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02nov - two men arrested for illegal socpa protest

reason | 04.11.2008 13:06 | SOCPA | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War

two men were arrested at downing street on sunday 2nd november for protesting without permission. they were left wondering why there was only two of them when all activists should unite to break this silly law.

one man was holding a piece of paper with the words "this is illegal" & a tshirt with the slogan "investigate 911". the other man was holding various messages including "more pay for police" (which got a few giggles). 2 americans asked to be photographed holding the signs and this flagrant flouting of the law was ignored by the police.

they were first approached by 3 pcsos who asked them to move on and then, on further instruction, to go and break the law over the road where authorised protests are permitted. then 2 policemen arrived saying that the option of breaking the law over the road was no longer available. there was some debate and several requests to move on. then, on further instruction, they were again given the option to break the law over the road. this offer was declined by both men and after about 30mins of discussion they were arrested, handcuffed & taken to belgraveyard police station (belgravia as it's commonly known to police, as it's not usually that busy).

one man refused to give any details and was to be remanded in custody to face court in the morning. he was also not allowed his 'sealed' food or book as the custody sergeant couldn't perform a safety assessment without the suspect confirming his identity.
one handcuff refused to open and the man was slightly injured in releasing himself from the cuff using soapy water. he was informed that the handcuff maker had gone bust!
the other man gave his name/dob with 'no fixed abode'. it was thought that he would also have to stay overnight to face court in the morning. no fingerprints or dna were taken as they were told it was not a recordable offence. the man who refused to confirm his details, did so later after deciding that he was not currently prepared to see it all the way through to a prison sentence for not confirming his details. this was synchronistically or telepathically decided around the time that his colleague was bailed, even though he had no idea that this had happened! both men were later bailed to appear at horseferry magistrates court on 12 November and agreed to the bail condition of "not entering the city of westminster before the court date".




05.11.2008 22:33

one man was charged with organising and the other with participation. the 'investigate 911' tshirt was not admitted as evidence and was said to be a 'fashion accessory' by the arresting officer.

it is thought that the man charged with participation will refuse to enter a contract with the court (as detailed at if this fails his defence will be that he was trying to prevent the ongoing commission of genocide & war crimes by the uk government under sections 51 & 52 of the International Criminal Court Act 2001 (british law).