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Aid Workers On road To Gaza Abducted By Greek Captain

omarinbox | 11.11.2010 03:52 | Flotilla to Gaza | Palestine | Social Struggles | Terror War

13 Aid Workers, including 2 Mavi Marmara survivors Ebrahim Musaji and US Army veteran Ken O'Keefe, who were trying to break the blockade on the Gaza Strip have had their cargo stolen and are being currently taken hostage from recent accounts their ships captain has decided to abduct them and head for Greece.

Convoy Abducted
Convoy Abducted

Wednesday 10th November, 2010

23.15 GMT - LONDON



The ship "Strofades IV" has broken its moorings, without port permission, and has headed out of Derna Harbour. Latest reports indicate the captain is headed for Greece. Apparently, the rear door of the ship is half closed, with a vehicle hanging precariously off it. the situation is described as extremely dangerous on the Ro-Ro ship that Road To Hope Convoy supporters had quickly raised funding to charter.

Road to Hope had been stalled at the Egyptian Libyan border for over a week and Egyptian authorities were refusing the convoy access by land across Egypt. The other option offered to them was to charter a ferry from Libya to El Arish where the convoy's goods would be processed by Egyptian customs for passage into Gaza via the Rafah checkpoint. Now things have gone awry and they need activists around the world to help them raise awareness of the situation. Contact press, politicians and your Greek, Egyptian and Libyan embassies.

The Aid itself is still in Libya!

Please post and compile addresses at the bottom of this article.

There are people in a hostage situation on the lower deck of the ferry:

3 Libyans - (2 port authority policemen, with Colonel Salahuddin Rashin, Manager of Derna Port)

1 Moroccan

1 Algerian

2 Irish

6 UK nationals

The Greek owner and captain of the vessel "Strofades IV" has just disembarked (as at 22.50 GMT) through a side door of the ship, onto a speed boat. His speed boat has made for another cargo vessel in Derna the harbour - "Odin Finder". He has instructed the hostages they are headed for Greece.

The ship is empty, apart from the hostages and single convoy vehicle jammed in the doorway. It is making rapid headway to get out to sea. The matter is a serious breach of maritime law and particularly shocking considering these people are aid workers.

We have asked all relevant Embassies to supply urgent, immediate, consular assistance.

We are EXTREMELY concerned for the safety of all the nationals on board.

For further info, please contact:

Ellie Merton

London Liaison

Road to Hope, Convoy to Gaza

+44 7770 376701

- e-mail:


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