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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Protesters commemorate Iraqi war dead at military recruitment event in London

20-03-2008 01:41

Two days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the start of the US- and UK-led invasion of Iraq, commando engineers sensitively staged a recruitment event in northwest London. Three anti-war protesters went along to try and persuade locals not to make the biggest mistake of their lives.

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Peace movement enters a New Phase

19-03-2008 23:53

A 15 minute video documenting the demonstration in London on Saturday 15th March. This is a video of what the people had to say...

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The victorious trip

19-03-2008 23:20

In the light of these news reports, which are increasing by the hour, was Cheney’s a victorious trip or not?

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Smash EDO film banned in Bath, but not by B.A.N....

19-03-2008 16:14

...or at least, they're trying pretty hard

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EDO MBM Credit Limit Reduced To Zero

19-03-2008 13:04

Financial report shows serious industry insider doubts about the future of EDO MBM

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Vigil for Iraq - Wrexham

19-03-2008 10:21

Placard for tonight's vigil
Vigil to mark the 5th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Meet this evening, Wed 19 March, at the junction of Hope Street and Queen Street in Wrexham, 4.30-5.30pm.

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Sami al-Haj’s Guantánamo torture pictures

18-03-2008 19:53

The first of Lewis Peake’s four pictures based on drawings by Sami al-Haj
Legal charity Reprieve releases the first of four pictures by political cartoonist Lewis Peake, based on detailed descriptions of drawings by Sami al-Haj, the al-Jazeera cameraman imprisoned in Guantánamo, which were censored by the Pentagon.

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Report: CAMPACC “Creating a Climate of Fear” Public Meeting: 14 March

18-03-2008 10:57

Over 150 people attended the “Creating a Climate of Fear: Counter-Terrorism and Punishment without Trial” public meeting hosted by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) at the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel, London, on 14 March. The meeting focused on a number of new, dangerous measures the government is seeking to introduce through the current Counter-Terrorism Bill granting more powers to the police and the judiciary to undermine civil liberties and human rights.

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"Corpus Juris" and the effect on British Common Law rights

18-03-2008 10:41

to understand what is happening to those associated with Mr.Brian W. Haw and the arbitrary detention of him and his mates... please read

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After Yet Another March - What is Relevant Anti-War Activity 5 Years In?

18-03-2008 10:15

..and why no mention of the Raytheon 9 by the Stop the War Coalition?

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Republican nominee McCain's fundraiser with Lord Rothschild in London on Thursda

18-03-2008 02:38

Sen. John McCain plans at least one campaign event on his week-long congressional trip to Europe and the Middle East: a March 20 fundraiser in London.

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What's all this about?

17-03-2008 18:33

truth or fiction?
Bent coppers + bent judges = no justice

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Shut Down Guantánamo! Weekly Protests in April 2008

17-03-2008 16:47

Since February 2007, the London Guantánamo Campaign has been holding a weekly vigil outside the US Embassy in Mayfair. At 6-7pm at the start of every weekend, come rain or shine, we’ve been there, supported by many individuals and groups over the past 14 months, to call on the American government to shut down Guantánamo Bay and other illegal jails in the “war on terror” and to respect human rights and the rule of law. The message is simple: no torture, no detention without trial!

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Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group at World Against War

17-03-2008 08:37

R&L PG in Trafalgar Square, 15 March 2008
Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group remembers those killed in illegal and immoral wars, 15 March 2008

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March 15th Stop the War March in London.

17-03-2008 00:07

Can I be the first to congratulate the Stop the War Coalition (STWC) for its consistency. Arriving in Trafalgar Square for the rally we are treated to some truly insomnia curing speeches from the usual speakers who have absolutely nothing new to say. Same old faces, same old rhetoric. This time however they get heckled by a small but load group at the front of the rally. To be honest I am surprised this has not happened before now. Yet again we have another A to B march where everyone is expected to obey the Police and do nothing to rock the boat. Unsurprisingly there is absolutely zero coverage of the event on the local/national news or the papers the following day. Perhaps they are trying to get heir own episode of ‘Unreported World’? Worse still the STWC have previously been turning a deliberate blind eye to the blatant harassment of certain sections of their marches by the Police in general, the FIT team in particular. Their stewards always seem to side with the cops and were even seen trying to forcibly end a sit down by students in Parliament Square at a demo last year. Galloway suggests during his speech that the STWC are going to start breaking the law soon…

Oh really? Now remember this: “I never thought I would say this but we have to take whatever steps necessary to stop this war. If that means taking direct action like blocking the roads and railways then so be it!” Encouraging words from Tony Benn. Just one problem. He said that in Hyde Park over five years ago and fuck all has happened since then.

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IndyGlobal Report from Bethlehem,on Resonance FM104.4 17th march 08

16-03-2008 23:16

This weeks Indy Global Report comes amidst the people of Bethlehem, collective sorrow, at the loss of four of their community during an Israeli under cover operation. Israel claims the 4 men killed were terrorists. 20,000 people attend the the funeral of the killed.

We will be hearing from Ali Samoudi a Jenin based camera, man who has survived being shelled and shot, he lives on to continue to tell the Jenin’s story to the world and ofcourse we will be airing, ‘This week in Palestine’, from WWW. IMEMC org theFriday round up of news from across the West Bank and Gaza.

From a rather sorrowful Bethlehem, this is Indy Global Reports on Resonancefm104.4

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Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie - The selfless teacher of Moral-Activism

16-03-2008 21:36

On the 5th anniversary (March 16, 2008) of Rachel Corrie's supreme self-sacrifice to stand up to tyranny on behalf of a beleaguered peoples.

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Griffin Takes Powerful New Approach to 9/11 Contradictions

16-03-2008 13:21

9/11 CONTRADICTIONS by David Ray Griffin is the fifth of his books to examine the official account of the events of September 11, 2001. This brilliant and highly readable book takes a new yet simple approach to the truth about 9/11. It focuses entirely on contradictory statements made by members of the Bush administration, government departments and agencies, and official bodies such as the 9/11 Commission. All the statements that Griffin examines are official claims in direct conflict with other official claims. How could this be? Why would the government keep changing "the official story"? The public, of course, is expected to take all the statements as incontrovertibly true, yet they directly conflict with one another.

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Stop the War: Five Years on.

16-03-2008 00:09

Five years after George Bush declared victory on the deck of an aircraft carrier, Iraq is still a mess, and it's obvious his invasion, supported by his loyal yes-men in Britain, has been a disaster. That's why we marched in London on Saturday.

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The Israeli army attack Bil'in non-violent protest: six injured

15-03-2008 18:39

Another weekly non-violent, joint struggle protest in Bil'in turns bloody. photage shows Israeli Soliders taking sadistic plesure from kicking and beating protestors.