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Smash EDO film banned in Bath, but not by B.A.N....

Matt Banning | 19.03.2008 16:14 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Terror War

...or at least, they're trying pretty hard

We regret to announce that the advertised screening of Smash EDO's 'On the Verge' documentary about their anti-arms campaign in Brighton, will no longer be shown at The Bell on Tuesday 25th March.

Alan Bartlett, head of licensing at B&NES pressured the owner of the Bell public house on Walcot Street to not show the film due to licensing and certification small print, acting on instruction from an undisclosed source...

The Duke of York cinema in Brighton, despite advertising the film for 6 weeks in advance, were contacted last minute by council environmental health officers acting on instruction from Sussex Police, which also caused the film to be pulled on licensing grounds. Their first screening in Chichester has been similarly pulled. The community cafe in Southampton which was due for the second date on the tour were approached by envrionmental health, so have been forced to find an alternative venue there...

The plot thickens.

We're currently looking for a new venue in Bath, but will keep folks posted.

Don't you just love censorship?

Matt Banning
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its back on!

19.03.2008 17:40

The film is back on! We will be showing it at 7.30 at the friends meeting house, York Street, Bath at 7.30, come one come all and defy this pretty weak attempt by the cops and beurocrats to stop the film getting shown!

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