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STOP ! Islamic regim's Terrorism and Interpol's collaboration

Better Life @ Better World | 28.02.2010 11:21 | Globalisation | Terror War | Birmingham | World

A campaign in solidarity with the Iranian opposition and appealing the Interpol

To all freedom-fighters and all who experienced the bitterness of terrorism, torture, imprisonment, being in exile, deserting the threats of despotic systems all over the world!
The Iranian government has recently given a list of its opponents to the Interpol requesting to be put in the “wanted” list of the mentioned institution. The Iranian government fabricated accusations against some persons in the opposition just to legitimize their arrest and being handed over to Iran. The persons requested by Iran are progressive secular and democratic prominent figures who live abroad fled from the dictatorship and despotism of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are also persons who lead progressive political parties aiming at changing the religious rule in Iran and replacing it with a civilized, secular and humane regime which can secure the basic human rights recognized internationally.
These tyrannical procedures of the Islamic Republic of Iran to pursuit its opponents and the submission of the Interpol to that request will only give opportunity to tens of other despotic regimes world around to carry out the same proceedings. As a result the political oppositions of such countries might be put in the list of “criminals” within Interpol. It is wrong that international organisations which have other duties participate in such acts of violating human rights and assaulting freedom of opinion and expression.

Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iran
Centre of Watching the Human Rights in Iraq

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