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The Nazi Occupation of Darnall (Cop Alert)

Whoever... | 28.02.2010 16:39 | Repression | Terror War | Sheffield

Darnall has been the scene of several police roadblocks recently, aimed at motorists. Read how they're currently waiting on Prince of Wales Road...

Sunday, February 28.

A cop in an expensive marked cop car is waiting hidden on 722 Prince of Wales Road, directly after the railway bridge (cannot be seen until it's too late), direction from Darnall Centre towards the Parkway. He was first noticed by members of the community at about 14:50 and is still there at the time of posting (approximately 16:35). Beware Motorists.

An important thing to note is that the part where the cop is waiting is private property, belonging to the 722 office building. Several companies hold their offices there, so let's show them that we don't appreciate traitors by avoiding doing any business with them.

The cop car looks like a high-speed-pursuit vehicle, probably looking for speeders and running license plates to check for any alerts. The engine has been running for the whole time.

Watch out if you're driving near Darnall, near the Parkway, or trying to get to the M1.



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