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Recent direct action / insurrectional news (Global)

(A) REVOLT IS CONTAGIOUS (A) | 23.04.2012 13:13 | Terror War | World

responsibility claim by "the kids play" for 22/03/12 incendiary attack on Hummer SUV in Athens (Greece) // County Meath fox hunt vehicles sabotaged, 24/03/12 (Ireland) // claim of eco-sabotage by "ELF Moscow" in Butovo forest, 3/04, (Russia) // claim of arson of comm mast in Bristol by "Some rising flames, ELF Empowering inferno" 11/04, (UK) // Update from No TAV struggle (Italy) // 13/04 claim of arson of state security agency vehicle by "Cell for the Violent and Immoderate Attack against Power / Informal Anarchist Federation", Mexico City (Mexico) // 16/04 solidarity banner outside Evening Post media building in Bristol in "happy birthday" celebration for fugitive comrade Badger (UK) // report of 16/04 arrest of Ivan Silva and Carla Verdugo, anarchist comrades accused of being in the process of carrying out bomb attack, Santiago (Chile) // Zippo Circus vehicles sabotaged in London by "ALF" // JobCentre vehicle set on fire by "Fire Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation" in Cambridge, 17/04 (UK) // Banco de Chile branch in Santiago bombed by "Subversive Proletarian Faction for Freedom" // claim of arson of vehicles of National Telecommunications Organisation,19/04 Athens (Greece) // 4 anarchist comrades in Malang, East Java, arrested on 20/04 for vandalism (Indonesia) // Danish justice minister approves terror charges against 5 comrades // insiders report of clash during 20/04 demonstration against Plan Nord development project, Montreal (Canada) // solidarity demonstration in Peckham, London, with Greek anarchist prisoners on hunger strike, 21/04 (UK) // responsibility claim by "Informal Anarchist Federation / Fires on the Horizon" for 21/04 sabotage of tram lines in the south suburbs of Athens (Greece) //

Athens- Responsibility claim for the attack of March 22nd with an incendiary mechanism against a luxury Hummer vehicle
Transladed by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

Responsibility claim for the attack with an incendiary mechanism against a luxury Hummer vehicle.

The spontaneous arsons and the clashes of February 12th from the revolted people was a crack in the normality and armouring of the individual, as well as the liberation of oppressed feelings. Maybe repression is increasing (see Chrisohoidis), misery is intensifying, the city is becoming asphyxiating, building fears by turning us into living-dead, but the birth-given momentum for absolute freedom cannot be shot down.

The rage does not fade away in a night; on the contrary it becomes conscious day by day. The provocative view of the merchandise (expensive and cheap) lit up charmingly in the windows while homeless people look for life asylum; it is only a sample of the logic of the absurd. From one side some sell and buy products for 100.000 euro and on the other, the modern slaves seek to sell their body for hunger wages.

Thus, in the early hours of March 22nd, we placed an incendiary device (small bottle of petrol with a candle) under a luxury HUMMER vehicle at the GB dealership on Plapouta street in Heraklion, rendering it useless and destroying the hopes of the businessman to collect from the complex syndrome of the dominators.

This minimal action resulted as a need from the continuous thought of the imprisoned of February 12th. We remind that they are still in the dungeons of GADA (Athens police headquarters). It could be any one of us. We owe it to every imprisoned fighter of the system, to continue insurrectionally in our everyday thought and action. We owe it to our own existence.

Finally, we are talking about revolution and when we speak with such terms we can seek, create moments of liberation. We just have to dare. It is time for a spread out social guerrilla, meaning the utilization of friendly relations. Surely, it is preferred than the landfills of the cafeterias, stadiums and all other dead gatherings.

The struggle will be forever, so let’s enjoy it. Let the comrades become friends and the friends’ comrades. Our thoughts are next to the hostages of the social-class war and especially Tortuga, Luciano Pitronello. Hold strong. You give us strength.

p.s. We salute those who attack with arson against luxury vehicles, ATMs and capitalist targets (with or without responsibility claim).


the kids play



"A number of hunters vehicles parked at a County Meath fox hunt were damaged by a chemical substance.

