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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Tamil protest still going strong /continues

07-04-2009 18:05

There are more than 2000 Tamils in Parliament square at time of me writing including many women with children and babies and many old people. They are determined not to go home until their demands are heard. Whatever happened to SOCPA legislation... Police repression remains heavy, many people have been injuried. Please go and support. Sleeping bags needed!

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SAAB Microwave Becoming2’ court trial

07-04-2009 09:26

more to come-trails, trials and rhizomes

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06-04-2009 21:13

Stop and Check ! Strasbourg residents show passes
The Heart of Europe ! A City Locked Down !
The Folly of an Elite ! .... Heard The Voice of Reason !!

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Nottingham Anti-NATO Demo, Market Square

06-04-2009 00:56

For those who couldn't make the 'Days of Action' in Strasbourg, Protestors gathered in the Market Square on Saturday 4th April from 12:30 to 13:30. They were demonstrating in opposition to NATO. It was the 60th anniversary of the organisations existence. This was Nottingham's contribution to the europe-wide protests and actions, to express their concerns at it's latest military adventures.

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Andy Worthington: A Comprehensive Exposé of Britain's Guantánamo

05-04-2009 22:28

In a series of articles following, Andy Worthington, journalist and author of The Guantánamo Files, follows up on a Parliamentary meeting in the House of Commons on Monday, March 30th 2009 - "Britain's Guantánamo? The use of secret evidence and evidence based on torture in the UK courts," chaired by Diane Abbott MP - with four articles examining how and why the British government has turned its back on the principles of open justice, and five statements made by prisoners held on the basis of secret evidence.

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Strasbourg. Main demo.

05-04-2009 20:28

Despite all the media attention on the actions of a few hundred individuals it should be remembered that over 40,000 people attended a peaceful demo against NATO policy.

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Strasbourg. Battle of Rue Coulax.

05-04-2009 19:34

The Ibis Hotel loses its star rating.
After their poignant visit to the border the Black Block then went a couple of street into town and set fire to a bank. Unfortunately for the Ibis hotel chain one of their outlets was situated above the bank in question.

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Strasbourg. Vaubaun bridge action.

05-04-2009 18:23

A clown builds an ingenious CRS trap.
Despite agreeing a route for the march in advance the cops decided to block the Vaubaun bridge chucking tear gas and grenades at anyone who approached their line.

Most marchers waited patiently for the cops to leave. Some threw the gas back and generally harassed the Police until the moment they withdrew.

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Strasbourg. Early morning Samba blockade.

05-04-2009 17:49

It was sometime between 6 & 7. The cops were taken by surprise and before they could respond over 100 people had blocked a major intersection near the summit.

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05-04-2009 08:36

Join The Ceremony ! TUESDAY, 7 APRIL IN PARIS

to the French partners of the 1994 genocide

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Anti NATO Demo in strasburg - photo report

04-04-2009 21:18

Over 40,000 people demonstrated today against NATO and their actions around the globe.

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Sri Lanka: Killings, Concentration Camps and International Silence

04-04-2009 18:31

What is happening right now in Sri. Lanka, and what is being so effectively hidden from public scrutiny, is a brazen, openly racist war. The world must step in. Now. Before it's too late!

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Police billboard subvertised

04-04-2009 18:28

State sponsored fear
You've probably seen one of these disgusting fear mongering billboards - they're all over Nottingham at the moment, encouraging us to be suspicious of our neighbours. Someone obviously couldn't put up with the bullshit any longer.

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Beware of Psychological Operations

04-04-2009 14:24

"Think deeply. Your thoughts and beliefs are being manipulated, yes using unspeakable methods, regularly."

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Strasbourg riots video

04-04-2009 13:20

French video report on Strasbourg anti-NATO riots. Note the "peace" protesters trying to suck up to the cops and dismantle the Black Bloc barricades...

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9/11: Time for a Second Look by Prof. David Ray Griffin

04-04-2009 12:22

Professor David Ray Griffin, renowned author of a series of eye-opening books that recount his painstaking research into the attacks of September 11, 2001, begins his new European tour in London on 14th April. Stressing the fact that the time has come for a second look at the events of that fateful day, the tour will include stops in Paris, Brussels and Madrid, and several other cities.

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Obama and the 6th anniversary of Iraq War (by Latuff)

04-04-2009 00:02

Obama and Iraq
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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NATO 60th Anniversary 2009 Summit; Who are the Real Criminals?

03-04-2009 16:11

The BBC just reported that 300 protesters were arrested, as criminals, for protesting against NATO, in the lead-up to the 60th ³Anniversary² of NATO. But who are the real criminals: The NATO member states perpetuating the scourge of war or the concerned activists standing up against an organization which justifies war

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'State Sponsored Fear' anti-terrorist poster, subvertised in Hyson Green

03-04-2009 02:20

Yet another example of fear-spreading in the population. British Transport Police and ACPO paid for this billboard