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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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next Disarm DSEi Public Meeting @ rampART London 28th July

23-07-2007 10:51

Disarm DSEi Public Meeting Saturday 28th July, 2pm-4pm
rampART centre, 15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA

Tube : Whitechapel, Shadwell, Aldgate, Aldgate East, Tower Gateway
Bus : 15, 115, D3, 100

There will probably be police photographers outside the meeting, don't be intimidated. You might choose to wear a scarf in this unpredictable weather.

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Mandar Obedeciende...

23-07-2007 01:40

Only the most malevolent of people can fully ignore in themselves empathy for their fellow man. Even when clouded by war and prejudice, poverty and religion, the massive majority of us, deep down, know right from wrong at the base level. Why then does conflict like the one described below continue? Not for freedom's sake, that's for sure...

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Neocons Set Stage for Pakistan Attack

22-07-2007 23:28

Like a Frankenstein monster that escapes the castle and preys on innocent villagers, “militants” of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, itself a creation of the doctor Frankenstein relationship between Pakistan’s ISI and the CIA, are out of control, thus prompting the U.S. to threaten invasion.

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26hr WTC security breach 2 days before 9/11

22-07-2007 16:28

British IT engineer Scott Forbes was working in New York's World Trade Center in September 2001 and lost 89 of his work colleagues in the 9/11 attacks. This is a 25 minute mp3 interview with him for free dissemination... ..

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Framing the Russians

22-07-2007 13:17

Latest Anglo-Russian spat is all about targeting Putin

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The invisible government

21-07-2007 10:49

In a speech in Chicago, John Pilger describes how propaganda has become such a potent force in our lives and, in the words of one of its founders, represents 'an invisible government'.

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U.S. Calls For Release of Imprisoned Iranian-Americans

21-07-2007 10:00

It's nothing new for the Islamic regime in Iran to be condemned by the United States government. Yet there's something else about this July 17 press release from the U.S. State Department that stands out as being glaringly preposterous.

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The Inventiveness of John Howard: The SIM Card Terror Case

20-07-2007 20:53

And now, citizens, or rather immigrants, must be careful to lend their SIM cards to their relatives. The reasons might be honourable enough ­ to use the rest of the credit at some future date. The suggestion in Canberra is different: They might end up in a global conspiracy to target civilians, stretching from Scotland to Queensland, consumed in a Glaswegian fireball at a rather ugly looking airport or plotting to blow up nightclubs.

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London Sound Posse presents:"Creating Terror: Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed"

20-07-2007 19:12

Education. Education. Education.
Erudite lecture from author and scholar Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed on the real source of "al qaeda" & the current wave of terror attacks. Surprises in store for those who haven't yet "woken up"

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London bombing trial: How much did the security services know?

20-07-2007 17:32

Earlier this month a jury in Woolwich Crown Court found Muktar Said Ibrahim, Hussain Osman, Ramzi Mohammed, and Yassin Omar guilty of conspiracy to murder in a failed attempt to set off four bombs in London on July 21, 2005. The judge said each of them must serve at least 40 years in jail before they can be considered for parole. The jury failed to reach a verdict relating to two other defendants, Manfo Kwaku Asiedu and Adel Yahya, who now face a retrial.

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Washington’s consensus al-Qaeda deception

19-07-2007 21:01

The “war on terrorism” is a foreign policy weapon favored by an elite and ironclad Anglo-American consensus, supported equally by Washington’s political factions. The surge of "al-Qaeda" covert operations and "terrorism" propaganda over the past three weeks, and reports of “renewed al-Qaeda power," marks the beginning of intensified false flag deception.

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The Reputation of The Guardian, R. I. P.

18-07-2007 22:30

The Guardian and The Observer are in the middle of a remarkable series of articles about Iran and the chances of an American attack on Iran.

This pattern of deception in The Guardian about Iran has become so obvious that it is creating a controversy of its own, with the paper receiving the worst insult in journalism, being compared to the New York Times.

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Afghan casualty rate equal to second world war

18-07-2007 17:13

In the most dangerous regions of the country, the casualty rate is approaching 10 per cent. Senior officers fear it will ultimately pass the 11 per cent.
More than 11 million troops served in the British Commonwealth during the Second World War with 580,000 killed or missing and 475,000 wounded, giving a casualty rate of almost 11 per cent.

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Kronos Quartet: Alternative Radio: Another World is Possible

18-07-2007 15:15

28 July 2007 / 19:30
Barbican Theatre

Part of Great Performers 2007-2008
Part of New Crowned Hope - A Festival by Peter Sellars

Kronos Quartet with host David Barsamian with special quest Tariq Ali and guest appearance by Wu Man.

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The March to War: Détente in the Middle East or "Calm before the Storm?"

18-07-2007 08:50

A deeper look must be taken at the evolving domestic conditions within the “American Homeland” and at the wave of events that are unfolding in the Palestinian Territories, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, the Persian Gulf, the former Soviet Union, and Iran.

There have been reports and chatter about war between Israel and Syria and a “Summer War” that could breakout in the Levant with the initiation of Israeli strikes in the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. The summer-months of 2007 may see international tensions rise, but witness no regional war that could potentially spread in the Middle East and beyond.

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London Sound Posse presents: Detention Without Trial: Lives in limbo in Britain

18-07-2007 00:43

The Centre for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) with the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) & Cage Prisoners present:

"Detention Without Trial: Lives in limbo in Britain"

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Plan Iraq - Permanent Occupation

17-07-2007 21:29

Drawdowns, withdrawal, timelines, mission shifting, building democracy and all the other current and long-standing phony rhetoric aside, America is in Iraq to stay as a conqueror and occupier - that is, until Iraqis finally kick us out as they will in time in a part of the world long a graveyard for foreign invaders. But it won't happen quickly or before countless more thousands die, are injured, suffer immeasurably, are displaced, and lose everything.

Whatever little, if anything, a new president does at home, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan will remain with plans for Iraqi forces eventually to do most of our killing and dying for us. If or when they're up to it, the scheme involves US troops staying hunkered down inside their super-bases, used as needed outside them, with massive air power deployed freely to slaughter innocent victims on the ground whenever they resist what no one should ever have to endure.

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Bush: The logic of presidential-military dictatorship

16-07-2007 16:08

At President Bush’s July 11 press conference a significant exchange took place that has received very little media attention. Edwin Chen, who writes for, asked Bush, “How hard is it for you to conduct the war without popular support? Do you ever have trouble balancing between doing what you think is the right thing and following the will of the majority of the public, which is the essence of democracy?”

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Is the United States Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month? Or Is It More?

16-07-2007 12:20

While the atlantist media is reporting more than 3 000 GI’s killed in Iraq and many civilian victims of inter-confessional violences, it looks away from the daily slaughter of civilians by US patrols conducting their search operations for suspects. Professor Michael Schwartz estimates that their number reached 10 000 a month in the first 3 years of occupation. And much more since Bush ordered his surge of operations.

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Steven O'Doherty - a racist in charge of deaths in police custody?

16-07-2007 11:16

Attention to the Jean Charles family. This man was found guilty of victimization on a racial ground in court and yet he leads the team which investigates deaths in police custody - primarily black and Asian.