These vehicles were left unattended as the hunters were out killing wildlife.

Tears mean nothing...only action works."


ELF MOSCOW ACTIONS, anonymous report, from (rough translation by BITE BACK):

"During the night of March 25-26, Moscow eco-anarchists visited the Butovo forest where a business class cottage village is being built. During the night activists were busy in defense of the forest.

Eco-anarchists spiked old, perennial pines and birch trees. In total, 7 trees were protected, what is not a bad result. Also, activists cut and dismantled a fence dividing the forest into bourgeois "possessions" and made it difficult for motor vehicle access, including construction equipment, by blocking roads with logs and iron pipes. In general, the mission was completed and most of the pre-planned goals accomplished. The whole event was quite easy: no police patrols, and even the guards did not suspect anything.

'Despite the opposition of local residents, the contractor is continuing construction, cutting down precious forests which were created dozens or even hundreds of years ago. Eco-anarchists advocate for the forest and the integrity and inviolability of the ecological system, because the forest is not only a source of oxygen, it is a whole world for a variety of animals, birds and insects. Breaking the main link in the chain, namely, a home for all of these beings, will mean death for all of them. So every sane person has a duty to protect our shared Earth, which provides to all of us shelter and food. If not us, who?'

ELF Moscow"


Bristol: Attack against Communications Infrastructure by ELF (UK)
From IMC UK:

11 April 2012

We take responsibility for the attack on the communications mast on Dundry hill on 11th April, that took out five communication services and took off air BBC Radio Bristol and Jack FM for more than 16 hours, as well as disrupting Avon and Somerset Police radio communications it seems (although they are refusing to comment on this).

We did this by stuffing two tyres with rags and methylated spirit, jamming them in the bundles of wires at the bottom of the mast and then igniting them. It was our pleasure to demonstrate that with modest ability and ample will we can create a rupture in ‘business as usual’.

We want to interrupt the spectacle of the mass media, and the administration of the technological-information society.

These radio stations and the media in general enforce the interests of the ruling class – the state and corporations. Propaganda masquerading as ‘objective news’ comes ad verbatim from government and corporate sources, and listeners get blasted with a tidal wave of adverts worshipping commodity lifestyle. Any criticism of the status quo is allowed, as long as it occurs within certain parameters, taking capitalism and civilisation as given, and entrenching the idea that these are inevitable. These criticisms, drained of any vitality, actually help maintain the existing order by making it appear tolerant. Genuinely revolutionary ideas are met with violent repression, as in the recent case of the anarchist counter information websites Culmine and Parole Armatein Italy. Every repressive blow deserves an answer. Mass media is the enemy of all rebellion and of every attempt to create a free life.

The media is just one tool of modern alienation. Technologies such as mobile phones and online networks have become so all-pervasive that other more meaningful forms of communication have been undermined. We are increasingly atomised and connected to each other through the mediation of mass electronic devices. The technological-information society makes it easy to bury yourself in obsessive updating, reality TV, ‘social media’, popularity games and whatever gets handed down to blot out a way of life which hinges on control and exclusion.

Faced with all this, we aren’t bought off as accomplices to an impoverished society that is collapsing the ecology which hosts us on this planet, and we reject the endless slide show of media revelry.

This was our torch of solidarity to; Luca Abba (injured whilst resisting the military-style occupation by police thugs in the Susa Valley) and the 25 arrested across Italy fighting against the high speed train line construction; the jailed eco-sabateurs Braulio and Adrian in Mexico along with Sadie and Exile in the US; and members of the Greek revolutionary organisation Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (who are now threatened with having their sentences lengthened) and the others accused in their case.

For a renewed spring offensive – THE TIME IS NOW AND THE ENEMY IS EVERYWHERE

-Some rising flames, ELF Empowering inferno


NO TAV – Update on the struggle (Italy)

On 11th April land expropriation in Val Susa was authorized by the law in order to set the yard for the construction of the Turin-Lyon high speed railway track. On the same day the inhabitants of the valley along with many other people coming from all over the country bravely faced the occupation troops and blocked highways and roads in the area.

