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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Lakenheath 8 go to trial over 2 years later..

11-11-2008 16:44

SOCPA at USAF Lakenheath.
On 3rd November 2008 the Lakenheath 8 had their final pre-trial review. The trial will take place from December 1st - 4th at Ipswich Crown Court, two years and two months after their taking action to prevent more innocent victims in the continuing bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan undertaken by US planes from USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. . (Crown court applies to the venue, not this trial, which will be heard by a District Judge).
On the 2nd October 2006, 8 people cut the fence ran into the US military base and locked themselves to the gate of the Special Munitions Store at RAF Lakenheath in order to stop the use of those weapons and in order to secure evidence of War Crimes.

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Why Does the Media Lie? - Milan Rai

11-11-2008 08:47

‘Why Does the Media Lie? - Applying the Chomsky/Herman Propaganda Model to the British Media’ - Talk and discussion with Milan Rai.

Thursday 27th Nov, 7pm, Room LG 19 Trent Building.

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737 demands for legal procedure signed by italian lifers presented in Bruxelles

10-11-2008 18:27

Florence, the 6th of November 2008
> On the morning of the 4th of November 2008 a delegation of the
> ‘Liberarsi’ association symbolically presented various European
> Parliamentarians in Brussels with a copy of the 737 demands for
> of procedures, as undersigned by the corresponding number of life
> prisoners now detained in over forty prisons across Italy, who are
> asking for life detention to be abolished.

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The surveillance state

10-11-2008 16:02

North Camp Station
The state is monitoring and controlling every aspect of our lives.

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Deportation to Afghanistan from London and Paris

09-11-2008 22:19

Is there anybody having some onformations about a charter departing from London and going to Paris, then to Kabul?

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09-11-2008 00:28

Tens of millions of people want a new direction. The question is whether they can be organized to fight for it.

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Escalating U.S. Attacks Stir Opposition and Outrage in Pakistan

08-11-2008 09:25

Awami Mazahmat
Secular-minded workers, students, professionals, and concerned citizens joined a mass protest in the streets of Karachi, demanding an immediate end to the deadly raids by U.S. forces on Pakistani villages from bases in Afghanistan. The current U.S. policy of shifting combat focus from Iraq to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, apparently backed by both Republicans and Democrats, is galvanizing Pakistani public opinion decisively against the U.S. (Photos by Abira Ashfaq and Faris)

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07-11-2008 03:17

"The basic difference is going to be style."

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Afghans in Calais to be mass deported on Anglo/French charter flights

06-11-2008 13:51

This is a the latest result of anglo/french cooperation. As both countries sacrifice the lives of their soldiers in a war they cannot win. The victims of that war will be deported back into harm's way without ever exercising their right to asylum. Its worth remembering that its the Dublin 2 convention that gives the green light for this

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06-11-2008 01:22

"Obama will be able to work with his European allies to do a better job of selling the war to skeptical publics."

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Reel News Nov 9 Film Show: Argentina in Revolt re-released

04-11-2008 22:07


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Direction of a “Civilian National Security Force” under Obama?

04-11-2008 21:34

Could Americans control the direction a civilian national security force might take under Obama? How would local police interact with a "civilian national security force” that is just as powerful as the U.S. Military?

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NYCLAW Antiwar Digest -- 11.04.08

04-11-2008 18:29

Election Day Reality Check

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9/11: New Footage of the Implosion of WTC7

04-11-2008 14:53


A new video has been released (attached), from sources unknown, of the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 on September 11th 2001. Previous videos of the collapse ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ) were from angles that didn't show the lower section of the building as clearly as this new one does.

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Richard Gage AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in London (6th)

04-11-2008 14:48

500 Architects & Engineers Demand a New Investigation into 9/11

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02nov - two men arrested for illegal socpa protest

04-11-2008 13:06

two men were arrested at downing street on sunday 2nd november for protesting without permission. they were left wondering why there was only two of them when all activists should unite to break this silly law.

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Bristol Squatter Speaks Out About Eviction Resistance

04-11-2008 01:22

Hello, my name is Sam, one of the people living in 87 Ashley Road, St Paul’s, Bristol.

Firstly thank you very much to the large number of people from the local community who came down to show their support and resist the eviction attempt last Tuesday (28.10.08).

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NYCLAW Antiwar Digest (11.02.08)

02-11-2008 20:41

"There is one agenda, and whoever holds the [president's] chair will continue the other's job."

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The Second Peace Procession and Peace Plan, London - Pictures.

02-11-2008 19:53

The Peace Procession assembles.
The second London Peace Procession and Peace Plan takes place in London to hand in to the British Government a demand that it bring troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and to sue for peace to end the so-called War on Terror.

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Obama in Iraq

02-11-2008 15:31

The following article, posted to Red Pepper's 'Change We Can Believe In?' blog on Obama might be of interest to readers. It's by Ewa Jasiewicz and on what an Obama/Biden presidency might mean for Iraq.