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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Obama, the first year (by Latuff)

21-01-2010 02:33

Obama's first year
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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ACOUSTIC INSURGENCY launch night & benefit gig.

20-01-2010 23:04


Attila the Stockbroker
Captain Hotknives
Steve White and the Protest Family
Vic Lambrusco

There are more acts to be announced and there will be a raffle and free veggie meals for the first 50 people through the door. Alabama 3 and Bamboo Clothing have donated prizes to the draw. This months benefit is for a 7 year old Afghan girl who was badly injured in a bombing incident last year. More details about her here:

More up to the minute details can be viewed at the myspace page.

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USA 'trying to occupy Haiti'

18-01-2010 18:32

THE USA is trying to occupy Haiti instead of helping it after last week's massive earthquake.

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Trafalgar Square: anniversary of Israeli military incursion into Gaza

16-01-2010 23:45

Two women raise a Palestinian flag in Trafalgar Square
Saturday 16 January 2010: First anniversary commemoration of the 1417 victims of the 2009 Israeli military incursion into Gaza, held in London's Trafalgar Square.

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Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups

15-01-2010 23:52

In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama's appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocated "cognitive infiltration" of groups that advocate "conspiracy theories" like the ones surrounding 9/11.

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Save Nigeria from US Proscription, London - pictures.

15-01-2010 19:24

A High Commission official struggles.
Campaigners gather in London to protest the proscription of Nigeria as a terrorist state by the US Government after a security incident takes place during the holiday season on Christmas Day within the US when a Nigerian man by the name of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab makes an attempt on a passenger airliner inbound to Detroit, US.

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Oiling the cogs of capitalism

15-01-2010 13:09

“In Post-War Iraq, Use Military Forces to Secure Vital U.S. Interests, Not for Nation-Building” -- The Heritage Foundation :: 25 September 2002

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Where is Obama's "change" when children end up on official black lists?

14-01-2010 21:08

An eight-year old boy from New Jersey named Mikey Hicks, who apparently shares the same name with a person US Homeland Security considers "suspicious" must suffer the same treatment as a criminal and cannot get his name removed from the list.

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Medialens: Nuclear Deceit - The Times and Iran

14-01-2010 12:59

On December 14, The Times announced that it had obtained documents about Iran’s nuclear programme that revealed “a four-year plan to test a neutron initiator. This is the component of a nuclear weapon that triggers the explosion”. (Leading article, ‘Explosive Deceit; The exposure of Iran's programme to test an essential component of a nuclear weapon confirms a pattern of duplicity by a bellicose regime,’ The Times, December 14, 2009)

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War criminals free, but protesters get prison - help needed

13-01-2010 22:14


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Eight Years of Guantánamo: Reports and Round Ups

13-01-2010 19:45

protesters outside the US Embassy
Eight years let up in the regime of torture, arbitrary detention and indefensible justifications...

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Luton protest trial and Islam4UK ban: huge attacks on civil liberties

13-01-2010 09:13

Convictions for peaceful protests deemed 'offensive' to chauvinists, and plans to ban an organisation which is not accused of any crime, mark a further onslaught on basic liberties in Britain.

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The Anatomy OF US's Defeat IN Afghanistan

12-01-2010 19:14

The article discusses the reasons for US's defeat in Afghanistan

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Guantanamo - 8 Years

11-01-2010 22:03

Vigil - Bring Home Shaker Aamer
The London Guantánamo Campaign held a demonstration on eighth anniversary of Guantánamo Bay, Monday 11 January 2010, outside the US Embassy in London. A vigil by protesters in orange jumpsuits and black hoods was followed by an hour of speeches calling for the closing down of the camp without further delay and justice for all those still detained there. Pictures (C) Copyright Peter Marshall, 2010, all rights reserved.

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Cambridge Remember Gaza Vigil

11-01-2010 16:47

Cambridge Stop the War Coalition and Palestinian Solidarity
Campaign to hold vigil to oppose the continuing suffering of the Palestinian people.

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Mediablackout: Were Afghan Children Executed by US-led Forces?

11-01-2010 13:56

Ignoring or downplaying Western crimes is a standard feature of the corporate Western media. On rare occasions when a broadcaster or newspaper breaks ranks and reports ‘our’ crimes honestly, it is instructive to observe the response from the rest of the media. Do they follow suit, perhaps digging deeper for details, devoting space to profiles of the victims and interviews with grieving relatives, humanising all concerned? Do they put the crimes in perspective as the inevitable consequence of rapacious Western power? Or do they look away?

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Petition Against Body Scanners

11-01-2010 10:55

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to halt the installment of body scanners in airports.

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Happy 8TH Birthday Guantánamo?!

11-01-2010 08:37

A round up of news and events happening today in the UK to mark the eighth anniversary of Guantánamo Bay...why is it still open?!

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Who Would Benefit Politically from a Terrorist Incident on American Soil?

09-01-2010 20:25

"That doesn't square" Ranstorp elaborated, "because the American Department for Homeland Security has pretty stringent data-mining capability. I don't understand how he had a valid visa if he was known on the terror watch list."

Good question, Dr. Ranstorp. Perhaps because someone wanted him on that plane. The question is, who?

One would have thought, given the "special treatment" afforded antiwar activists by TSA at airports, that a warning about Abdul Mutallab's possible involvement with terrorists, by his own father no less, a former top official in a government friendly to Washington, numerous NSA intercepts, a CIA dossier and MI5 reports would have raised at least one red flag!

In the suspect's case, there were so many red flags flying you'd have thought the Red Army was parading through Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport!

Then again, perhaps Abdul Mutallab was on that plane because, as journalist Daniel Hopsicker was told by a former aviation executive during his investigation of the 9/11 attacks: "Sometimes when things don't make business sense ... its because they do make sense...just in some other way."

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PMOI Press Conference, Downing Street, London - pictures.

08-01-2010 18:14

A failing regime.
On January 7th 2010, representatives of the PMOI (Peoples Mojahedin Organisation of Iran) gather outside Downing Street in London to hear a range of cross-party MP's and peers call upon the British Government to suspend all ties with the Mollah regime of Iran.