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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Please write to peace pisoner Gabriel Carlyle -sentenced today/HMP Lewes tonight

21-03-2012 18:36

Gabriel Carlyle, HMP Lewes, Brighton Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1EA

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Afghanistan: US-Army-Terroristen !

21-03-2012 12:18

20 US Soldaten am US Massaker in Afghanistan beteiligt .......... Karzai hat die US Besatzungstruppen bereits aufgefordert, das Land zu verlassen. Das ist der Megagau, wenn die selber durch Wahlbetrug installierte Marionette des Westens sich gegen die einstigen Verbündeten stellt. Untersuchungskommission bestätigt, dass bis zu 20 US Soldaten an dem Massaker an Freuen und Kindern in Afghanistan beteiligt waren. Zudem drohen nach dem Mord an 16 Dorfbewohnern in der vergangenen Woche afghanische Abgeordnete, die ausländischen Streitkräfte im Land zu Besatzungstruppen zu erklären und aktiv zu bekämpfen. Entgegen der bisherigen Darstellung hatte nicht ein US Soldat im Rahmen eines Amoklaufes 16 Zivilisten im Schlaf erschossen sondern es waren ungefähr 20 US Soldaten an diesem gezielten Massaker beteiligt.

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London’s ‘Syria Global March’ - 17th March 2012

20-03-2012 19:20

'Syria Global March' Procession, London 17 03 12
On 17th March 2012, a global people’s march was called to commemorate the first anniversary of the Syrian Revolution with a demand to ‘an end the slaughter & carnage of innocent people by a barbaric regime.’ A video featuring conversations with Mohammed, the son of a Syrian Muslim Brotherhood member and a demonstrator, the procession and speeches from the day can be viewed here -

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Claiming Responsibility For Recent Counterattacks

20-03-2012 12:53

Palestinian Child
"The child that is hungry must be fed, the child that is sick must be nursed, the child that is backward must be helped, the delinquent child must be reclaimed, and the orphan and the waif must be sheltered and succored." - Israel in settling lands and dropping bombs on Palestine regularly violates these rights - one law for the rich one law for the poor?

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RSVP - Mon 09 APRIL 1400hrs - Come Celebrate the launch of Veterans for Peace UK

20-03-2012 09:28

Veterans for Peace UK - Our Stories, Our Aims, Our Actions.

Celebrate the launch of Veterans for Peace UK.
Easter Monday 09 April 2012 1400hrs (2pm)
Come and hear veterans speak the truth about war.

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His story told by his mother .......

20-03-2012 00:10

His story told by his mother: Ayoub Asalya, 12 years old, killed by an Israeli missile ........

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16 March: Report from US Embassy Vigil for Bradley Manning, London

18-03-2012 14:35

On Friday March 16th, twenty-five people gathered around the demands of "Free Bradley Manning! Drop the Charges" at the U.S. embassy. Friday was the second day of a pre-trial hearing at a military tribunal held at Ft. Meade, Maryland U.S.A. Manning faces 23 charges in relation to cables exposing U.S. war crimes published by WikiLeaks and other major news outlets including the Guardian and New York Times. One charge carries the death penalty, others could mean life imprisonment.

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast: Episode 1 – Syria, Libya, Iran

16-03-2012 19:19

During a screening of The Crisis of Civilization in Cambridge, Dean Puckett and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed had a one hour, in-depth chat about the current situation in Syria, Libya and Iran – and about the West’s response to the Arab Spring.

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Anniversary of Kurdish town poison gas attack

16-03-2012 15:27

Kurdish massacare
A genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people that took place on March 16, 1988, during the closing days of the Iran–Iraq War, when chemical weapons were used by the Iraqi government forces in the Kurdish town of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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GCHQ complicit in Murder.

15-03-2012 20:55

Civilian staff at GCHQ risk being prosecuted for war crimes as a result of a legal action started on Monday 12th March

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What Gave Rise to the EDL?

13-03-2012 16:55

Failure to oppose British armed forces on their role in Afghanistan provided opening for EDL

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Israel's Rogue Killing Machine

13-03-2012 13:53

Israel's entire history reflects depraved, out-of-control targeted and mass killings. Days of unrelenting bombing, murdering and injuring Gazans shows its contempt for law and human life. Netanyahu exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon and other rogue Israeli leaders. Gideon Levy says Israel never had one like him before. He governs by deceit, mocks the peace process, and reflects extreme racist hate for Arabs. Murdering Gazans shows why. So did his comment saying he'll kill as many more as he wishes "as long as necessary" to achieve his degenerate aims. Four merciless bombing days left at least 25 dead and dozens injured, many seriously. Civilians, including children were victimized. Washington expressed support. ........

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Anarchist insurrectionary news update

13-03-2012 12:33

Hamburg: banks attacked in solidarity with Greek revolt // Buenos Aires: bomb attack on criminal court by Indomitable Nucleus For the Spread of the Fire / FAI // Savoy & Lyon: rail sabotage in solidarity with No TAV struggle // Rome: bomb attack on bank by Anti-Social Nucleus / FAI // Santiago: Riots after International Womens Day March // San Fransisco: Anarchists attack Greek consulate // Buenos Aires: communique from Friends of the Earth / FAI for luxury car arsons // Sydney: anarchists vandalise bank in memory of anarchist urban guerilla Lambros Foundas

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Israel initiates bloodbath on Gaza

12-03-2012 23:09

Israel initiates bloodbath on Gaza
Israel initiates bloodbath on Gaza… which continues 4 days later ... As Gaza endures its 4th day of intense bombing from Israeli F-16s, V58 fighter planes, Apache helicopters, UAVs and warships, please take the time to look at these websites and read these key articles: Ali Abunimah: “Mowing the lawn” ... On Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza and the lies behind it: Israel provoked this violence and according to some Israeli commentators its goals are to escalate pressure for war with Iran and to drag Hamas away from diplomacy and back into violence. .......

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Menwith Hill: Lifiting the Lid and Occupying

12-03-2012 22:18

Yorkshire CND have published a new report about the secret US spy base at Menwith Hill and on April 17th there is a protest to Occupy Menwith Hill, starting at 11am.

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Cambridge Vigil Marks 400th UK Afghan War Casualty

11-03-2012 23:18

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday March 10th 2012) in Cambridge Market Square, a small but poignant display appeared for just an hour to mark a milestone event which the mainstream media have chosen not to report.

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AUSTRALIA - Catholic Workers in court for blockading Gallipoli Barracks

10-03-2012 16:19

Gallipoli Barracks, pesently undergoing a $770 million refit, is located in Enoggera, Brisbane has been serving up Australian cannon fodder for British and U.S. wars since 1908.

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"Crimes of the 1%" conference March 17th Friends House

10-03-2012 15:16

Crimes Of The One Percent - 2nd State And Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference
March 17th 2012, Saturday 9.30 - 5pm,
Friends house, Euston, London NW1
Speakers: Ellen Brown, Daniele Ganser (skype), Nafeez Ahemed, David Southwell, Peter Challen, Martin Summers, Ian Henshall, (others tbc)

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Resisting Israeli Oppression Courageously

09-03-2012 17:00

On March 8, women worldwide commemorate International Women's Day. It celebrates over a century of economic, political, and social achievements. This year for Palestinians, Hana Shalabi's hunger strike for justice is highlighted. After three weeks, it's taken a toll. Nonetheless, she's determined to resist Israel's lawless arrest, detention, torture, and degrading treatment. Since arrested on February 16, she's only ingested water. However, for the past five days, extreme nausea prevents her from drinking more than 1.5 liters daily. .......