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RSVP-5 pm Tues.A24. *Peter Tatchell@"Free Bradley Manning" Vigil U.S. embassy

Free Bradley Manning | 23.04.2012 10:32 | Terror War

****If you can't make it to the tribunal at Ft. Meade or the U.S. embassy in London, consider making a public stand for Bradley Manning on April 24th., 25th. or 26th. wherever you are - as he stands before a military tribunal that wishes to bury him alive!
Bradley has now been in military custody for over 700 days!

Peter Tatchell speaking at a previous event for Bradley Manning at US Embassy
Peter Tatchell speaking at a previous event for Bradley Manning at US Embassy

RSVP - 5 pm Tuesday April 24th. *Peter Tatchell to Speak at "Free Bradley Manning" Vigil at U.S. Embassy, London

Renowned human rights activist Peter Tatchell will speak at a solidarity vigil for Bradley Manning at the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday April 24th. 5pm

Bradley Manning a 24 year old U.S. Army intelligence analyst, faces life in prison or the death penalty for allegedly sharing a video of U.S. war crime in Iraq with the WikiLeaks website. Manning has also been charged with blowing the whistle on the "Iraq War Logs", the Afghan Diaries", "Guantanamo Files", and embarassing U.S. State Department cables.

Peter Tatchell stated,
"If Bradley blew the whistle on war crimes, he deserves a medal - not a jail sentence. All the charges against him should be dropped. The people who should be prosecuted are the US military personnel who committed the crimes, not the man who allegedly exposed their criminal actions."

Free Bradley Manning!
Vigil Outside U.S. Embassy
Grosvenor Square London
5 pm Tuesday April 24th.
Demanding All Charges be Dropped Against Bradley Manning

The solidarity vigil is being organised by
London Catholic Worker
Veterans for Peace UK
and WISEUP for Bradley Manning

More information & RSVP if possible (helps us to organise!)
ciaronx AT
Ph./ text 079 392 90576

- Closest tubes to the U.S. embassy in London are - Bond St., Marble Arch, Oxford St. Hyde Park Corner
- Map to get to the embassy

* Bradley Manning is facing 23 charges one carrying the death penalty, accused of exposing war crimes of the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan

* Bradley is being brought back to Ft. Meade Maryland on April 24th. 25th & 26th. for a pre-court martial prosecution motions hearing. Solidarity activists in the U.S. will be heading to Ft. Meade to attend the hearing and protest outside the base.
Bradley is in jail for us, we're on the streets for him.
End the Wars! Free Bradley Manning! Drop the Charges!

RECENT REPORTS - Recent Solidarity Actions in Wales around Welsh National Theatre's perfomances of "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning"
Youtube (1 min) - "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning" Hyper Connected Theatre
Youtube (30 secs) Audience Reaction's 'The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning'
*Activism in Wales around the Play - Report & Photos

*****You can view the play, online anywhere in the world in real time, on the following dates & times (British Standard Time). You need to go to this link to register before viewing.....

(British Standard Times)
Wednesday 25th April, 7.30pm
Thursday 26th April, 7.30pm
Friday 27th April, 7.30pm
Saturday 28th April, 2.30pm
Saturday 28th April, 7.30pm

At this stage, the play won't be archived for later viewing.
So if ya want to see it, here's ya chance!

"Almost Gone" written by Graham Nash and James Raymond
*Youtube by Radfax (3 mins 48 secs)
- "Lovers Electric" perform a song for Bradley Manning at Giuseppe Conlon House" London

A year of photos of solidarity with Bradley Manning and Julian Assange in London and elsewhere.

Free Bradley Manning
- Homepage:


Solidarity in Cardiff

23.04.2012 13:20

Free Food, Free Bradley Manning!
Outside Cardiff Central Market
From midday, Tuesday 24 April

Special sneak preview screening of Jim Spione's film
'Incident in New Baghdad'
Committee Room 1, Glamorgan Building, University of Cardiff
7pm, Tuesday 24th April

WISE Up for Bradley Manning
mail e-mail: wiseupforbm [at]
- Homepage:

Solidarity at USAF Fairford

23.04.2012 13:27

Seems appropriate to celebrate PFC Bradley Manning's heroism at USAF FAIRFORD source and scene of grotesque waR crimes against Iraqi civilians ~ remember kids, ALL waR IS ILLEGAL

April 24, 2012 at 1:00 PM
main gate Horcott Road
Fairford, Gloucestershire GL7 4RB
United Kingdom

WISE Up for Bradley Manning
mail e-mail: wiseupforbm [at]
- Homepage:


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