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Terrorist graffiti at London Army Recruitment Centre?

a student | 10.12.2004 11:36 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | Terror War | London

Small group blocked the entry to Charing Cross, London, Army Recruitment Centre this morning with banner and fliers to amuse the commuters.

Early this morning a banner, and lockon appeared in front of the Army Recruitment Centre on the Strand. The lock on didn't last for very long (about 15 minutes), but the banner lasted a little longer (an hour) before everyone got cold and went and had a coffee.

The protest was against the contined occupation of Iraq, and Britain's complicity in the actions there. The banner read 'Refuse to Fight. Solidarity with the Iraqi people.' The fliers - whose text will hopefully go up later - explained in more detail some of the things going on in Iraq at the moment and how the UK troops are responsible for the continuation of the occupation.

People were either happy to see us or too focused on their commute to really notice anything other than the bus stop.

The group's bags were searched under the terrorism act allegedly because we might have spray cans to write 'terrorist graffiti', unfortunately the police officer declined to write that on our stop and search forms, instead just writing that he'd been looking for 'articles related to terrorism', which is a shame!

a student


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