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Upsidedown begging bowls! Spititual traditions reject the "Muggers" Tithe: Burma

M plus plus plus plus | 26.09.2007 15:05 | Globalisation | Other Press | Terror War | London | South Coast

recent NEWS . . . . monks take casualties to shield people, to protect future free thought, to keep the integrity of parents, mothers mothers, fathers fathers, to break the "western" media shrug-blockade.

Demos at embassy - easy access - loads of tubes, buses etc,(google Burma Embassy location)
Pressure good - of serious sorts - see comment with "time for movement against war to evolve"-
"voice of democracy burma" also has background.
"boom, boom" - people ARE dying - but - ACT.
Open door - push. Despite the "media-opinion-influencers" doomgloom-crusade that is something we should all expect, then see past, this IS a moment for burma, etc. In burma the armed forces high-ups must have a mix of opinions about all this - they did ALLOW that democratic election in recent times - despite reneging upon its results - so if they are encouraged to listen - forced to listen - to people saying they should come to some accomodation with the democratic forces - but allowed a way out of the current-dictatorship situation too, a responsible, bounce-back global popular bit of effort, with imagination, acceleration, etc, then GLOBAL peoplepower should work.
Without ruling out actual armed intervention, with the actual or tacit support of china - perhaps with the involvement of china too - of a multi-national force - several different SHARP economic measures are possible that dont harm the poulation, or are so fast in effect, that , say, with fooddrops etc the iraq disaster of almost deliberately stupid economic measures could teach us how to do it a different way. But all the actual gravytrain corporate types in the west - or "offshore tax havens" as most are these days - shouldnt get away with the usual distractions this time - or the twisting of the news against china for some old "coldwar replay" either.
I Expect the media spin to show a "threpressionwastotalitsallover" - but, in actual fact - its "boomboom - they've blown the bloody doors off!"
That media blockade is extinct.

If you are in the media, or a spiritual tradition, different religion, different culture or different people - these shots might get used as a "media-influencers attempt at a full stop" or you might see it as a sort of trumpet intro for the new "drum'n'bass" of a quickening, STRENGTHENING pulse - with a grin that reflect strength back to you - that reminds you of what it is to act WITH the good spirits, the good intentions of community- of all people - if we are to have a free future - or a future at all.

As I type two monks have got shot, in burma, protecting people by "representing".
Its often too easy to slag off "religious" people - but a word or two to explain the meaning of recent "symbolic" actions might encourage other spiritual traditions to shake off the inertia of "fake-pragmatism" - in effect - often "taking a kickback/percentage/tithe from muggers to establish a nice hospital for those poor people got at by muggers".
The symbol of the upside down begging bowl is to some extent accepting that, although, under a regime of repression - subtle, or less subtle - it is easy to comprehend why people sometimes pretend their religion is "above" Politics - in actual fact - it is ALWAYS political. Golden cows metaphors in some religions, parables of facing off bullying traders in others, kicking over speculators stalls in some . . . . the "awkward" bits of all these religions, so often "explained away" or got at by inserting other bits of text afterwards - these are often the bits all the "founders" or much loved of all spiritual traditions might agree about.
Sometimes, moments remind you, too - its about the EFFECT of actions - going through motions, debating using old language about economic theory or politics OR religion - it all shows "respect" for the traditions - but sometimes the SPIRIT of traditions might ask you to unfreeze your patterns a bit, let others in, get out of ruts . . . . thats often what those "founders" were doing too - "secular", "atheist" OR religious.
The begging bowl upside down says a HECK of a lot, to all sorts of us.

(Also ,the threat of refusing the support of the community, after death, to "soldiers" that support these "looters" - so letting the revenge crews take it out of you in the "limbo-purgatory" after you have stopped breathing, in a society that sees existence continuing then, in energy, soul, spirit, sentience, etc - in the same matter of fact way as that most people expect apples to fall towards the ground - that DOES mean a lot, too.)

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  1. directions to the burmese embassy — y, of course