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Police Farce Belgravia - Absolute Bollocks!

Charity Sweet | 13.01.2008 19:11 | SOCPA | History | Repression | Terror War | London | World

Same shit, different day.
Same shit, different country.
Same old shit no matter how you slice it or dice it.
Corruption is an ugly state of democracy.

How fucked off am I?

Well, let me vent a little bit of my frustration.

Late yesterday afternoon, I received a text message from Barbara Tucker saying that Mr. Brian W. Haw and Steve Jago, amongst 5 others, had been arrested... battered was the word she omitted.

We rely heavily upon each other as protesters for peace taking on the war machine, and when the call goes out for help, we come running. Loyalty to what we believe is what unites us and is a bond that is not built on money. We do what we do for the love of the children and to protect their future which makes us an unstoppable, most formidable force.

I arrived at Belgravia police station and to my surprise, it is now full to the brim with the same old corrupt officers from Charing Cross and the West end police stations alike. How many of the same old corrupt pieces of shit did we spot? I guess there was so much filth happening at Charing Cross, they had to move shop... kind of like a drug dealers house being pegged, except the Met are the offenders of democracy, bending the law like Beckham - bastards.

Seven peaceful people were arrested around 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, at Golden boy Brown's gates to hell - 10 Downing Street.

My new nickname for that loathsome despicable piece of shit gives reference to his fondness of heroin and not that he is anyone or anything special - can the people have a hair analysis please?

After many hours of calling down to the custody suite endlessly for information, my mates were eventually interviewed.

Funny how it reminded me of when we four were assaulted and arrested on the stoop of Westminster MAGGOTS Courts after wiping the floor on July 9, 2007 with those bastards, with help from two CPS lawyers who were witnesses in the trial from an assault from another day and were further witnesses to this fresh assault on the day.

On that day, while in custody, we were duly informed by honest dummy police officer that they were reviewing all CCTV BEFORE writing out their evidence and actions books - highly irregular if not completely corrupt. I bet they tried their best yesterday to create a story to fit their bullshit that might somehow relate to CCTV footage.

Steve was released around 11:00 p.m. and it was clearly obvious that he had been assaulted - the shiner on his right eye from the goomba officer's KNEE was a dead give away.

Barbara and I both had a lot to say to officers present, in highly colourful language, regarding the condition of our mate after being in police custody. Various muppets from Belgravia threatened to arrest us with breech of the peace and obstructing - their usual bullshit; that didn't stop us.

Brian was released around 4:00 a.m. and his face and wrist told the tale. They always attack his left hand - the one he writes with - coincidence?

A very good video of Brian stepping back and asshole MET officer lunging forward and assaulting him so fiercely that he smashed Brian's Camera into his face and busted the battery pack, is waiting to be revealed...THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!

While Brian was trying to make a complaint to an officer regarding just being freshly assaulted, he was arrested for breach of the peace to cover up their crimes. Absolute BOLLOCKS! When the police decide they need to steal Brian's evidence against them i.e. Brian's camera that was pulverised into his face which would clearly show exactly what said piece of shit officer did, you know they have something to hide.

They claim it is their evidence and wouldn't it be coincidental if his film was erased?

Hard Shit. We have more film and many photos of police brutality from yesterday. The police really shouldn't be pinching other people's evidence and they seem to have a habit of it - May 23, 2006, 78 MET idiots stole 45 metres of Brian's evidence of infanticide, genocide, murder, rape and torture at a cost of not £27,000 (first lie), but well over £100,000.00 of the tax-payers pounds. That would be the same evidence that Mark Wallinger recreated and won the Turner Prize for; the same evidence that Tony commented on his visit to the Tate and was quoted by Sir Nick of the Tate Britain as saying, "I though we got rid of that."

Brian is taking the Met Police Chief Thief to court for theft and the best those idiots can offer up is the 1967 Criminal Law Act, section 3, subsection 1. They believe this justifies their use of force to prevent an offence.

What was Brian's offence?

Being exempt from Tony's and now Golden boy's bullshit gag order on free speech a.k.a. SOCPA - the serious organised crime and police act, as he was in Parliament Square before the law was written especially for him?

Participating in a democracy?

Being in a place of public access?

Living, breathing, being?

Funny how Barbara and Brian are in trial tomorrow at Southwark Crown Court making CASE LAW in England on contempt of court, regarding the corruption of CITY OF WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATES' COURTS and DISTRICT JUDGE NICHOLAS EVANS (scumbag who first heard case regarding Mr. Ahmad and his extradition to America. Chappie argued that all the evidence against him was obtained under torture and DJ Evans was perfectly happy with that - BASTARD!)

And folks wonder why I feel the need to rant when fascism is the name of the game called British politics???

Back to the story at hand... tomorrow, when Babs and Brian are making case law and Judge Rivlin is not going to be able to square this shit for his Masonic buddies no matter how hard he tries, they will already have highlighted and been given on a silver platter the most beautiful evidence regarding Politically motivated police, judges and CPS.

The state in general is corrupt and those idiots have given us all the evidence to prove their crimes - dummies.

War crimes ring any bells?

The Statutes of Rome, article 25 and individual criminal responsibility for war crimes against humanity make any sense to those who opposed the Nazi regime?

Brian was released around 4:00 a.m. and the rest is going to be history on Monday.

I cordially invite anyone who cares about the state of our democracy to attend Southwark Crown Court on Monday and Tuesday as you can rest assured that the fur is flying behind the scenes and the feathers are going to be pulled out of the states backside - one by one.

How much evidence do we have? Wouldn't they like to know...

Charity Sweet XXX

Charity Sweet
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