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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save it – A Review

17-11-2010 13:51

A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save it
Anyone who has spent much time discussing peak oil, the collapse of civilizations, climate change or modern security issues eventually confronts the issue of historical antecedents. The [Insert choice of vanished civilization here] collapsed because of X, and that’s the same thing that is happening now . . . . For those who have delved more deeply into such lines of argument, one thing becomes abundantly clear: historical civilizations did not collapse for a single reason. Rather, their troubles, descent and eventual demise or transition were the result of a system of crises. Fast-forward to present, and there is no shortage of commentary forecasting crisis or collapse of our modern civilization. Perhaps for purposes of marketing, simplicity, or simple ignorance, we are awash in commentary on how climate change will spell disaster, or how peak oil will spell disaster, or famine or disease, etc. But these analysts have failed to advance a comprehensive systems-theory approach to our civilization’s troubles. Enter Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed.

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Mounting evidence of British war crimes in Iraq

17-11-2010 13:38

Further allegations of war crimes committed by British troops in Iraq emerged in the High Court in London last week.

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Are the United States and NATO losing the War in Afghanistan?>

16-11-2010 17:57

In this study I will examine whether NATO and the United States have failed in their War in Afghanistan against Islamic terrorism between 2001-09. To do this I will compare their objectives against measurements of effectiveness (MOE’s) as provided by both political and military sources as prescribed by the intervening forces.

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UK: Police Monitoring Website Takedown Illegal

16-11-2010 14:43

The takedown of in response to a request from a police officer violates freedom of expression and the website should be immediately restored. The UK should reform its laws as part of its proposed Freedom Bill to require that any requests to remove websites by public bodies or private parties is approved by a judge.

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How to create your very own terrorist state

16-11-2010 12:22

Eid Al-Adha - By Hamid
Tim Coles takes us through 11 steps necessary to create a “terrorist state”. Using Yemen as a case study, he argues that these steps precisely match US and British policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran as well as Yemen to grow “very poisonous seeds”, some which have ripened while others are ripening. So, you want to create your own terrorist state, do you? Follow these simple instructions and you will be able to grow “very poisonous seeds. These seeds are growing now. Some have ripened and others are ripening,” as Eqbal Ahmad explained. In 2002, the Bush administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) made it clear that America, with Britain’s help, intends to increase terrorism by chasing terrorists around the world instead of capturing them, or, better still, addressing their grievances – this is the real world, after all, which is dominated by financial interests, so there’s no time for rational solutions here.

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War on terror - remembering the ones forgotten

14-11-2010 19:05

Fata Morgana
'Remembrance day'.

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Peace Oil in Guildford

13-11-2010 02:21

Peace Oil from Israel
So-called Peace oil is an Israeli product that is on sale in the run-up to Christmas in churches across London and the Home Counties.

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Death TV: Overwhelmed and bored analysts recommending drone strikes

11-11-2010 17:49

The Washington Post quotes Marine Corps General James Cartwright, Vice Chair of the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff, as saying the video feed from Reaper drones in Afghanistan was "Death TV"

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Aid Workers On road To Gaza Abducted By Greek Captain

11-11-2010 03:52

Convoy Abducted
13 Aid Workers, including 2 Mavi Marmara survivors Ebrahim Musaji and US Army veteran Ken O'Keefe, who were trying to break the blockade on the Gaza Strip have had their cargo stolen and are being currently taken hostage from recent accounts their ships captain has decided to abduct them and head for Greece.

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Day of Action for Shaker Aamer, Brit left to rot in Guantanamo - Sat 11 Dec

10-11-2010 14:16


British Resident Shaker Aamer has been held without charge or trial for over eight years in Guantanamo in the harshest of conditions. All the other UK Guantanamo detainees have now returned home. They have all suffered years of cruel and inhuman treatment as victims of the US policy of abduction, rendition to torture and indefinite detention in the so-called “war on terror.” Despite President Obama’s executive order to close Guantanamo by January 2010, many detainees, including Shaker, are still being held there without hope of an end to their ordeal. Meanwhile, the CIA prison at Bagram , Afghanistan , is the new Guantanamo . Hundreds of detainees are locked away, tortured and abused in absolute denial of all their human rights. They have been silenced but it is up to us to demand an end to their detention and torture.

On Saturday 11 December 2010 there will be a day of action for Shaker Aamer, and calling for the closure of Guantanamo, Bagram and other secret US prisons and an end to the US practices of "extraordinary rendition" and indefinite detention without charge or trial in the name of the so-called "war on terror". A demo, public meeting and film showing are already planned in Battersea, south London, home to Shaker's British wife and children, the youngest of whom he has never met.

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US prepares permanent Iraq occupation

10-11-2010 14:05

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates signaled Tuesday that the US is preparing to scrap a 2011 deadline for withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq, setting the stage for a permanent military occupation of the oil-rich country.

