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Wrexham: Join us today to protest British involvement in war on Isis

Peace Day Wrexham | 25.09.2014 07:37 | NATO 2014 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Terror War | Wales

Thursday 25 September
4.30 - 6.30pm
39 Rhosddu Road, Wrexham LL11 2NS

Join us outside the office of Wrexham MP Ian Lucas which is on a busy route out of Wrexham with plenty of passing traffic at that time of day.

Demand NO British involvement in the US-led war on Isis in Iraq and Syria.

It's ten years since a group here in Wrexham occupied Ian Lucas' office in protest at his abstension on the crucial Iraq war vote and his abject failure to oppose the war once it had started although he'd previously said a second UN resolution was essential.

Now he's the Shadow Minister for Africa and the Middle East.

Vigil in Wrexham against Iraq war, 2003
Vigil in Wrexham against Iraq war, 2003

Parliament has been recalled for Friday to discuss joining in another US bloody war and Ed Miliband has already said he's going to support British military involvement in Iraq.

Presumably he's swallowing this garbage from war criminal extraordinaire Tony Blair:

who says we've got 'no choice'. Like the public is gonna believe anything Blair says...



which includes these wise words from the late, great Gerry Conlon:

"What Bradley [now Chelsea] Manning did was to expose the horror of what governments expect children, their sons and daughters, to do on their behalf, the pretext of going to war to liberate people… we all need to be aware of what is being done in our name, because it’s not my name they’re doing it in.

"I didn’t vote for a politician to take me to war or to take my country to war or to send young men and women to war to be blown up and shot, some of them coming back without limbs, some of them coming back so traumatised that they become outside of society… we have to stand up and… tell them ‘You represent us, not big business‘… We need them to enrich our life, not destroy our lives."

Meet today with banners and placards and anything else you want to bring along.

Labour party constituency office
39 Rhosddu Road
LL11 2NS

If you can't get there you can call the office:
T: 01978 313 001

or get in touch via

Write to the papers too. Do it now (there isn't much time!)

Previous protest in Wrexham against war on Syria:

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