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Claiming Responsibility For Recent Counterattacks

Mavi | 20.03.2012 12:53 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Terror War

"The child that is hungry must be fed, the child that is sick must be nursed, the child that is backward must be helped, the delinquent child must be reclaimed, and the orphan and the waif must be sheltered and succored." - Israel in settling lands and dropping bombs on Palestine regularly violates these rights - one law for the rich one law for the poor?

Palestinian Child
Palestinian Child

We express our grievance, though to some we have said abhorrence, at the recent killings of Jewish schoolchildren. We do not believe that attacks upon the child can ever be justified, for children have solidarity with children and will grow up filled with hatred for non-Jews due to this.

We do however claim responsibility for a counterattack against a racist Rabbi in Geneva.

Here is our manifesto, and in the picture is our reasoning.


- The Second Communique Of The Revolutionary Organization Phosphorous -

- We Are A Militant Organization Against The Zionist Oppression Armed With The Traditional Weapons Of The Tribal Peoples Of Palestine -

- Our Members Are Willing To Give Their Lives For The Cause Of Palestine But We Not Support Collateral Murder i.e. mass attacks in Europe for the reason that they cause greater counterreaction -


The aim of our founding is to resist the attacks of Zionist Israel against the people of Palestine and of the Imperialist USA against the people of Afghanistan.

These attacks are illegal under the Geneva convention, hence we are a Human Rights Organisation.

We do not support the right of a minority of people to call themselves a ‘Master Race’, we are Goy and Proud and fully in support of the rights of women, such as the right not to be circumcised.

There is no obstacle which we are not willing and able to surmount in our struggle for liberation, therefore we lay our cards upon the table.


The bombing of Palestinian peoples with multiple salvoes of White Phosphorous munitions during Israel’s War on Gaza is not justifiable, this substance burns people’s skin off whilst they are alive and no number of US-invented animal-abusing studies will convince us otherwise.

The blockading of the Gazan peoples within a concentration camp, firstly, and secondly the general blockade on Africa which is the modern system of borders we oppose, we support the freedom to travel and we are all free to travel.

The destruction of people’s homes and livelihoods by the opposition between narrow-minded Hamas fanatics and violent murderous Israelis, we oppose.

The taking of the lives of 9 foreign activists, eight of whom were Turkish nationals and the final of whom was a national of another country terrified to speak up against Israel, we believe should bring major international pressure from the European countries on Israel to cease from such abominable tactics.

The constant destruction of the wilderness by major corporations, which is an abuse of Natural Rights we do not support in any respect and call for it to be put a stop to by any means including sabotage.


The question was asked, we are the answer.

We see that the population has learned today that unemployment amongst black males in the land of England has reached 55%

Such a figure illuminates what a massive degree of corruption and racism remains unexposed within a system which claims to be multicultural.

Yet the countries who were a part of the Colonialism-Empire-Imperialism complex continue an economic and psychic genocide against African in the form of capitalism and it’s culture.

Babylon is the repressive complex of the white man designed to assert his power through various forms of subversive advertising, yes radicals take claim to the phrase ‘subvertising’ yet we claim that advertising in itself is subversive.

The USA is the centre of this brainwashing which leads the people, black or white, into believing that the hip-hop culture of guns and drugs is a worthy way to spend ya life.

The Babylon society which created the gold in the first place whores out the black man, making slaves, despite claims that it is they who escaped slavery by great internal wars.

Fuck Israel! Free The People Of Gaza!


School - the point at which false consciousness begins to be instilled in the minds of the youth, thereby filling them with foolish ideas which lead to their later internment with the system of

Work - where they are forced to labour for the benefit of a master class who believe themselves a kind of ‘Chosen Race’ just due to having so much gold and power over armies etc, keeping in the chains of

Prison - all those who do not comply with the orders of the imperialist complex, thereby creating generations of revolutionary martyrs waiting to strike back and potentially destroy the society

With what?

Moral corruption, an insane chaotic bloodbath in which the present powers of the airwaves are driven to desolate places and their eyes torn out and eaten by the people, the end of some vast portion of the mighty and powerful in one terrible night time raid in which they are injected with horrific psychoactive substances procured en masse by some Islamic terrorist group.

We do not wish to see this happen.


Mumia Abu Jamal, imprisoned as a young man for expressing the sentiments of a nation, is set free.

Horst Mahler, imprisoned as an old man for expressing his own sincerely-held beliefs, is set free.

Wang Bingzhang, imprisoned for resisting the brutal totalitarian communism of China, is set free.

The inmates of a certain notorious jail on the soil of another communist country must be released in accordance with the guarantee of the tenant.

Conventionally it is illegal in Geneva for Phosphor to attack
A one-eyed man and his long suffering wife stand by the sea
His wife says "do you not struggle to be happy looking through one eye?"
He says "perhaps, but then people often die, probably thanks to people like me
And still ICC"



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