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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Oil Wars: Fueling Both U.S. Empire & Ecocide

20-08-2007 22:39

Dripping, spilling, spreading, burning. Welcome to the New World Chaos, what the Bush administration is now calls “the long war”.

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US Hides the Truth on Cuban Five Case

20-08-2007 17:05

"Someday the truth will prevail; meanwhile, we must persevere in our struggle to make the case known,"

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“JFK, 9/11 and War”

20-08-2007 15:51

In American history there are two types of event: ordinary events which the information systems of the country can understand and establish. There are also deep events, or meta-events, which the mainstream information systems of the country cannot digest. I mean by a “deep event” an event in which it is clear from the outset that there are aspects which will not be dealt with in the mainstream media, and will be studied only by those so-called “conspiracy theorists” who specialize in deep history.

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Europe and America: Sharing the Spoils of War

20-08-2007 00:50

Europe and America have been long-term partners as well as rivals. New spheres of influence between the European Union and the United States have unfolded. The Middle East and its peripheral geographic areas lie at the heart of this process.

In the wake of the invasion of 2003 invasion of Iraq, a unified stance has developed within both the E.U. and NATO in regards to this geopolitical re-division. This unified stance is a reflection of an unfolding political and strategic consensus between The U.S. Britain, France and Germany.

While Iraq falls within the Anglo-American orbit, the Eastern Mediterranean and its gas resources have been set to fall into that of the Franco-German entente. In fact, the entire Mediterranean region, from Morocco and gas-rich Algeria to the Levant is coveted by Franco-German interests.

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Iraqi prisoners pleading innocence

19-08-2007 21:01

"The Shi'ite-run Interior Ministry was criticised over the treatment of detainees in 2005 after U.S. forces said they discovered secret cells in which detainees had been tortured."

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Police search polar bear at climate camp

18-08-2007 23:12

police search polar bear
Early Saturday morning, police outside the Camp for Climate Action were spotted searching a polar bear under section 44 of the Terrorism Act (2000). Far from being a terror threat, the polar bear is itself threatened by the effects of climate change on its habitat.

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A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran

18-08-2007 11:28

In addition to advancing the demonization required for the larger strategy of violent regime change in Iran, it also aids what is now emerging as an important tactical move: a smaller-scale strike "at suspected training camps in Iraq run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps," McClatchy reports. This is what Cheney is now calling for, putting red, bloody meat on the bones of Bush's vaguely menacing statements.

The initial, small-scale raid would then itself become a justification for further action against Iran: "Did you see that bombing in the Green Zone yesterday? Of course it was the Iranians! It was obviously a revenge attack for the Quds raid. Now we have to retaliate for the tragic loss of our personnel in this cowardly terrorist action." And so on and so on, ratcheting up the level of military response – and public support – with each new iteration of the cycle.

Thus a small-scale raid would actually be a masterstroke in the Administration's psy-ops scheme to build support for a larger action to destroy the Iranian regime.

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Bush to brand Iranian force as “terrorist”

16-08-2007 20:42

In a move with ominous implications, the Bush administration, according to articles in yesterday’s New York Times and Washington Post, has resolved to brand the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a “specially designated global terrorist” organization. In doing so, Bush will use powers provided under a presidential order signed shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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The Cuban Five: Mission against Terror and Hypocrisy

16-08-2007 19:31

The allegation of «Conspiracy to gather and to transmit information on National Defense» is the technical charge, according to US criminal law (18USC & 794), commonly called «Conspiracy to commit espionage». It is without doubt the central topic of the legal process against five Cuban prisoners wrongly held in the United States...

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Chalk4Peace2007 SEPT 15 -23 - The Global Street Art Event

16-08-2007 15:07

The pavements are an untapped media resource through which we ordinary peace loving folk can share our messages, hopes, dreams, ideas and create a new momentum towards peace - at a certain point there is critical mass in the cultural conversation which transforms into ACTION

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The strategy of tension in Europe and America

16-08-2007 13:38

In this excerpt from his powerful new book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press), UC Berkeley professor emeritus Peter Dale Scott asks whether there is a connection between America’s historical use of terror as a political weapon and the recent moves by the Bush administration to suspend the Constitution and create a “shadow government” in the wake of the next terrorist attack.

See also:

How the FBI protected Al Qaeda’s 9/11 Hijacking Trainer
Dr. Peter Dale Scott

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Labeling of the Revolutionary Guards: Another step toward military confrontation

16-08-2007 01:05

The unprecedented move by the United States to designate a branch of another sovereign nation's armed forces, in this case Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "terrorist" organization, is only the latest episode of a menacing plan that has taken years to implement.

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Guantánamo detainee details years of torture

15-08-2007 17:25

A British resident, Omar Deghayes, detained at Guantánamo Bay as an alleged terrorist, reports that he has suffered years of torture, sexual abuse and death threats. Last week, Omar’s family released a dossier documenting his terrible ordeal, which he dictated to a lawyer visiting the United States-run military prison.

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I Spy an American by T Shuh

15-08-2007 16:40

Unethical "reporters" put all others at risk...

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Escalation by the Numbers: What "Progress" in Iraq Really Means

14-08-2007 22:29

Further documentation and resources can be found at the story's link.

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9/11 Truth: London Parliament Demo 11th August 2007

14-08-2007 09:37

Here are some pics from our 11 August Demonstration outside Parliament in London. Due to the legislation from 2005 (SOCPA – Serious Organised Crime and Protection Act) all demonstrators had to apply for a lone demonstration license from the police. To remain within the law we therefore all had to demonstrate on different topics to all be lone demonstrators.

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Map of Nuclear Destruction in Portland, Oregon, USA Discovered

14-08-2007 03:17

A map of nuclear destruction in Portland, Oregon has been discovered in a Harvard study. The city was not named, and was recognized by geography and street names. Ground zero of the nuclear detonation is in the Swan Island area. Study URL:
Map on Page 9

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Using "Humanitarian Intervention" to Justify Imperial Wars

13-08-2007 23:24

The US and other Western powers have always deployed human rights rhetoric
in a selective and self-serving manner, ignoring their own abuses and those of allies
while using the wrongdoing of unfriendly regimes as an excuse to justify intervention

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28 Days for Prestwick Protester

13-08-2007 17:37

Following the acquittal of seven of the eight Prestwick protesters at Ayr Sheriff Court on Friday, the remaining accused, Marcus Armstrong (46) from Milton Keynes, was found guilty and sent to prison for 28 days, after refusing to pay the £750 fine imposed by Sheriff John Montgomery.

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American Genocide In The Middle East: Three Million and Counting

13-08-2007 17:12

Deaths directly and indirectly attributable to the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq have neared one million people, a body count higher than the genocides in Rwanda and Sudan combined, according to a new report released by Just Foreign Policy.

That brings the U.S. caused death count in the Middle East to over three million people, and that’s not even counting fatalities in Afghanistan or Palestine.