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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Abu Graib Torture Corporation CACI To Be Tried in US

07-11-2007 09:56

Corporation Responsible For Interrogations At Abu Ghraib Will Be Tried By Jury For Torture
Major Case Against Private Military Contractor To Go Forward

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Webster Griffin Tarpley's London Talk Dissected

06-11-2007 14:57

Last night London saw one of the big hitters in the 9/11 'Truth' movement, Webster Griffin Tarpley, discussing what he sees as 400 years of false flag terrorism, to a packed audience.

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Protest Against The Military Dictatorship In Pakistan

06-11-2007 11:04

THURSDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2007, 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Pakistani Consulate
2/26 Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3LH

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Protest against the military dictatorship in Pakistan

06-11-2007 01:38

A protest against the military dictator of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf's decision to impose martial law (in the name of emergency) has been organised by the South Asian Alliance. Following is the press release issued by the Alliance. Please do try to come to the protest and register our support for Pakistani people's struggle against the "pro-west" tyrant.

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Maya Anne Evans, SOCPA protestor, faces prison

05-11-2007 11:37

Maya Anne Evans, the first person to be convicted of noncompliance with the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (2005) - for reading the names of the Iraq war dead opposite Downing Street in October 2005, is in court on Tuesday 6 November for her refusal to pay two fines imposed for SOCPA convictions. She explains the reasons behind her refusal.

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Israel's Collective Punishment (by Latuff)

05-11-2007 09:06

Israeli crimes in Gaza
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Webster Tarpley: It's over

04-11-2007 05:51

And if any of you out there thinks he's still worth it, you haven't been paying attention...attacking peace activists, and then your own, is just not on...

Webster Tarpley: Your services will no longer be required

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Webster Tarpley: when you thought it couldn't get worse...

04-11-2007 05:46

..his new, bestest mate is Captain May--who's either the anti-semite he sounds like, or too gormless to be trusted to talk about certain issues with any subtlety...:

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Webster Tarpley's folly: The Kennebunkport Hoax

04-11-2007 05:26

He used to be respected in 911 Truth, but now he's been sacked:

We don't need leaders who spread hoaxes...and we really don't need them lecturing us about Guy Fawkes and 9/11 as Tarpley will start doing in a couple of days...

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Webster Tarpley's Hoax: The Kennebunkport Warning

04-11-2007 05:17

He's touring the UK, supposedly helping 9/11 Truth, but watch out--the man has a history of spreading disinformation....if you're planning to go to Tarpley's Guy Fawkes/911 speech read this first, and demand answers.

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University of Essex students demonstrate against the military

04-11-2007 05:00

A few dozen students at the University of Essex came together this week to protest at the military recruiting on their campus. This direct action is part of the University students on going campaign to stop the war in Iraq and stop the University investing students money in the Arms Trade.

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Children 4 Peace - authorise or not?

03-11-2007 23:59

Apparently, the police want to interrogate my Maranda as to her understanding of SOCPA - WTF???

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It’s Time to Fire Washington!

03-11-2007 22:10

Are the Citizens of the United States asleep? What will it take to make them see our elected officials are not representing our interests and get up enough courage to step up to the plate and fire our representatives in Washington, DC?

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Artists 4 Peace - Serious Organised Criminals Protection Agenda - SOCPA

03-11-2007 21:16

and the bullshit begins...

SOCPA - first told on the phone that I was denied... not in writing; then Inspector Robinson lies through his teeth on the stand at Brian's trial in the statement that no one had been denied authorization and poof!...and I get the acceptance letter... with letter for my daughter...yet...

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Jean Charles de Menezes shooting: Metropolitan police found guilty

03-11-2007 19:07

On Thursday, a jury found the Metropolitan Police guilty of breaking health and safety laws over the shooting death of innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes on a London underground carriage on July 22, 2005.

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The Fascist Mask and the continuity of the State of Exception: Naomi (sheep in)

03-11-2007 12:51

There is something happening, it seems, in the U.S. People are slowly becoming aware of the severe erosion that their “great democratic country” is suffering under.

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Webster Tarpley: Your services will no longer be required

03-11-2007 05:47

Look out! He's coming to London with his Disinfo show! But don't be fooled--this man is not "leader" of 911Truth--he's been sacked; read why...

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Another two fresh cartoons about Iraq (by Latuff)

03-11-2007 01:14

Iraq Resistance's strongest weapon
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Royal Navy to patrol the Persian Gulf in the spring, says the Daily Telegraph

02-11-2007 18:35

HMS Illustrious
The British establishment is in complete denial about its prepartion for the next step of the genocidal warfare. Will the British public fall for it again?

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Guantánamo as house arrest: Britain’s law lords capitulate on control orders

02-11-2007 14:03

Andy Worthington praises the law lords for insisting on the rights of Britain's "ghost prisoners" to a fair hearing, but laments their refusal to condemn the control order system.