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7 Days & 7 Nights for 7 Years

We Are Change UK & Truthaction London | 30.08.2008 07:07 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | London | World

A week long protest - 24 hours a day for seven days, directly outside the United States Embassy, raising awareness of the key issue of our time.

US Embassy, London
US Embassy, London

We Are Change UK [1] & TruthAction London [2] have been granted permission
from London Metropolitan Police to hold a week long protest - 24 hours a day
for seven days, directly outside the United States Embassy from...

10am Sunday 7th September


10am Sunday 14th September

As well as maintaining a continual presence outside the US Embassy between
these dates we intend to distribute 1000's of DVD's and over 50,000 fact
based leaflets

On September 11th 2008 itself we intend to hold a silent and respectful
vigil for the victims of the 9/11 attacks as well as the many innocent men,
women and children of all nationalities who have lost their lives as a
result of the ongoing illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the
fraudulent War of Terror

Throughout the week we intend to hold coordinated actions
and events around London raising awareness of this,
the key issue of our time

Should you wish to participate and support this event in any way contact

Note that while we welcome anyone who wishes to be involved we are only
asking for participation from those 9/11 groups & activists who respect and
embody the 'TruthMove 2008 Declaration [3]'

Please contact us if you wish to contribute financially. We will give out as
many DVD's as we can burn and as many leaflets as we can print.

To keep up to date with developments visit (and save to your favourites):

For more information on the organisers please visit:
We Are Change UK,
Truthaction London,

More details to follow....

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