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LONDON - Wed May9 2pm-5pm *South Korean Embassy *Solidarity with Nonviolent Resi

Solidarity | 09.05.2012 07:39 | Terror War

LONDON - Wed May 9th 2pm-5pm *Gather outside the South Korean Embassy in Solidarity with Nonviolent Resistance to Military Base Construction on Je Ju Island,
*Peace activists, Catholic Workers & Veterans for Peace UK, a gorup of Swedish students will join Angie Zelter (recently arrested at JeJu Island) and others at the South Korean embassy/London in solidarity with residents of Je Ju Island nonviolently resisting the construction of a U.S. naval warfighting base on their traditional lands.

Wed May 9th 2pm-5pm
South Korean Embassy, 50 Buckhingham Gate London SWLE 6AJ
Nearest tube St. James Park

****This excellent video (10 mins) was made by Dennis Apel, a Catholic Worker from
California. Dennis who is involved in sustained nonviolent resistance at Vanderburg AFB California traveled to Jeju Island to show solidarity with their resistance.
in February and put this together. He gives you a quick view of what
happened during the trip.!

Wed May 9 2pm-5pm
South Korean Embassy, 50 Buckhingham Gate London SWLE 6AJ
Nearest tubea St. James Park & Victoria

U.S. And South Korea Assault An Idyllic Island: Not For The First Time

By Brian Willson, Veterans for Peace USA

Originally published by Veterans For Peace

The beautiful island of Jeju in South Korea is packed with natural and cultural treasures and designated a UNESCO world heritage site. But it has the misfortune of appearing to the U.S. military strategically positioned to play a part in surrounding China.l


The great peace movement in South Korea
by John Dear SJ on May. 08, 2012

Fifty miles off the southern tip of South Korea lies Jeju Island, one of the world's most beautiful islands, known for its glorious rocky coast, coral reefs and sacred vista. But as far as the United States is concerned, its sole purpose is its strategic location next to China, Japan and Taiwan. The United States has asked South Korea to build a major naval base there for U.S. Aegis destroyers -- U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carriers that carry cruise missiles. These missiles, kept on U.S. destroyers and submarines at the proposed Jeju Island naval base, could be used someday to destroy Chinese ICBMs.

But contrary to all expectations, a magnificent campaign of daily nonviolent resistance against the base has grown in the last five years. What's even more inspiring is that church leaders are at the forefront of the campaign. Everyone who cares about peace needs to know what is happening on Jeju Island.


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