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London MET Police Launch New Anti-Terror Campaign

Damned Journalists | 27.02.2008 00:00 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression | Terror War | London

This time it is the photographers and videographers we have to fear.

Fresh from the planning rooms of Scotland Yard comes the 2008 Anti-terrorism campaign, put in place just in time to greet the unknown outcome of the Managing Protest consultation, unknown as in we have no idea what they're going to hit us with next, but we know they're going to hit us with something nasty and hard.

The two links will take you to the Met's own website and enlighten you, frighten you, and have you phoning in suspicious behaviour calls on every journalist, photojournalist, video journalist, mainstream, union registered and especially those pesky independent "citizen journalism" activist Indymedia types.

Now the message is, who's that behind the camera? What are they filming, or photographing, and why?

This is a new and very serious concern, be warned, and distribute this as widely as possible. This is a new stage in the war against journalism and truth, and a direct attack at getting rid of those on the streets keeping a close eye on what's going down.

Damned Journalists


NUJ member wins settlement from Met Police

27.02.2008 08:36

NUJ member Marc Vallée has accepted an apology and out-of-court settlement from the Metropolitan Police today (25/2), further to issuing proceedings against Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis for "Battery" (assault) and breaches of the Human Rights Act, relating to freedom of expression and assembly.

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NUJ member
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