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Protest at HMP Strangeways - Justice for the North West 10 - Sunday 17th May

Richard | 16.05.2009 13:56 | Repression | Terror War

Justice for the North West 10

Free them Now ! No deportations !

Those who are innocent must be released

Protest & Picket

Sunday 17th May @ 1pm

HMP Strangeways

Assemble on Southall Street, Off Great Ducie Street

Bring your banners and placards

On Wednesday 8th April, 2008, 12 students from the North West of England were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000, in what was billed as a foiled major terror plot on a par with 7/7.

13 days later all 12 had been released without charge and with no suggestion of evidence against them, other than possession of sugar and photographs from about town. Eleven of them, however, were ordered to be deported by the Home Secretary and ten of the them are appealing in a process during which they may remain in detention

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