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Racism, Religion, and the American and UK Armed Forces Decision to use DU

10-11-2010 13:11

Racism, Religion, and the American and UK Armed Forces Decision to use Uranium Munitions in their Wars in Iraq, the Balkans, and Afghanistan

While there has been much debate about the wars in Iraq, the Balkans, and
Afghanistan, the most important aspect of those conflicts, the clearly
racist, and religiously motivated decision by the American and UK armed
forces to use depleted uranium, and non-depleted uranium munitions which
have irradiated those 3 mostly Muslim, or large minority Muslim places with
enough inhalable radioactive material to kill millions of people, is rarely
mentioned in the major media, which ought to regard the nuclear wars that
the American and UK armed forces have fought over the last 19 years, as the
biggest scandal of modern times, because there is concrete scientific proof
that those wars could kill more civilians than the Holocaust, as I will now

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Obama backs India’s bid for permanent UN Security Council seat

10-11-2010 00:58

"Obama explicitly criticized India for not slavishly following Washington’s self-interested and selective human rights campaigns. Routinely governments that are viewed as obstacles to US interests, be they Iran, Cuba, or Zimbabwe, are pilloried for their repressive polices so as to isolate and destabilize them, while the crimes of authoritarian regimes that are US allies, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, are excused and covered up—to say nothing of the horrific crimes perpetrated by the US military, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan."

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Medialens: WikiLeaks - The Smear and the Denial - Part 2 - The Denial

09-11-2010 23:17

The UK and US media smears described in Part 1 should be kept in mind when considering the gravity and importance of the latest WikiLeaks. In addition to thousands of previously unreported civilian killings, the leaks revealed more than 1,300 claims of torture by Iraqi police and military between 2005 and 2009. More than 180,000 people were detained at some point between 2004 and 2009, or one in 50 Iraqi males.

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Film Screening: 9/11 Press For Truth

09-11-2010 15:25

The Jersey Girls
Free screening of the documentary that follows the family members in their search for answers about the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

This Saturday, November 13th from 4pm onwards at Passing Clouds, Dalston.

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[POSTSCRIPT] Body-scan Alert - Not Suffering Indignities at Airports

08-11-2010 20:48

Image Photo taken with backscatter X-ray courtesy John_Wild_1
If you have to travel but don't wish to be part of the new nude morality of the United States that is trying hard to keep America safe from the ubiquitous Islamofascist terrorist, you still have some liberating choices in personal freedoms left:

1) 'To opt out for a pat down, say “I opt out.”

2) 'Warning: Pat downs are no longer the simple search like those in the past. In some instances, as part of an “enhanced patdown,” the TSA screener may use the front of their hands to touch your genitals.

Should you feel that you or your child were inappropriately touched, call for a law enforcement officer.

If presented with the option to leave the checkpoint for a private screening, consider politely declining with a “No, thank you,” as you will likely be asked to remove your clothing. Pat downs can be performed in public view.'

3) Warning2: Should you sensibly choose to exercise that right, then you have to deal with the possible trauma of being groped and molested: 'TSA agents stand accused today of fondling the genitals of women and little children as part of their "enhanced pat-down" procedures being rolled out at airport security checkpoints.'

4) Warning3: Should you sensibly choose to quote your inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution to protect yourself and your loved ones from these vile indignities, you may have to deal with being labeled a "domestic terrorist"!

5) Based on this escalation path of making the price of discontent progressively costlier and costlier, the vast majority will simply choose the body-scan. That appears to be the strategic thinking behind these enhanced pat down procedures and the occasional case of vile molestation which will be widely reported!

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Body-scan Alert - Not Suffering Indignities at Airports By Zahir Ebrahim

07-11-2010 23:27

Image Photo taken with backscatter X-ray
The UK and EU Airports shall not escape such draconian procedures either unless good peoples silently complying with state-tyrannies in Europe also stop doing so in significantly large numbers. Despite the real fear of being labeled as suffering from an “oppositional defiant disorder” as per the newly revised DSM IV psychiatric manual, and the concomitant threat of being legally confined to 'state-hospitality' centers for rehabilitation, or worse, being labeled “domestic terrorist” as per big-brother's newly enacted police-state laws to maintain domestic tranquility in the face of rising public discontent, the price to be paid now to challenge the grotesquely Orwellian Western society while it is still in its infancy, is minuscule compared to what our progeny will face! A new generation born into a mature system of big brother in the West won't know the difference – unless their parents' generation takes a cross-Atlantic stand now while the Orwellian world is still only being birth-panged into existence under the pretext of fighting the War on Terror.

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(Some) Details of British Drone Attacks Revealed

05-11-2010 14:42

British Reaper Drones have fired Hellfire missiles or laser guided bombs in 120 attacks over the past 30 months according to newly released information. In addition that UK government plans to purchase five more Reaper drones over the next five years to double the size of the UK Reaper drone force.

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YouTube - Senkaku real Coast Guard(Leek Video)

04-11-2010 17:29

The leaked secret video of the Japanese Coast Guard personnel. Are at risk of his life.

YouTube - 1 Senkaku real Coast Guard
YouTube - 2 Coast Guard Senkaku truth
YouTube - 3 invasions truth Senkaku Coast Guard
Below, in two minutes and 11 seconds of video so fourth, you can see how the boats come in contact with China.
YouTube - 4 Senkaku real Coast Guard
The following, where the Chinese fishing patrol boat too much in one minute 10 second video of the 5th "Mizuki" You can touch the scene.
YouTube - 5 Senkaku in Japan Coast Guard
YouTube - 6 Senkaku happens Coast Guard

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Plumber exposes city fraud terrorist police used to cover up the story

04-11-2010 12:53

Wife has affair board member of city of London reinsurance giant, guy carpenter llc.
Husband learns of affair and board members misuse of company funds
Husband home, office and company accountants raided by counter terrorist directorate of city of London police. Local MP informed by borough commander of terrorist dawn raids.