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Clegg confronted by Anarchy & Peace at death park!

anarchy & peace | 04.02.2011 16:35 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Terror War | Sheffield | World

Deputy Prime Sinister thought he'd sneak into Rotherham today but his visit didnt go unnoticed!

Nick Clegg visited the Advanced Manufacturing 'Death' Park today for the Carbon Capture Solutions event. Capturing pollution from power stations and injecting it into the ocean amongst other equally stupid ideas.

Protesters 'Anarchy' and 'Peace' came to make a citizens arrest of this dangerous fraudster. The Police were there to protect the interests of the corporations and were unwilling to assist in the arrest of Mr Clegg.

He is still on the loose!

Whilst waiting for Clegg protesters and police discussed human rights abuses covered up by the government and superiors of the Police such as the Hollie Grieg case which involves the coverup of a paedophile ring, chemtrails, geoengineering, unlawful war and comman law.

Protesters shared concerns about the activities of businesses at the AMP regarding manufacturing of weapon parts and the nuclear renaissance.

The next event held by the people at the DEATH PARK is on feb 17th at Doncaster Racecourse it is the 'Nuclear Renaissance' event and Nick will be back in the area March 11-13th for a Condem conference.

Come on people lets get together and do something about this sick shit!

anarchy & peace


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