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ITT Corp assisted in the killing of 90 Afghani civilians.

* | 27.08.2008 18:31 | Smash EDO | Terror War | South Coast

In the 1930s and 40's ITT built the bombers that massacred civilians in Britain.

Today ITT are one of the top ten arms suppliers of the US armed forces and are currently assisting war crimes in Afghanistan.

A UN investigation has found ‘convincing evidence’ that a US ‘counter-terror’ air strike in the Herat region of Afghanistan, using a C130 gunship, massacred over 90 civilians, including 60 children on 21 August 2008.

ITT Corporation (who own EDO MBM in Brighton) provides counter-measure and electronic jamming components (ALQ-172) for the gunship.



UN Statement

News report identifies C130

C-130 ALQ-172 counter-measures systems provided by ITT

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