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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Cyber Terror: New Privacy Co-op Targeted

24-04-2005 07:32

Sunday, 24 April 2005
Cyber Terror: New Privacy Co-op Targeted

Less than a week old, one globally based Counter Surveillance Co-operative is more than aware of the new strategies employed in the effort to bring rampant censorship across the Internet.

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April 17 Benefit Auction; New Bioterrorism Charges Likely

17-04-2005 17:18


More benefits and donations needed

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War on Terror OR War on Community

28-03-2005 15:36

A Public Meeting discussing Human Rights violation internationally and in Britain. Speakers include, Moazzam Begg recently released from Guantanamo, Phil Shiner a leading Public interest lawyer acting on behalf of of victims of abuse by the British military.

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A private London school stands accused of sanctioning a racist terror campaign

27-03-2005 19:22

A London school stands accussed of conducting a 'racist terror campaign' against a lone elderly neighbour for two years despite repeated calls to the Police who failed to launch a criminial investigation.

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Terror quiz for men stopped in city

16-03-2005 17:24

The M.E.N. was in court when their names were read out but was required under the terms of the act to leave the court while the proceedings were held in secret.

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Terror law cartoon

13-03-2005 09:41

Terror law cartoon

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Statewatch Report on G8 and EU Counter Terrorism Plans

09-03-2005 20:01

Special Statewatch 12,000 worrd report on G8 and EU counter-terrorism plans, pulished today, 8th March 2005.

Also check the excellant Statewatch website for the latest news and analysis on the current UK Prevention of Terrorism Bill -

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Public Protest at the Proposed Anti Terror Laws: 10.30am Wednesday 9th March Par

08-03-2005 18:04

Public Protest at the Proposed Anti Terror Laws: 10.30am Wednesday 9th March Parliament Square

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08-03-2005 18:01


Supported by Liberty, Stop Political terror, Green Party, Amnesty International Brighton, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)

@ Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

7.00 – 9.30pm Friday the 1st April

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Terrorism Act Affects Photographers

07-03-2005 17:20

Landscape photographer detained in Lancashire.

A photographer working at Heysham Port, near Lancaster, who was detained under the Terrorism Act, is urging others to be aware of new legal restrictions on photographers.

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anti-terrorism measures

07-03-2005 12:24

As the ‘anti-terrorism’ bill goes before the Lords, a scrambling Labour government is pulling out all the stops to try and avert large scale pre- election damage to the party.

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Blair to use anti-terror laws on G8 protestors

06-03-2005 09:18

Blair refused to rule out using controversial new anti-terror laws against G8 protesters when Britain hosts the summit of world leaders in July.

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Terror law crackdown for G8 protesters

05-03-2005 23:19

10.51PM, Sat Mar 5 2005

Tony Blair has refused to rule out using controversial new anti-terror laws against G8 protesters when Britain hosts the summit of world leaders in July.

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Prevention of Terrorism Bill: Lobby of Birmingham MP’s - 5th March

04-03-2005 16:45

At least two MP’s are to be lobbied in Birmingham on the issue of the renewal of special powers, including Control Orders, to be given to the Home Secretary.

Khalid Mahmood (Perry Barr) Scheduled for 12:00 5th March 2005 (His surgery continues until 2.00 p.m. )
Rookery Road School
Rookery Road (off Soho Road)

Gisela Stuart (Edgbaston) Scheduled for 9.30 a.m. 5th March 2005 (Her surgery at this address starts at 9.00 a.m. and continues until 10.30 a.m.
Quinborne Community Centre
Ridgacre Road

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Anti Terrorism Bill

03-03-2005 07:54

1.Gisela Stuart MP, Edgbaston. 9.30 am 5 March 2005
Quinborne Community Centre, Ridgeacre Road, Quinton
2.Khalid Mahmmood MP, Perry Barr. 12 midday 5 March 2005
Rookery Road School, Rookery Road, Handsworth
Contact Details: Naeem Malik 07721 427690

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Terrorism Laws in Parliament

02-03-2005 15:05

Find out the "Terrorism" laws that have been passed this Parliament, and every vote by every MP for or against the different measures. If your MP is seeking re-election you can ask them during the campaign to explain what they have done to protect your rights.

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"Terror suspect convicted" - er, for what?

02-03-2005 00:02

British terror suspect Saajid Badat has admitted plotting to blow up a plane on its way to the US using a "shoe bomb", according to news reports yesterday.

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The Bondage of Terror

24-02-2005 22:05

The chance for building a common security lies in recognizing oneself in the other.. Security based on trust is a hundred times more valuable than the most expensive defensive system.

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G8 Detention Centres, Anti-Terror Stop and Searches and Special Court Sittings!

21-02-2005 12:59

Several press reports over the weekend and today (21st Feb) have indicated the following:

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Iam a terrorist too

20-02-2005 23:22

I am a terrorist too, because I am a citizen from a state that destroy everyday, and with more strength, the basis for the survival of humans around all this beautiful planet called Earth.