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Interesting works of art appear in Mill Road Cemetary on Saturday night!

04-08-2014 21:47

Version one of the "Gaza" piece, the largest at about 30ft wide.
On Saturday night in Cambridge's Mill Road Cemetary some temporary artworks spelling out the word "Gaza" appeared - then disappeared again.

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Growing numbers attend Cambridge Gaza Demonstration (02/08/2014)

04-08-2014 15:00

Even bigger than last week!
Last Saturday's Demo in the Market Square, Cambridge was even larger than last week's, showing the rising tide of opinion against Israel's ongong attck on Gaza.

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Giant "Gaza" artwork appears on Parkers Piece, Cambridge.

04-08-2014 01:12

A truly epic piece of artwork!
On Friday night (August 1st 2014), Cambridge activists created an enormous artwork on Parkers Piece to creatively express their disdain at the massacre taking place in Gaza.

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Sheffield Protests against the Gaza Genocide

02-08-2014 16:14

On Saturday 2nd August 2014 supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign gathered outside the Town Hall and had a symbolic die-in to raise awareness of the ongoing colonial genocide in Gaza.

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Rally for Gaza

01-08-2014 21:18

19:00 - 21:30hrs
Tuesday 5th August, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates.
Called by Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign
and supported by Oxford Muslim Community Initiative

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Western Summit

31-07-2014 14:19

Please see illustration

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End The Slaughter in Gaza - TESCO stop the sale of Israeli goods

28-07-2014 17:22

On Sunday the 27th of July, activists from the Solidarity Collective attended a Tesco’s in South East London and witnessed the continued sale of products from the West Bank. These products included among other things dates. We feel that in the light of continued slaughter of civilians in Palestine and the ongoing blockade that it is unacceptable that this produce should be openly on sale in the high streets of London.

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Sheffield Protest against the Gaza slaughter

27-07-2014 08:47

Protesting against the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and the ongoing colonial genocide of Palestine outside Sheffield Town Hall on 26th July 2014.

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Free Palestine Demo in Cambridge 26/07/2014

26-07-2014 17:26

Market Square, Cambridge, full of voices of Common Sense.
Today on Saturday July 26th 2014 at 12:00pm Cambridge joined the international protests being held today against the Isreali bombardment of Gaza.

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Wrexham: Naming the Gaza Dead at Barclays Bank

19-07-2014 22:32

The second Gaza solidarity action in Wrexham this week was held outside Barclays Bank today to protest Barclays' investments in the arms trade and in Israel. See also this Indymedia report and photos from last Thursday. Barclays is the single largest global investor in the arms trade and the only high street bank with significant direct investments in Israeli companies. Based on the breadth of Barclays arms investments, it seems safe to assume that Barclays makes a financial profit for every death in Gaza. On that basis, we stood at the entrance to the bank and read out the entire list of names published by Al Jazeera of those killed by Israel in the Gaza strip since July 7th, adding after each one: "Barclays Bank profited from this death."

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Wrexham: Standing in solidarity with Gaza & protesting Barclays Bank

18-07-2014 08:00

As Israel continues to shower death and destruction on the oppressed Palestinians in occupied Gaza, it's hard to know what to do, how to resist. My inbox is full of forwarded Stop the War Coalition emails advertising their disingenuously entitled Gaza Emergency Appeal, highlighted in red 'emergency' lettering at the top of their website. Clicking through reveals that the emergency in the StWC camp is funding their own activities and keeping their London office staffed.

Protesting at the Israeli Embassy is a great idea if you live within striking distance or feel motivated to make the journey, with or without the help of Stop the War's 'Gaza Emergency' fund. If not, how about something closer to home? Every High Street has a Barclays...

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UG#687 - Is 50 Years Enough? (The JFK assassination and the 9-11 Attacks)

13-07-2014 05:15

This week we conclude Mark Gorton's Fifty Years of the Deep State, which centers on 9/11, though it pursues avenues which we have not explored much on the show before. This is accompanied by veteran Deep Politics researcher, Peter Dale Scott, speaking on the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Numerous parallels present themselves between the 9/11 and the JFK assassination, from the set up to the government cover-up commissions that strove in the face of huge evidence to the contrary to forge a shallow political narrative.

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Beautiful but wounded Gaza

12-07-2014 00:15

Gaza, July 11, Israel launched a new aggression\operation\offensive against Gaza and decided to name “Protective Edge” also known as “Solid Rock”. Israeli warplanes, tanks, drones and warships participated in bombing places across Gaza all day long. This makes it the third Israeli open war against Gaza in 5 years or less. This isn’t a report, this is a personal account of what I lived today through the third day of Israel’s new aggression on Gaza.

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A lone demonstrator kicks off 4th July at NSA Memwith Hill on stroke of midnight

05-07-2014 13:17

As the main gates are shutdown before the annual evening demo begins. So the thousands of base personel, entering & leaving earlier on, all saw this, all day long.

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4th July - Independence From America - NSA Menwith Hill

04-07-2014 23:08

Attached are some photos and audio recording of three of the speakers at the 4th July 2014 Annual "Independence FROM America" demonstration at the main entrance to NSA Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire organised by The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB)

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Macropolitical Side-Effects of the Imperialist Occupation of the Philippines

04-07-2014 15:57

The announcement had been a typical expression of the distorted perception, improper appropriation and self-destructive intention of an overheated military-industrial complex: According to the institutions of the Washington regime, its military deployment was neither limited in time nor was an unlimited planning frame admitted. Instead the imperialist announced that military occupation of Manila and the islands was covering the foreseeable future, and thereby served a definition of transparency of time whose implications require a detailed look. According to the military empire itself, its future is unforeseeable as much as both numbered amounts of time and stability as a concept defined out of itself are concerned. More precisely, it is in fact devoid of any future and the contradictory concept of time transported in its ideology is a symptom of that lack. The empire is trying to say, other than by means of such occupation it cannot remain with the people of the world at all. This is the good news in the bad news: The Philippine occupation, despite the offence it is, is an empty speculation of the dying empire, an admission of its lack of perspective, and a desperate act of aggression aimed at stealing the future of the people not only on the archipelago but in the region and beyond without any purpose. That is in fact the most remarkable quality of the situation: The empire is not stealing for its own benefit, it is stealing to deprive others of their expectable benefits without any perspective of own benefit. Yet that is precisely the pattern of behaviour that historically precedes the downfall thereof.

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Finnieston Crane, Glasgow, Occupied by Anti-Militarists on Armed Forces Day

28-06-2014 07:44

Four anti-war activists are occupying the Finnieston Crane at this moment to protest against the glorification of war on Armed Forces Day. They unfurled a banner that reads ‘Resist Militarism # White Feather,’ to show dissent to the increasingly US-style culture of militarism growing in the UK and to celebrate those who refuse to participate in war.

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UG#686 - The US Deep State, 1981-2001 (The Enterprise, Alec Station,9/11 Set-up)

24-06-2014 04:48

We continue where we left off last time, reading from Mark Gorton's unparalleled denunciation of the criminal enterprise at work in USA, Fifty Years of the Deep State. We conclude the first hour by briefly reflecting on Noam Chomsky's opinions on 9/11. In our second hour, we hear a talk by Peter Dale Scott at the 10th anniversary hearings on the 9/11 event, in which he examines the conduct of the US government agencies tasked with protecting the country from terrorist attacks.

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4 July: Annual Independence FROM America demo at NSA Menwith Hill

22-06-2014 21:29

Join the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) at the main entrance to NSA Menwith Hill, HG1 4QZ, on Friday 4 July from 5pm to 9pm for the annual "Independence FROM America" demonstration.

More info: 01423 884076.