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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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President Obama: War Criminal in Waiting

25-01-2009 17:05

A discussion on the false dawn that is the Obama presidency and his article Barack Obama: War Criminal in Waiting with Mykal Change from We Are Change London. This raw uncut recording was made before the recent Israeli assault and invasion of Gaza.

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End the Blockade of Gaza protest, London - pictures.

25-01-2009 11:56

Biased Broadcasting Corporation.
Thousands gather in London to protest the ongoing blockade of Gaza a week after the impromptu withdrawal of the Israeli military from its neighbour.

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The BBC Refuses To Broadcast Gaza Charity Appeal (a letter of concern)

25-01-2009 10:06

Dear Everyone
I am really sorry to be writing with this information to send to any of you about this but I am writing because knowledge of events can help prevent killing and atrocities in countries like Gaza and Sri Lanka. I am writing as just rejecting news black outs (censorship) can help people who are being killed, tortured or suffering from other forms of devastation.

As an example of news black outs used to organise mass killing - The successful news black out of the Nixon (Kissinger led) and Callaghan Governments, who were working in conjunction with the Chinese allowed secret US B52 bombardment on twice the level of Hiroshima in Cambodia. This laid the path for the asian hitler Pol Pot to be born. The people of Cambodia then suffered mass starvation when our own Government along with others including the International Red Cross refused to put together a humanitarian and food aid programme after the torture and destruction of the country's agriculture and civil society by the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot. At this time, journalist John Pilger produced an award winning documentary which told us what had happened and this helped the people of Cambodia enormously.

We as citizens of the world can prevent this happening in our time by simply being aware of what is happening to our fellow citizens across the world and telling our friends and refusing to accept news black outs on our own supposedly free news network. Please could everyone read about what the press is not telling us about what is happening in Gaza and Sri Lanka as you will be amazed about the impact this has.

1 The BBC is censoring Gaza aid appeals and selectively broadcasting. UN buildings as well as schools and hospitals have been destoryed and 89% of Gaza’s 1.5 million residents have received no humanitarian aid since Israel began its assault (see media lens news below for further information)
2 The Sri Lankan Government is waging a war of Genocide against Tamil people using cluster bombs. In the last month alone, Tamil groups say that 300,000 people have been displaced through internal continuous bombardment. Furthermore, cluster bombs are being used. Cluster bombs rain down deadly bomblets on an area the size of a football field with six bombs falling in every 1,000 square feet. Similarly to Cambodia bodies of people killed and tortured are being found on the river Jaffna and many other awful atrocities are taking place. I do not have any further information on what is happening in Sri Lanka but I understand this website has been created for those who may want to know more. please see for more information. The black out in Sri Lanka extends to NGOs and even the UN Human Rights Council

I would also be grateful if people would consider passing this information on but understand if you do not feel you can. I am not asking people to donate as I know the Tsunami aid money was not used to help victims and the audit systems have still not told us how this money was administered by the Disaster Emergency Committee. I would not donate to anyone other than Médecins Sans Frontières who refused to accept Tsunami money after the emergency work was concluded. Indeed, Naomi Klein has documented the use of aid money on what she calls the Disaster Economy but

Thank you in advance and sorry for disturbing any of you.

Peace and love

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Donate online to the DEC's Gaza Crisis nowDonate Now: Gaza Crisis

25-01-2009 08:34

The situation
After an 18 month blockade of Gaza and three weeks of heavy shelling the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is now completely overwhelming.

Thousands of people are struggling to survive with many having lost their homes and most down to their last supplies of food and only limited amounts of fresh drinking water.

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Protest over BBC Gaza appeal veto

25-01-2009 08:13

A demonstration will be held to protest against the BBC's decision not to broadcast an appeal for aid to the people of Gaza. It is being organised by the Disasters Emergency Committee - an umbrella group for some of the big charities. Politician Tony Benn discusses why he will be attending the protest outside BBC Broadcasting House.

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Montreal: professors and university employees call for Israel boycott

25-01-2009 07:54

We are a group of teachers and employees at Quebec colleges and universities who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and with the people of Gaza who have suffered through the Israeli siege as targets of Israel’s brutal military attack. It will take more than ceasefires to bring a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel. We are acting in response to an appeal for support issued January 2, 2009 by the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees. In the wake of the Israeli bombing of the Islamic University of Gaza, the Federation of Unions has urged academics around the world to support a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

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Photos: Sheffield March Against Israel's Attack on Gaza

24-01-2009 22:39

Photos from the march from Ellesmere Green to Devonshire Green held on Saturday 24th January 2009 to protest against Israel's Attack on Gaza.

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Eyewitness Report From Gaza: 'Yesterday and Tomorrow'

24-01-2009 20:10

Yesterday and Tomorrow
Saturday 24th January by Ewa Jasiewicz

We're like trees, we have our roots and they allow us to grow, little by little, we grow up and then they cut us down. But, whatever they throw at us, whatever they do to us, we are still here and we will still be here – Om Bassim, Jabaliya Camp, January 2009

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Guantanamo: "The iguanas have more protection than the human prisoners."

24-01-2009 15:17

The Cageprisoners Tour, which marks the seventh year since Guantanamo Bay was opened, arrived in Liverpool on 22nd January. Of the three speakers, Moazzam Begg and Omar Deghayes were prisoners there. The third, Chris Arendt, was a prison guard.

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Demo about Heckler & Koch weapons activities, Market Square in Nottingham

22-01-2009 20:14

12.30pm on Thursday 22th January, people had gathered at the Council House Steps in Market Square, to protest about the activities of the gun manufacturer, Heckler & Koch. Offices of the company are based at Unit 3, Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham.

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Ex-Guantanamo Guard and Prisoner Roadtrip Across UK

22-01-2009 14:53

Former Guantanamo guard Chris Arendt and former prisoner Moazzam Begg are traveling across the UK together on a speaking tour. But the most interesting conversations aren't happening onstage -- they're happening between the two former foes in the back of the minivan. Follow along with their trip.

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410 children killed by Israel in Gaza (by Latuff)

22-01-2009 11:53

410 children killed by Israel in Gaza
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the valiant Palestinian people and their struggle for survive US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Lloyds TSB blocks aid to Gaza

22-01-2009 10:51

Lloyds TSB threatens Islamic Bank of Britain with withdrawal of its services as a clearing bank unless they agree to closure of Interpal's account. Chairman of LLoyds TSB, Sir Victor Blank, has some interesting interests! What you can do to protest.

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Gaza! (by Latuff)

22-01-2009 08:56

Artwork I made for the Israel Apartheid Week. Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle for survive U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Refusenik update – a letter from Courage to Refuse

22-01-2009 08:50

Refusenik update – a letter from Courage to Refuse
To members of Friends of Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Vanessa Marlowe
January 21 at 11:20pm

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Petition for the Creation of a Special Tribunal to try Israeli War Criminals

22-01-2009 08:20


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Noam Chomsky: exterminate all the brutes

22-01-2009 02:07

Noam Chomsky writes about the latest attacks on Gaza.

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Ban Ki-moon (by Latuff)

21-01-2009 22:09

Ban Ki-moon
Editorial cartoon, to be published in the bulletin of FISENGE (Federacao Interestadual de Sindicatos de Engenheiros), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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George Bush dies peacefully in his sleep

21-01-2009 13:58

WASHINGTON—George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States of America, passed away painlessly in his sleep Monday night, White House sources confirmed.

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Julie Burchill: A fan of George Bush

21-01-2009 11:56

On Sunday Julie Burchill wrote in the Sun about what a great president Bush had been.