NO TAV actions were also carried in a number of other places. In Lecce (southern Italy), the windows of an electoral site hosting mayoral candidate and former member of the local government of the town Severino Martini were smashed to pieces and NO TAV graffiti left on the wall. In Latina (near Rome) a demo was held outside the Prefecture. In Bologna comrades held a demo in the central piazza and later occupied an ex-municipal police barracks.

This is the communiqué from the Bologna comrades

Against the expropriation of land in Val Susa: re-appropriation, occupation!

On 11th April the expropriation of the Val Susa inhabitants’ land became effective by law to make way for the construction yard for the Turin-Lyon high speed railway track. The inhabitants of the valley and many people who came in solidarity resisted and blocked highways and roads once again, besides going back to the fences of the yard without fear. A great number of actions were carried out throughout the day all over Italy, once again making it clear that the NO TAV struggle is anywhere because the interests behind the TAV are the same interests that are devastating territories and lives everywhere.

In the evening of Friday 13th April, after a demo in the main piazza of Bologna we occupied the ex-site of the municipal police in Via Libia 69, which now belongs to the public administration. In fact works of devastation for the benefit of the usual people can also be found in this city: the high speed yard at the Central train station and the yard for the construction of the administrative hub (Trilogia Navile) in the Bolognina neighbourhood are under our noses every day. The Bologna-Florence high speed railway track has already destroyed a whole territory.

Another big and useless construction they want to build is the super speedy and super costly monorail (People Mover) between the airport and the train station, two sites that are already perfectly linked. Taking back spaces, roads and territories is not only the best response to the legalized theft that the State commits every day against us but it also a way to oppose those projects that want us to be docile slaves subjected to their economic interests. We decided to re-appropriate this space in order to respond to the State’s expropriations with occupation, to the hierarchies with self-organization, to cops’ violence with solidarity and the determination to resist, to their jails with spaces of freedom.



Mexico: Claim of responsibility for incendiary attack on ASE patrol
from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

“Let us therefore trust the eternal Spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unfathomable and eternal source of all life. The passion for destruction is a creative passion, too!”
M. Bakunin

Last night we went out to the streets with the clear intention of violating their social peace, of breaking the order constituted by passivity, conformism and the ambition for power of society’s fort. At around 11:30 PM we placed two incendiary devices with retardant on a patrol car of the State Security Agency (ASE) that we found parked in front of the command located in the Juan Escutia neighborhood around Texcoco Av at the boundaries of Netzahualcóyotl City and the Federal District [Mexico City]. In the area we also left a graffiti vindicating the FAI!

We attack with fire the properties of the security forces of the State/Capital just as we would attack with shootings and bombings those minions of power. The conflict against authority is also in the peripheral barrios of the city, we do not pretend to take off the system’s head with an action, this is the daily war for freedom and individual vindication. May they burn wherever they are found! in Polanco or Santa Fe, in Netzahualcóyotl City or Ecatapec! May the whole world destroy their own oppressions and set the city on fire! The conflict is in the streets and comes along with incendiary discourses which incite the breaking with the chains of thought and action that incite, give, and impose pacifism and non-violence!

Solidarity with the compañero Tortuga!
Solidarity with Gabriel Pombo Da Silva!
Solidarity with Braulio Duran!
Solidarity with the compas recently repressed in Italy!
Against the police: incendiary attacks every day!
Against the State/Capital: Social war on all fronts!
Long live anarchy!

Cell for the Violent and Immoderate Attack against Power /
Informal Anarchist Federation

A, April 13, 2012.


Happy Birthday Demo for fugitive Badger in Bristol (UK)
325 receives and transmits

On Tuesday 16th April we visited the offices of The Evening Post in Bristol to wish a happy birthday to our Comrade Huw ‘Badger’ Norfolk who is currently on the run due to crimes relating to the building. We held a banner which read: “BRISTOL ABC: Every Prisoner Is A Political Prisoner” and wore badger masks to show our solidarity with him.

Happy Birthday Badger! Wherever you are!


