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USA 'trying to occupy Haiti'

vast minority | 18.01.2010 18:32 | Globalisation | Terror War | World

THE USA is trying to occupy Haiti instead of helping it after last week's massive earthquake.

That is the view of a French government minister, who said the UN would have to clarify the Americans' role on the island.

Reported The Times: "Thousands of American soldiers have poured in to Port-au-Prince airport since President Obama announced that he was ordering a 'swift and aggressive' campaign to help millions of Haitians left homeless by last week's 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

"Six days after the quake, however, precious little aid is getting beyond the airport perimeters - largely because of security concerns - and aid agencies with long experience of operating in disaster zones have complained that their flights in are being blocked unnecessarily.

"Among the aircraft turned back by American air traffic controllers who have assumed control at Port-au-Prince airport was a French government Airbus carrying a field hospital.

"The plane was able to land the following day but the decision to turn it back prompted an official complaint from Alain Joyandet, the French Minister for Co-operation who is overseeing the French aid effort.

"Speaking to Europe 1 radio from an EU ministerial meeting in Brussels this morning, Mr Joyandet said that the UN would have to clarify the role of the US in the Haitian aid effort. 'It's a matter of helping Haiti, not occupying Haiti,' he said.

Venezuelan president Hugh Chavez has also criticised US 'humanitarian' efforts in Haiti, reported the Press Association.

"It appears the gringos are militarily occupying Haiti," Mr Chavez said. "Obama, send medicine, doctors and water - not more soldiers."

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