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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Capitol protestors campaign to impeach Bush

26-04-2007 01:07

Impeach Bush
"The only solution to end this war is to impeach them, impeach the liars, impeach the murderers, and get our troops home," she said.

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Another "Terror" Trial Falls Apart

25-04-2007 23:39

The frame-up falls apart.

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Baghdad : This Wall is their Grave - Stop the walls; stop the occupation!

25-04-2007 21:46

Plans for Al-Adhamiyah confirm that the US occupation and its puppets in Iraq can build nothing but open-air prisons. It will fail

No military strategy can impose on the Iraqi people an occupation it overwhelmingly refuses. Its resistance is national and continues

What kind of government walls-in its own people? One desperate and illegitimate, tied to the fate of a defeated occupation

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Pat Tillman and the “Elaborate Lies” of Psychopathic Rulers

25-04-2007 19:38

Pat Tillman, the football star who walked away from an NFL career to fight a manufactured enemy in Afghanistan, where he was shot dead by his own troops, was shamelessly exploited by the Pentagon, and became part of yet another lie.

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Cheyney impeachment bill submitted

25-04-2007 15:34

Impeachment proceedings started against VP Cheney. Not covered by mainstream news, apparently!

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A Terrorist goes free...

25-04-2007 10:29

Justice against Terrorism!
AFTER the attacks of Sept. 11, President Bush forcefully argued that it was every country's duty to fight international terrorism. He made the case that sponsoring terrorism or simply looking the other way when it happened were equivalent acts, and the United States would stand for neither...

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Iraqis oppose US plan to divide Baghdad into ghettos

25-04-2007 08:41

The US military’s plan to seal off an entire suburb of Baghdad behind a three-metre high concrete wall has produced widespread opposition among Iraqis of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Several thousand residents of Sunni-populated Adhamiyah demonstrated against the wall on Monday behind banners declaring “No Shiite. No Sunni. Islamic Unity” and “No to the sectarian barrier”. Shiite leaders in neighbouring suburbs have also condemned the barrier.

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Tens of thousands remember Anzac murderers and tens of millions stayed home

25-04-2007 05:16

Don't show your support for the ex-service community and in particular for the militants that are currently occupying Iraq and Afghanistan with the estimated 655,000 dead in Iraq and the dead Afghanistan's that the militants have refused to count to date.

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Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

24-04-2007 23:29

It's not fascism when we do it...
On the internet people have been pointing out that the USA (and the UK not that far behind) is sliding into fascism, but this isn't something that the mainstream media will touch, after all they are a part of the problem. The following article by Naomi Wolf, published in the Guardian today is an exception to this and although reposts from the mainstream are rightly frowned upon here this article does deserve being an exception to the rule.

It is interesting to contrast the following article with the view of the USA that some on the UK left have, for example Mark Osbourn of the AWL considers that John Pilger has a "pathological hatred of the western powers which leads to the repeated and idiotic allusion that the US/UK leaders bear a similarity to Nazis": The article by John Pilger that Mark Osbourn is refering to can be read here:

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Roundtable on Iran's Nuclear Program: Friday 27 April 2007

24-04-2007 20:49

Please note the following important debate taking place this Friday where CASMII's founder Abbas Edalat will speak as part of a panel discussing Iran's Nuclear Program. We encourage everyone to attend the evening and take part in the Q&A session in face of the on-going hostilities and threats against Iran on the pretext of its nuclear energy program.

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Army deserters to be executed

24-04-2007 10:21

Iraqi soldiers who desert their units now face execution, according to a decree by the country’s Presidential Council.

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23-04-2007 19:02

AT BRIGHTON MAGISTRATES COURT TODAY where 3 peace protesters are on trial ..the prosecution tried to slap a public interest immunity on the hearing and have every one removed from the court !!because get this..the security man said he was to scared to attend court! wot use to anyone is a security guard/cctv peeper thats scared of peace protesters???too scared even to let the court know his name!! too ashamed more like and scared of getting his lies ect caught out..oo those hippies are so scary your dishonour i just cant come to court /not even hidden behind a case they see my reflection on the way out!!allso the prosecution/police ect are handing out dvd,s of evidence...and get this..that dont work or crash your computer when you play them!!!! who does the tosser think he is???guardian hook hand or someone important??..they really are remember every wednesday 4...6pm demo day outside the factory ..lets all turn up and chant ..scaredy cat scaredy cat..where are you ..where are you!!! can any justfull court anywhere trust the evidence of a tweed too scared to present himself..theyre liars/cowards/and war criminals..and the courts are trying to cover up the truth of it..but its all so blatant even the blind could see it for what it is....todays argus headline reads...32 sex offenders on the run but not to worry because the police are bringing 3 hippy peace protesters to trial?????? so dont worry are priorities are as fucked up as our society..yours sincerly your honour..sussex police/edo mbm and brighton magistrates court........part two tommorrow...yawn......

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Justice against Terrorism!

23-04-2007 14:10

Justice against Terrorism!
The decision to allow Posada Carriles to go free in Miami is the clearest demonstration of the double moral standards of the American government...

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23-04-2007 07:47

brighton magistrates court today 3 anti arrms trade activists are on trial at brighton court..edward st,,brighton..come down and lend your support inside the court..yawn yes i know!!!!insomniac???come down and learn how to fall asleep again!!!!..but seriosly..come to the court and lend your support if you can...

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Australia: Sheikh denies Hezbollah funding

22-04-2007 23:57

Sheikh Taj el-din Al Hilali
But in an interview on SBS [AIPAC] the sheikh said all the funds went directly to needy families.

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As Bliar Scandal Looms, Gov't Cries "Al Qaeda"

22-04-2007 22:17

As the legal ramifications of aspects of Bliar's Corruption come to bear, the Regime starts waving Emmanuel Goldstein - with the media's help - in the hopes of yet again distracting the populace.

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Bill Clinton: Ambassador of Death

22-04-2007 20:48

How soon we forget. Bill Clinton, according to Edward S. Herman, “has gone beyond the Bush [Senior] record of criminality, and has brought to the commission of war crimes a new eclectic reach and postmodern style. A skilled public relations person, he has refined the rhetoric of humanistic and ethical concern and can apologize with seeming great sincerity for our earlier regrettable sponsorship and support of mass murder in Guatemala while carrying out similar or even more vicious policies in Colombia and Iraq at the same moment….

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Italy: Sharing of self-produced video

22-04-2007 19:47

Sharing of self-produced video Vicenza demonstration against enlargement of USA military camp

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support the edo mbm 3 in court monday onwards

22-04-2007 16:53

roof top protesters are in court from monday the 23 rd to friday 27 th of april...on friday there is a demo outside brighton magistrates court at 1 pm...bring pots/pans whistles ect ect..but most importantly just come along...take time of work and treat yourself by starting the weekend early!!! allso support all week inside the court itself is encouraged/wanted..its important to let the fuckers know we three do not stand come down and show your solidarity inside or outside the court from monday 9.45 am onwards..we are winning lets keep up the pressure....onwards in solidarity

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Psychics snub The MOD

22-04-2007 09:36

Pschics refuse to take part in remote viewing attempt in "War on Terror"