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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Political Destabilization in South and Central Asia: The Role of the CIA-ISI Ter

19-09-2008 09:57

Recent terror attacks in New Delhi on September 13, 2008, raise the questions of who was responsible and for what reason these attacks occurred. Terror attacks in India are not a new phenomenon, however, in their recent past, they can be largely attributed to the actions, finances, training and resources of one organization: The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). These new bombings bare the same relationship with the ISI as has occurred in the past, and so it must be asked: what is the purpose of the ISI both in Central Asia as well as South Asia?

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Microsoft Halts Intelligence Website

18-09-2008 21:15

Microsoft Halts Intelligence Website
Microsoft recently halted one of its publicly hosted controversial private intelligence websites after 10-years designed to fight online what later amounted to clandestine undercover frauds targeting wealthy global investors. A Microsoft intelligence entailing and entrailing the old spy versus spy game.

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From Ladbroke Grove to Guantánamo Bay: Iftar in solidarity with Binyam Mohamed

18-09-2008 18:55

Binyam, the last Londoner in Guantanamo Bay, lived in west London for over seven years and worked at the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre. After six and a half years of illegal detention, torture and extraordinary rendition, Binyam should be observing Ramadan in Lonon with his local community and friends. We invite you to join us for a shared meal and reflect on his plight. This event is open to EVERYONE.

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Mass 11.10 Walkabout?

18-09-2008 17:05

Call to mass action Saturday 11th October against the surveillance state in
solidarity with activists all around the world.

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Beginning of the Inquest into the Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, 22 Sept

18-09-2008 15:09

The coroner's inquest into the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes will begin on 22nd September.
Proceedings will be held from Monday to Thursday every week, between 9.45am and 4.30pm at The Oval cricket ground (Kennington). Come on the first day at 9am and show your support to the family.

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Peace Action London- Thurs 25th September

18-09-2008 09:22

The next Peace Action is taking place on Thursday 25th September.
Come and join in! We'll be meeting outside Holborn Tube Station @ 1PM, before heading to an army careers office.
For more info, please contact:

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9-11 eyewitness Barry Jennings is dead

18-09-2008 03:55

Barry Jennings, a key 9/11 eyewitness who was an emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, has passed away at age 53 from circumstances not yet disclosed. A spokesperson for the Housing Authority has now confirmed his death, after weeks of rumors circulating online, but refused to give any further details.

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Police veto BBC 7/7 film - Press Office lied over shelving of documentary

18-09-2008 02:19

London Bombings of 7th July 2005
As part of BBC2's Conspiracy Files strand BBC Television at White City have produced an hour long documentary into the London Bombings of 7th July 2005. The Series Producer is Mike Rudin.

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Global Chalk4Peace

17-09-2008 19:32

Chalk4Peace has had phenomenal success. All you need to start is chalk...Make your mark and people will join in.

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Insane Terrorism Drill: Animal Rights Activists With Hostages

17-09-2008 18:03

Animal rights terrorism drill at UC Berkeley.

A terrorism scenario in the nation’s largest homeland security drill involved animal rights activists holding hostages, at gun point.


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Energy gap

17-09-2008 15:39

In a privately-funded report, self-styled energy expert Ian Fells claims only coal and nuclear can fill the energy gap and that energy security is more important than stabililisng climate. Who financed the report?

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U.S. Risks Catastrophic Defeat in Pakistan

17-09-2008 10:48

The U.S. is risking "incalculable" consequences with its raids into Pakistan, the only Muslim nation with an atomic arsenal. Pakistan is the least hospital place for American troops, a nation where "Osama bin Laden is infinitely more popular than George Bush." If Washington continues to violate Pakistan's borders, it might get "run out of South Asia on a rail."

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Comiso 1983 - Sicily

17-09-2008 00:36

new pictures
For the first time new images (also in color) in a short movie.

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Protest against War: 20th September

15-09-2008 08:59

Demonstrate against War at the Labour Party conference.
Show them what democracy looks like
Show them what democracy sounds like

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Baluch deplore pro-Al Qaeda rallies in New York

15-09-2008 07:11

Rape victim Shazia Khalid--Picture courtesy CBC
An opposition Baluch group said it believes a spate of rallies by Pakistanis living in New York that support the global objectives of Al Qaeda. The solution lies in balkanization of Pakistan and freeing Baluchistan. Picture shows Shazia Khalid, who was raped by a Pakistani army officer Captain Hammad. Pakistanis did nothing about getting her justice, but silenced her and sent her overseas

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Rallies in Support of Al Qaeda in New York Deplored

14-09-2008 16:37

Dr. Shazia Khalid, who was raped by Pakistan army Captain Mohammad Hammad.
Pakistanis in New York have been staging rallies in support of Aafia Siddiqi, an alleged member of the Al Qaeda. On Saturday, they staged a demonstration against U.S. raids on the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

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13.09.08 Seven-day long US Embassy demo

14-09-2008 13:49

UK, London. Grosvenor Square, 7-day US Embassy demo. 2008.
Images from the '7 days and 7 nights for 7 years' demo outside the US Embassy in London.
This was organised by 'We Are Change UK & TruthAction London', two groups who dispute the commonly-held idea that the final fall of the twin towers was caused by the two terrorist planes alone.
(The '7 days' theme was to coincide with the 7th anniversary of 9/11.)

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The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: The Definitive Treatment of 9/11 (a book review)

14-09-2008 09:09

In THE NEW PEARL HARBOR REVISITED, David Ray Griffin provides a brilliant and much-needed companion to his path-breaking and movement-building book on 9/11, The New Pearl Harbor (NPH; 2004). Now, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of those horrific events, Griffin surveys in detail all the main lines of evidence against the official account of 9/11 to have emerged during the last four years.

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13.09.08 'Free the Cuban five' demo images

13-09-2008 23:44

UK, London. 'Free the Cuban five' demo, Trafalgar Square. 2008
Images from the demonstration organised by the National Committee to free the 'Cuban Five', on the north pavement of Trafalgar square, London, on 13.09.08.
The 'Cuban Five' are five Cuban nationals, imprisoned in 2001 on much-disputed allegations of spying against the USA. Many Cubans and their supporters believe they were actually gathering intelligence about possible terrorist acts against Cuba.

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9/11, The global Peace Strike, the Peace Plan and Dr Aafia Siddiqui in pictures.

13-09-2008 12:30

The World Peace Strike.
Seven years after the destruction of the World Trade Center complex in the United States, peace campaigners gather in London to mark the event with a series of protests exploring how the event has come to dominate every area of modern-day life here in the UK.