's continuing presence outside the Houses of Parliament.

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Pipelineistan and the end of Empire

20-07-2009 11:49

Just as the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad marked the final folly of Hitler's attempt to dominate Eurasia it looks like Afghanistan will mark the end of the Anglo-American empires of evil.

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Update from Calais

20-07-2009 08:31

via Calais Migrant Solidarity

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March of Repentence, London 18/07/2009 - pictures.

18-07-2009 20:25

The cost of silence.
A year after financial chaos spreads wildly throughout the economy and public and private institutions buckle under the weight of war, nepotism and corruption, people of faith gather in London to repent and show penitence for the transgression of remaining silent throughout.

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USA-CIA-Program: Assassinations Worldwide

18-07-2009 15:40

Cheney Assassination Ring
The Central Intelligence Agency’s secret assassination squad was allowed to operate anywhere in the world, including the United States, according to a Thursday report in The Washington Post. “The plan to deploy small teams of assassins grew out of the CIA’s early efforts to battle al-Qaeda after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks,” the paper reported. “A secret document known as a ‘presidential finding’ was signed by President George W. Bush that same month, granting the agency broad authority to use deadly force against bin Laden as well as other senior members of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.”

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Good Plan, 'Stan - SchNEWS 684

18-07-2009 12:32

As British soldiers are regularly returning dead from Afghanistan SchNEWS asks what is the broader deathtoll of this unwinnable war, and why are the US/UK military there anyway?... plus, fox hunters fail to get injunction placed on those monitoring their illegal activity, protesters in Britain demonstrate against Dow Chemicals, owner of Union Carbide and liable for the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster, sacked French car part workers who are occupying their workplaces have rigged explosives and are threatening to blow it up, and more

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Anti-Torture candidate beats government ban

18-07-2009 11:33

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, who blew the whistle on UK complicity in torture and is now standing as an independent candidate in the Norwich North by-election, is reporting various attempts to block him in his election campaign. He eventually won the right for distribution of an election communication in the form of a DVD, in which he describes some of the torture practices. He also states that it was known that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that we should only ever send people to die in self-defence.

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Lebanon: Tomb of Imperialism (by Latuff)

18-07-2009 09:19

Lebanon: Graveyard for US and Israeli interests in Middle East.
Editorial artwork made for the prestigious Lebanese magazine Al Adab: