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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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When U.S. Aided Insurgents, Did It Breed Future Terrorists?

12-04-2004 16:46

When U.S. Aided Insurgents, Did It Breed Future Terrorists?
April 10, 2004
In the varied explanations for the 9/11 attacks and the
rise in terrorism, two themes keep recurring.

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BBC Poll Finds That US + Globalisation Are A Bigger Threat Than Terror

09-04-2004 15:32

A BBC Poll of 1500 international people finds 52% think US and Globalisation are a bigger threat than terror.

(although quite what the difference is between these I dont get. ed)

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Roots of the Neo-Con Junta

04-04-2004 08:20

Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz
Leo Strauss provided the Machiavellian thought, Albet Wohlstetter provided the strategic military concept. Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle as prime movers of neo-con policy have sought to change the world. And they have.

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'Terror' and tolerance

30-03-2004 23:01

March 30, 2004

The morning of Jan. 29, upon hearing about the attack on a bus in Jerusalem, I did not experience the expected emotion. It seemed such a "normal" thing, and I have not enough tears to shed for people I do not know.

The next day, on Jan. 30, I read an article about one of the victims — Avraham Belhassen, 26 years old, a young father — and realized that I could tolerate no more. I can no longer tolerate terrorist folly, Islamist hatred, the passivity of Muslims, the blindness of the West.

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UN report: Israeli forces inflict "reign of terror"

29-03-2004 13:53

A recent report by John Dugard, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights' Special Rapporteur, stated that Israeli forces had "inflicted a reign of terror upon innocent Palestinians in the course of their assassinations of militants in densely populated towns, their destruction of homes, and their random firing in built up areas—not to mention the methodical intimidation and humiliation of civilians at checkpoints."

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Who's Capitulating to Terror?

23-03-2004 11:01

Since the bombings in Madrid on March 11th and the subsequent removal of the government in Spain, consumers of mainstream media have become used to references to `the Spanish capitulation to terror' and `votes for appeasement'. Within the UK, the Daily Telegraph has been particularly vociferous in its condemnation of the Spanish electorate's decision to oust Aznar's government, but they have certainly not been the only ones.

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Statewatch: European Commission publishes Action Plan on terrorism

19-03-2004 16:04

Statewatch News online, 18 March 2004
Full contents see:

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N. African and Chechen rebels threaten France with terrorism

18-03-2004 23:15

The letter raises the possibility that France could be the site of the next March 11- style bombing. Moreover, it raises the troubling prospect for Paris that the interests of North African and Chechen militants might be converging in France -- possibly under some kind of al Qaeda banner.

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Blunkett loses anti-terror appeal

18-03-2004 17:19

Britain's most senior judge has ruled Home Secretary David Blunkett must release a Libyan man detained by police under anti-terror laws.

Lord Chief Justice Woolf upheld a previous ruling that the man's 15-month detention at Belmarsh prison in south-east London is unjustified.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission refused Mr Blunkett the right to appeal against the decision.

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Four Britons released from Guantanamou Bay had terrorist connections

18-03-2004 09:57

Four Guantanamo Bay prisoners freed in Britain toted AK-47 rifles in the ranks of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, America claimed last night. All four were steeped in the guerilla tactics of Osama Bin Laden — and ready to take on Allied troops.

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18-03-2004 09:29

Capítulo actualizado del libro “Diez horas con la Globalización”(google)(Editado por Netbiblo en 2.001
Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega (google)-Autor del libro “Diez Horas con la globalización”(google,, amazon, foro-los retos de la globalización,, netbiblo, yahoo...)


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M20. 'War on Terror' isn't working. Peace must come through Global Justice!

13-03-2004 05:20

After massacre Madrid. Stop the war! Peace through Global Justice! Freedom for the Middle East!
New poster for March 20th Demo in London, on worldwide day of protest marking one year since Iraq invasion.

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War On Terrorism is a Ruse/Secret Pentagon Climate Report

24-02-2004 01:27

In other words the conservative elites are going after control the strategic oil supply throughout the world in order that they will have the fuel that their tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and troop transports will require to seaze control of what remains of the collapsing food and fresh water supply. The war on terrorism is simply just a ruse.

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Incitement 2 presents "Surplus: Terrorised into being consumers"

19-02-2004 00:29

Next month's film is "surplus: terrorised into being consumers". Surplus main man is John Zerzan, controversial anti-globalization guru, whose call for PROPERTY DAMAGE has inspired many to take to the streets.

"That is not violence. Sitting there doing dope and watching MTV . Then you go and get a job. Just schlep along. To me that is violence," says Zerzan. "We are terrorized into being consumers."

Sunday 21st March 7:30 pm at the Packhorse, Woodhouse Lane

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Press statement on Terrorism Act 2000 trial

16-02-2004 18:43

A press statement dated today, February 16, by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities describes a trial of six people at Kingston Crown Court under the Terrorism Act 2000 which started today as a "show trial". It is seen as being aimed at victimising ethnic minorities, suppressing dissent and criminalising solidarity actions in order to please tyrannical foreign governments, in this case the government of Turkey.

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new Anti-terrorist laws: Media Black out

04-02-2004 18:07

On monday the 2 feb all the terrestrial news programs reported on David blunkett's new anti-terrorist laws, there is now a media blackout.

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Terrorist Alert!

03-02-2004 00:54

Don't let the Smoking Gun be a Mushroom Cloud.(tm)
Have you seen these Suspected Terrorists(tm)?

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Power, Propaganda and Conscience in The War On Terror

31-01-2004 14:30

UWA Extension Summer School Lecture Winthrop Hall, The University of Western Australia, 12 January 2004

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Libya and the US: How Terror Won

27-01-2004 18:48

If you believed the Reagan administration, Qadaffi was the source of every explosion, earthquake, blizzard and thunderstorm. If you believed Clinton and Major, he was responsible for Pan Am 103. If you believe Bush on anything, you need your fucking head examined.

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Anti-2004 Olympic Terrorism

20-01-2004 17:24

Olympic Games 2004