Two arrested transporting an explosive device in Santiago (Chile)
From vivalaanarquia, 4/16/2012, transl waronsociety:

Ivan Silva and Carla Verdugo were arrested transporting an explosive device in the Granja neighborhood today at 3:30 AM.

They were taken to the 13th Precinct where one of the prosecutors of the Bombs Case, Christian Toledo came. Ivan and Carla were carrying a backpack which according to the press had a fire extinguisher full of black powder with two butane gas canisters and a fuse as well as a change of clothing.

It was also reported in the press that Carla had romantic ties with the compa Juan Aliste Vega.

According to police sources, Carla and Ivan wanted to plant the explosive device during the night because today the trial preparation hearing of Juan Aliste Vega was happening.

We know that the state and its representatives will try by all means to dole out an exemplary punishment, therefore we call all individuals and affinity groups to show once again the solidarity and support that unite us in this struggle against the system of domination.


received anonymously:

"Inspired by the previous reports of attacks against circuses, we decided to pay a visit to Zippos in Herne Hill, London.

In the dark of night we quietly entered the grounds of the park, equipped with everything we needed to leave our message.

Creeping around the circus we glued the locks of many vehicles and covered a van and truck with paint.
we then split up and emptied a couple of cans of spraypaint on their trucks, tent and booking office.
Afterwards, we filled the exhausts of a number of vehicles with expanding foam, before pulling equipment and other items out of the (foolishly) unlocked vehicles.

Satisfied, we crept back into the darkness and left the circus to enjoy their last few hours of sleep before they awoke to discover the ALF had visited them once again.

This action may have meant a sleepness night for us, but it will mean everything to the animals being abused in the name of perverted entertainment.
Every single one of you has the ability to fight for animal liberation. No excuses - get out there and fuck shit up!

Zippos has continued to ignore the warnings to stop using animals... If they won't free them, we will take them.

As our graffiti said, 'we'll be back'.



Cambridge: ‘Jobcentre’ vehicle torched by Fire Cell / FAI (UK)
325 receives and transmits:

17 April 2012

We stand alongside the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Informal Anarchist Federation (CCF/FAI) and salute our brothers on hunger strike in the prisons of Greek democratic totalitarianism for the final prison transfer of CCF/FAI prisoners of war Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argyrou. for dignity and rebel solidarity.



On 17/04/12 we set on fire a promotional “employment van” of the Cambridge Jobcentre, we entered the gated carpark, lit our fire and left, right under the snouts of passing cops.




- Fire Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation – International Conspiracy for Revenge


Chile: Explosive device goes off in Banco de Chile branch (updated with communique)
communique from vla transl waronsociety:

Against the State and Capital that torture, cage, murder and destroy all of nature. Take control of your life, confront your fears, free yourself and attack Power.

Prisoners of the world in Social War to the street!
Freddy Fuentevilla
Marcelo Villarroel
Juan Aliste Vega
Luciano Pitronello
Esteban Huiniguir

Subversive Proletarian Faction for Freedom

* * *

from the press, via lt, transl waronsociety:

At around 1 AM, a strong explosion was felt at 4811 Grand Avenue in the San Miguel neighborhood [of Santiago, Chile].

It happened at the Banco de Chile, which after being attacked was left with severe damage, broken windows and destroyed machinery. The high strength of the explosion is shown by the fact that one the doors was thrown almost 100 meters.

The detonation did not cause any injury. An anonymous call had alerted the police about the presence of the explosive device in the bank branch. According to the information that the police sent the press, there were leaflets found in the area alluding to the arrest of Ivan and Carla on Monday morning, and to Luciano Pitronello.

The GOPE group of Carabineros arrived to try to find some clue as to the authors of the attack and to begin the investigation, keeping the place cordoned off and closed.


Responsibility claim for the arson of vehicles of the National Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) Athens, 19/4
Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

Responsibility claim for the arson of vehicles of the National Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) Athens, 19/4 Actions speak for themselves.

But despite that we would like to mention a couple of words about the current situation and the choice of going on the attack. While the metropolis has filled with all sorts of cops and the prisons with comrades, while the fascist poison pours plenty out of the screens and the scum are getting ready for another election festival, while the repression towards the internal enemy is upgraded and spreads out, we thought we would put our own different stroke in this miserable landscape.

