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Vanunu Freedom Ride - last stop in London

Vanunu Freedom Ride | 20.04.2007 10:46 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Terror War | London

The Vanunu Freedom Ride finally reaches London on 21st April 2007. This bike ride of over 600 miles from Faslane nuclear weapons base to the Israeli Embassy in London calls for freedom for Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear weapons-free Middle East and a just freedom for Palestine. Our ultimate aim - a world free of nuclear weapons.

Saturday April 21st 2007 marks the 3rd anniversary of Mordechai Vanunu’s “release” from prison in Israel after serving a full 18-year sentence - including 12 years in solitary confinement - for telling the world about Israel’s secret nuclear weapons programme. It also marks the date when the restrictions imposed on him on his release come up for renewal. These restrictions deny him a passport, confine him to East Jerusalem and forbid him to speak nuclear weapons or to foreign journalists.

For the second year running, a cycle ride, called the “Vanunu Freedom Ride”, has been organised in support of Vanunu’s struggle for freedom and aims to highlight Israel’s and Britain’s continuing possession of nuclear weapons. The Ride began on Saturday 7th April at Faslane on the Clyde where Britain’s nuclear-armed “Trident” submarines are based. We've now cycled over 600 miles via the Menwith Hill US spy base in Yorkshire and the US airbase at Lakenheath in Suffolk where US nuclear weapons are stored. We will arrive in London on April 21st, to deliver a letter and petition to Downing Street and then go on to the Israeli Embassy where an hour-long vigil will be held.

Hackney and Islington CND are organising a big welcome for the ride outside the town hall on Mare Street at 2pm so get on your bikes and join us for the final few miles of the Ride.

Vanunu Freedom Ride
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