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Question 9/11 ... 2008

Oxford 9/11 Truth | 01.09.2008 17:03 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Terror War | Oxford

Campaign for an Independent Inquiry into September 11th 2001
An Evening of Interactive Information and Discussion
Hosted by Calum Douglas - Researcher, Pilots For 911 Truth
7:30 pm, Thursday 11th September
Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates. FREE ENTRY

Question 9/11 ... 2008

Calum Douglas, senior researcher for Pilots for 9/11 Truth, hosts “Question 9/11” on Thursday 11th September at Oxford Town Hall.
Though ignored by the mainstream media or marginalised as the preoccupation of conspiracy theorists, the 9/11 Truth movement has undergone explosive growth in recent years. There is now a vast army of senior parliamentarians, engineers, scientists and experts from military, aviation and intelligence circles around the world who dispute the official account.
Drawing on the latest research, Calum will examine the official narrative and show it to be flawed, contradictory, implausible, and frequently at odds with the laws of physics.
Calum was closely involved with the pressure group Pilots for 9/11 Truth last year when they used the Freedom of Information Act to force the US authorities to surrender the files from the flight data recorders of Flight 77. Huge controversy has always surrounded the fate of this aircraft, a Boeing 757 that seemingly crashed into the Pentagon without leaving any wreckage. Now, using computer simulations based on the official flight data, it has been possible to establish the truth with forensic precision. The conclusions, which Calum will present, are stark, scientifically impeccable, and deeply shocking.
Calum will also talk of his personal friendship with William Rodriguez the famous last person out of the Twin Towers alive. A janitor of 20 years service, Rodriguez saved the lives of fifteen people that day and was initially feted as a hero and awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour. However when he began to talk of the dark secrets he had witnessed in the sub basement levels of the WTC and refused to be silenced despite threats to his life, his fall from grace was swift.
Calum reveals this and many other fascinating untold stories of 9/11. For those prepared to follow the evidence no matter where it leads, and with the courage to think the unthinkable, it promises to be a riveting, disturbing, and paradigm-shattering evening.
The event is organised by Oxford 9/11 Truth, a local group campaigning for a new, independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks and the political, economic, social and military events arising from the so-called ‘War on Terror’.


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