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Farenheit 7/7

Gary224, Gary24, Gary the non-anarchist | 22.07.2005 15:36 | Repression | Terror War

The reaction sinces the bombs is creating an asmosphere of panic, hate and intollerance.

Since the bombs have gone off what has happened in Britain has been a repeat of the unessecary panic that always happens after bombs (oooooooh scary!!!!!).

Of course the bombs were a tradegy and of course there is a threat but the reaction has been overblown.

Everyone is talking about "THE BOMBS"

Remember how many people died in the bombs on 7/7. 56 or 57. A tradegy yes. But people are dying in those numbers everyday from heart disease, car accidents and other stuff. But nothing sells papers and gets tv ratings like bombs and fear. Of course the bombs must be mentioned but the over-the-top attitude from the media and government is causing a great deal of harm. Now think about all the media hype from Sky News, BBC, Daily Mail and even the Guardian who prides itself on being such a logical newspaper. The media have been ridiculously over the top. It is nothing short of propaganda.

Example..................Sky news have been doing hours and hours of reporting today (22nd july) and absolutely nothing. Just talking, showing diagrams and pictures of "events" connected to "terrorism" when actually nothing is going on.

Reminds me a bit of the panic over pedophiles when mobs went around attacking people who had similar names as alleged pedophiles.

What do i believe are the negative affects of this crazyness...............

...................Firstly, The panic is turning to anti-muslim hatred. As people blame Islam for the bombs they forget than non-muslims commit evil crimes (e.g. holocaust, slavery etc.......) and that the hatred from certain people British people is just as bad as the hatred which the bombers had in there hearts.

Secondly, the worrying. There is a threat of more dying but the worrying does not help at all. Espeically as they dont worry about dying from being hit by a car when that is even more likely.

Thridly, the oppressive laws that are coming. Now British people will face oppressive laws which are totally driconian and often dont make a difference to deal with the terror threat. Of course the police and security forces will be loving this as this is what they have been training for and they will love the extra power they get. And of course groups like LIBERTY who oppose these unfair laws will be accused of being un-patrtiotic when the bombs had absolutely nothing to do with the flag and absolutely nothing to do with the Queen.

I bet the media bosses are loving this as well. Since the bombs went off the ratings of Sky News and the sales of papers have gone up. The over-the-top reporting is very bad jouranlism but lets face facts they dont care because the tv channels and the newspapers are making huge profits from these bombs.

If these media people really care maybe Rupert Murdoch and the other bosses could donate all their Sky News, CNN, Guardian, Daily Mail and Fox News profits to the victims of these tragedies.

Gary224, Gary24, Gary the non-anarchist


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