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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Red Pepper Obama Blog Launched

04-09-2008 11:51

Red Pepper have launched a blog on the meaning (or lack thereof, depending on your take) of Barack Obama's presidential candidacy, from the perspective of the global left.

It's online here:

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St Paul RNC protesters charged with terrorist offences

04-09-2008 01:02

RNC 8 Charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism"

In what appears to be the first use of criminal charges under the 2002 Minnesota version of the Federal Patriot Act, Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty.

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Georgia, NATO and the spread of war - public meeting in Cambridge

02-09-2008 18:42

Cambridge Stop the War Coalition will be holding a public meeting on 11th September, 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane Cambridge. The meeting will discuss the recent conflict in Georgia and the wider causes and implications of this conflict. The coalition has also organised transport to the national demonstration in Manchester, 20th September. Join the protest, bring the troops home.

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Question 9/11 ... 2008

01-09-2008 17:03

Campaign for an Independent Inquiry into September 11th 2001
An Evening of Interactive Information and Discussion
Hosted by Calum Douglas - Researcher, Pilots For 911 Truth
7:30 pm, Thursday 11th September
Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates. FREE ENTRY

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We Are Change UK - Notting Hill Carnival 2008

01-09-2008 14:10

Racial profiling at the Notting Hill 'Carnival'

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'The Elephant in the Room Released' to watch for FREE

31-08-2008 22:09

Award winning* documentary now available to watch online

*Won 'Best Documentary' at the London Independent Film Festival

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Referendum, U.N. intervention in Baluchistan sought

31-08-2008 10:38

A Bugti tribesman who was burnt alive by Pakistan's Military Intelligence.
The situation in Baluchistan, which was illegally annexed by Pakistan in March 1948 has gone from bad to worse. Pakistan army is burning alive Baluch tribesmen. The Baluch have also voiced concern over Pentagon leaders meeting Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani in Baluch territorial waters. They say Kayani, who is a Punjabi, has no business on Baluch lands and waters.

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In 100's of cities around the world Chalk4Peace 2008 Sept13-21

31-08-2008 06:42

For All The Children To Come

"Our Streets Are OUR Media"
WE have TOTAL access -
"We CAN Make the difference"
THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 13th - 21st Chalk4Peace!
On the pavements and sidewalks of our towns and cities

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“Reuters” faked images of Georgian victims allegedly killed by Russian attacks

31-08-2008 01:40

August 30, 2008

How psychological warefare was used during the Caucasian War by western corporate media against Russia

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Labour government proposes huge increase in state surveillance

31-08-2008 00:24

In a further escalation of the attack on democratic rights, the Labour government is proposing a huge increase in state surveillance. It is implementing new measures under the pretext of the “war on terror” to intrude ever deeper into the private lives of people who are viewed as potential criminals rather than citizens.

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7 Days & 7 Nights for 7 Years

30-08-2008 07:07

US Embassy, London
A week long protest - 24 hours a day for seven days, directly outside the United States Embassy, raising awareness of the key issue of our time.

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Guantánamo torture victim Binyam Mohamed: High Court condemns UK/US policy

30-08-2008 01:19

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files”, reports on the High Court’s judgment in favour of British resident Binyam Mohamed, in which the judges ruled that the government must hand over evidence relating to his rendition and torture, and the Court’s second judgment on Friday, in which the judges ruled that the government’s attempts to prevent disclosure for reasons of “national security” were insufficient.

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Racism and Hegemony Rage in Iron Man

30-08-2008 00:53

Just when you thought Hollywood was getting a conscience

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Obama's Choice of Biden: "The Devil Made Me Do It."

29-08-2008 21:36

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Flip Wilson's comedic character "Geraldine" knew who to blame for her own indiscretions: "The Devil made me do it." The same goes for Barack Obama who, his
supporters are quick to explain, is blameless for his political sins and betrayals. The "white folks" made him do it, or "the polls" made him do it - but never the candidate, himself. However, it will be hard to find a devil to blame for Obama's choice of Sen. Joe Biden - "as much a war monger as George Bush" - as his running mate. The fact is, Obama "was never a progressive - he just briefly played one to win points in an Illinois
Democratic primary election six years ago." Let the Devil be.

Click the flash player link to hear this Black Agenda Radio commentary:

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Stop burning Baluch alive, Pakistan urged

29-08-2008 19:27

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, killed extra judicially by Pakistan army Aug. 26, 2008
Pakistan army is burning alive Baluch tribesmen in the areawise largest Baluchistan province, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission.

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US Threatens UK On Gitmo Case Binyam Mohamed

29-08-2008 16:14

Binyam Mohamed's ongoing battle over the illegal kidnapping and torture by the US government.

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B2 Stealth bombers fly into RAF Fairford

28-08-2008 20:17

B2 Stealth bomber flying into RAF Fairford
Two US B2 stealth bombers arrived at RAF Fairford at midnight on Monday 11th August and left on Friday 15th August.

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ITT Corp assisted in the killing of 90 Afghani civilians.

27-08-2008 18:31

In the 1930s and 40's ITT built the bombers that massacred civilians in Britain.

Today ITT are one of the top ten arms suppliers of the US armed forces and are currently assisting war crimes in Afghanistan.

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Bush's double standard on Georgia, Iraq and Palestine (by Latuff)

26-08-2008 20:08

Bush's double standard
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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The Last Pharaoh” will be the biggest challenge to Obama

24-08-2008 20:56

The Last Pharaoh: Mubarak and the Uncertain Future of Egypt in the Mid East
This is why whatever unfo lds on the Egyptian landscape; will be a story of monumental proportions.