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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Obama and Brown complicit in Abu Ghraib abuse

18-05-2009 11:08

The Daily Telegraph today links both Barak Obama and Gordon Brown to the torture, abuse, rapes and murders at Abu Ghraib and other US black prisons [1]. The supposedly liberal, anti-war, anti-torture President has just appointed General Stanley MacChrystal as his new army chief in Afghanistan. It links him to the Human Rights Watch report into that abuse 'No Blood, No Foul' [2].

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Justice For Pakistani Students Arrested under Terrorism Laws

18-05-2009 02:28

No to injustice !
Planning meeting to setup the local chapter of the national campaign against the deportation of 12 Pakistani students arrested under terror laws. Failing to present any incriminating evidence against them the government has decided to deport them.

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Tamil solidarity call-out - US embassy protest on Monday morning

17-05-2009 22:37

with news of more than 1000 new deaths and thousands injured in just a few hours today in Vanni, tamils in london are calling for a solidarity protest outside the US embassy, grosvenor square on monday morning to urge barack obama to intervene.

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Humanitarian disaster - Vanni, Sri Lanka. - pictures.

17-05-2009 20:57

Elderly women with injuries.
On the day Sri Lanka government forces claim victory over the LTTE (Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam), Tamils gather outside the US embassy in London to call on the Americans to intervene in the Humanitarian disaster now unfolding on the Island.

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Protest at HMP Strangeways - Justice for the North West 10 - Sunday 17th May

16-05-2009 13:56

Justice for the North West 10

Free them Now ! No deportations !

Those who are innocent must be released

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Tamil solidarity event this Sunday

15-05-2009 15:55

Sri Lanka rejects ceasefire (by Latuff)
An evening of film, food, music and discussion on what's happening and how we can help.

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Heckler & Koch Campaign :: Demo & Picket in Nottingham

15-05-2009 13:01

"I've been to a lot of demonstrations against arms companies and normally it's kind of me and about three Quakers and a dog and a couple of crusties. I really hope the campaign can grow and grow and actually get a result here".

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Heckler & Koch Campaign :: Mark Thomas in Nottingham

15-05-2009 12:54

"I've been to a lot of demonstrations against arms companies and normally it's kind of me and about three Quakers and a dog and a couple of crusties. I really hope the campaign can grow and grow and actually get a result here".

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Undercover peace activists invade arms fair

15-05-2009 10:41

booming business
From May 12th to 14th 2009, Brussels hosted the ITEC exhibition (International Training and Education Conference), the annual top event for companies in the military training and simulation business. On the first day of the event, Vredesactie activists went in undercover and revealed controversial activities. On May 13th, a delegation of politicians visited ITEC to make clear that an event like this is not welcome.
A videoreport with undercover images is now online:

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Students and staff mark one-year anniversary of botched anti-terror raid

15-05-2009 10:26

Staff and students at the University of Nottingham have condemned the government "policy of auto-deportation" in light of the recent botched terror arrests in the North West and vowed to continue fighting for former staff member Hicham Yezza's right to remain in the UK.

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Estimate 1700 Tamil civilians killed 3000 injuried in 48 hrs in Sri Lanka

15-05-2009 09:53

''The local aid workers in Vanni Region estimated 1700 civilians have been killed and over 3000 injured in the last 48 hours due to the persistent use of heavy artillery and mortars by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The catastrophic situation has been made worse by the acute shortage of food and medicine.''

''The ICRC ship carrying emergency supply of food provided by the World Food Organization (WFO) has been prevented from delivering its consignments due to refusal of the Sri Lankan Government to provide security guarantees, even though LTTE has given all clearance and guarantees . And another ship working on medical evacuations also prevented from reaching shores with the same reason''.

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Heckler & Koch Campaign :: Spread the Word in Nottingham

13-05-2009 23:32

Heckler & Koch Campaign :: Spread the Word. Meeting in the Market Square, Nottingham, on Monday 11 May, folks from the Campaign gathered at a stall and gave out leaflets and spoke to passers-by.

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12-05-2009 22:09

The party/protest they dont want. IS HAPPENING!

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Tamil blockade of Parliament Monday 11th May

12-05-2009 20:41

2.30pm standoff
Over 3000 innocent people were slaughtered in the so called 'safe zone' in the space of 24 hours by air bombardments between Saturday and Sunday, according to the Tamils in Parliament square; by Monday the number of dead had risen to 4000, which would bring the total of deaths up to 12.000 since January.*

Sunday more people began to gather in Parliament Square, and Monday the numbers had swelled and from 9.30 am people began blocking again the roads around Parliament, the only way for them to get attention to the genocide in their homeland and the UK politicians to intervene with the UN.

It is feared that the Sri Lankan government are determined to kill all of the civilians trapped in the so- called ' safe zone' in the Vanni region by the end of the month, more than 150.000 people are living under bombardments and have no way to get out and no access to food or medication, as the Sri Lankan army has sealed off the zone. The few who have managed to escape to government controlled areas have been put in concentration camps by the SLA.

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"State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective" today at Resonance 104.4 FM

12-05-2009 17:35

"State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective". Listen to the programme at Resonance 104.4 FM (, Tuesday 12th of May at 22.00.

Note: this is a repeat of the programme originally broadcasted on Thursday 7th of May.

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Parliament Protest — Jam Cam shut

11-05-2009 12:42

Tamils on the streets again to protest the carnage of Sat night.
Clearly it is the media blackout and spin that is deviating these ordinary peace loving people to take to the streets.

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Swine Flu - Could it be a synthetic creation?

11-05-2009 08:58

Swine flu panic is spreading accross the world and soldiers are patrolling the streets in some countries after it was confirmed that human to human transmission is occurring and that the virus is a brand new strain which is a never-before-seen intercontinental mixture of human, avian and pig viruses from America, Europe and Asia. Clues that the virus may be a synthetic creation are already manifesting.

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Tamils genocide: More than 2,000 civilians feared slaughtered in a single night

10-05-2009 17:28

Indiscriminate barrage of shelling by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on the 'safety zone' starting from Saturday night to Sunday morning slaughtered more than 2,000 civilians including large number of women and children, medical sources in Vanni said quoting the injured who managed to reach the makeshift hospital.

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Media Lens: The Left-Wing Media Fallacy

10-05-2009 08:57

Jeremy Bowen, The BBC, And Other National Treasures

It is a mistake to imagine that media corporations are impervious to all complaints and criticism. In fact, senior editors and managers are only too happy to accept that their journalists tend to be 'anti-American,' 'anti-Israel,' 'anti-Western,' indeed utterly rotten with left-wing bias.

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Public meeting: Stop the deportations of the Pakistani students

09-05-2009 00:19

Stop the Criminalization of muslims. There will be two public meetings in Manchester in response to the decision by the Home Office to deport muslims for opaque reasons of "national security" despite no evidence being found, apart from possession of sugar and photographs of Manchester landmarks, for the much publicised "very big terrorist plot" as the Prime Minister called it, just before 12 men were arrested and detained for almost two weeks before being released without charge into detention by the immigration authorities where they may remain for several years pending their appeal against arbitrary deportation. If civil rights aren't for you, forget about these meetings.