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Craig Murray's web site: deleted by Fasthosts

censored | 20.09.2007 19:54 | Repression | Technology | Terror War

Craig Murray, the outspoken former British Ambassador in Uzbekistan has had his web site taken down by it's host, Fasthosts. This comes after an article by him attracted legal threats, "Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist":

At this stage it's not clear if he will be able to get a copy the data from Fasthosts in order to recreate it elsewhere.

In the meantime it can still be accessed via the Google cache:

And there are old copies of pages on the Internet Archive:*/

Some of the article and talks by Craig Murray on this site:

Legality, Morality and the War on Terror

Torture and The "War on Terror"

No to Torture - former British ambassador to Uzbekistan speaks out against UK/US torture collaboration

London Bomb - Cui Bono?

BBC News 24: Craig Murray on British marines captured by Iran

Craig Murray on the British Marines Captured by Iran

UK / Iran: Both Sides Must Stop This Mad Confrontation, Now


Craig Murray on the death of Robin Cook

Uzbek Opposition Leader Tortured, the West Does Nothing



Fasthosts' details

20.09.2007 22:29

If you want to pressure Fasthosts to restore Craigs website then you could contact them directly:

Discovery House
154 Southgate Street
United Kingdom

Sales helpline
+44 (0)870 888 3600

0870 888 3760
(+44 1452 304242)

Email sales

Or you could just contact all their new customers directly and ask them to boycott the company - a simple google on @Fasthosts gives you enough information to do that.

Spineless Hosts

Craig Murray site closed by Fasthosts due to legal threats

20.09.2007 22:42

As many of our readers will know, this site [ LFCM: Casualty Monitor ] was first launched in support of Craig Murray and his election campaign in 2005.

We have just heard that the company hosting Craig Murray's own web site have decided to close it after receiving threats from lawyers acting for Alisher Usmanov.

Fasthosts appear to have caved in under the pressure that has been applied to them following the posting of a number of articles on Usmanov. Craig has consistently maintained his position regarding the truth and validity of his comments regarding the Uzbek-born oligarch.

As detailed by Chicken Yoghurt, "the family of websites that Tim and Clive (whose site is also down) look after are also currently AWOL. So if you’re missing the online presences of Craig Murray, Bob Piper or Boris Johnson, now you know why they’ve gone."

Casualty Monitor
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God is an iron

21.09.2007 10:10 has now been removed from decent society.
This is one of Craigs articles they helped hide.

September 14, 2007
Yet More Schillings Bollocks

On my article about Alisher Usmanov which so incensed his lawyers Schillings, let me ask this question. Has anybody seen an argument posted or published from any credible source to argue that what I say about Usmanov is untrue?

I ask the question because one of the edits to this log my webhost made at Schillings' behest was to say that my claim was "regarded as false by many people". I have altered that edit, because there is no justification for such a claim. I have yet to see evidence of anybody, not one solitary person, arguing that I am wrong about Usmanov, other than his lawyers. Who are these "Many people", and why are they peculiarly silent?

I am very sympathetic to my webhost having to change things for Schillings, but not to the extent of altering things to become defamatory of me!!!

Posted by craig on September 14, 2007 3:14 PM in the category Uzbekistan


Craig's offensive article from 2005

21.09.2007 14:37

Paradoxically the post which has caused the problems is one Craig made in 2005 which was (conveniently and serendipitously or maybe even with the help of Gypsy Petulengro, who helps out a lot round this office)copied at ;

So those anxious to see what those who would want us not to see what it was they don't want us to see may see it, and maybe even copy it and distribute it around and about and up and down.

It is also entirely possible that it has already been copied elsewhere.

This is a case where singing from the same page of the same hymnal is essential.

Lord Patel
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