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21 April: Live stream screening of 'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning'

WISE Up for Bradley Manning | 20.04.2012 15:23 | Repression | Terror War

There will be a screening of the sell-out play 'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning' on Saturday 21 April at the Red and Black Umbrella squatted social centre in Cardiff.

57-58 Clifton Street, Cardiff CF24 1LS

Doors open 7pm.

Entry: voluntary donation.

Bradley Manning is back in court on Monday 23 April for another pre-trial hearing. Come along and find out more about his story - discussion afterwards.

Livestream link:

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Court start date 24th after all

21.04.2012 08:16

See below:

This morning, the Army and David Coombs both clarified/confirmed that the
hearing will in fact begin Tuesday, April 24 as scheduled.

Somewhere along the line, one of the parties (judge/prosecution/defense)
began referring to the start date as "Tuesday, April 23", and that mis-date
was repeated by the Army Public Affairs office in their press release. Then
the "April 23-26" started to be used as short-hand (including by Coombs
yesterday), but still in reference to Tuesday.

Anyway, it underscores the lack of factual accuracy released by Army POA.

Jeff Paterson
Bradley Manning Support Network
Courage to Resist

WISE Up for Bradley Manning
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