On 19/4 we cut with an electrical saw the shutters of the closed parking lot of OTE in Exarxia and completely destroyed all the vehicles that were there. OTE is now just a subsidiary of Deutche Telecom. The german multinational is a colossus in the sector of telecommunications and actually is the largest company in of its kind in Europe, with a monopoly position in the international market.

At the same time it is also a pioneer in control and surveillance systems. In 2008 amidst a scandal Deutche Telecom confirmed that it had kept the information of mobile phones from 17 million of its customers. Deutche Telecom cooperates closely with the german state and its subsidiary T-Systems has undertaken the digital telecommunications of the german police. We don’t have to say more about why they are considered a target for us.

We dedicate this action to A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis and K.Sakkas who have begun a hunger strike from the 6th of April, demanding the lifting of the new vengeful imprisonments and the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of anarchist comrade S.Antoniou because of the serious health problems she is dealing with, a situation which gets worse by the day because of her conditions of incarceration.

We also stand next to the members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and anarchist Th.Mavropoulos, who have also begun a hunger strike from the 8th of April, demanding the final transfer G.Tsakalos and P.Argirou to Koridallos prisons from Domokos prisons.

We do not forget the decent prisoner S.Darvilas who has begun a hunger strike from the 4th of April demanding the leave days he deserves and which he is vengefully being deprived of, neither do we forget those arrested on February 12th.



New repression wave – Four anarchists detained and investigated for solidarity actions – ‘Memori Senja’ shut down (Indonesia)

On the night of Friday, April 20, 2012, four people were arrested by police when comrades are doing acts of vandalism as a form of solidarity against a variety of asymmetric struggle against the state, capital and society and solidarity to the imprisoned revolutionary combatants (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat). The four comrades were detained and underwent a long interrogation for 17 hours without stopping before then released while still in the surveillance and investigation of the police.

During interrogation, the police force four comrades to mention Facebook address each of the accused as a “communication tool” of internal “group of troublemakers and bullies the social order”.

They also were asked about their relationship with the combatants in the jail (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat- just released from the prison now), then how do they communicate with our comrades in prison (whether via phone, email or other medium), name of group or network in which they are involved and how these groups communicate, and other silly things related activities each captured comrades.

Equipment used for this action were seized as evidence such as spray paint, solidarity poster for Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat, poster for local anti-mine resistance at Tambak Bayan. Another posters who follow the seizure is reads “POLICE KILLER”, “DESTROY MINE”, “FUCK SOCIETY”.

The police then connect these acts of vandalism by an anarchist webblog called Memori Senja ( and trying to find out who is the admin of the web. Web Memori Senja now no longer accessible online.

Later on Monday, April 23, 2012, the four comrades must face another interrogation again.

For each of us in NEGASI, this is a continuation of the repression against the rise of a new generation of anarchists in Indonesia. Although each of us vowed never retreat, but we still expect solidarity from the other comrades every where in every forms.

Long live the rebels!
Long live anarchy!

Comrades of NEGASI


Denmark – Danish state uses terrorism paragraph to convict Anarchists !-A trial date is set for 9th May 2012,

Here’s an update to the blog from dk. This information is from different national media…

On the 20th. of April 2012 the Justice minister of Denmark M. Boedskov ( socialdemocrat) approved the charge, against the five young men, to be upheld as terrorism charges. Four was arrested the 26th. April 2011 with 30 liters of petrol and a flare outside the police acedemy in Brondby, outer Copenhagen. A fifth was arrested in May, also 2011.
The 5 admit to try to set fire to the police acedemy, but denied it should be an attempt of terrorism.

The state and prosecutor says that with the arson attack on the Fur companies, Embassy etc. they tried to destabilize the political, social and finaciel foundations in Denmark and therefore should they be charged under the terror legislation. Eventhough in Denmark already Arson charges can get you life in prison, so by using the terror law, they just makes it much more difficult for the defandants to prepare their defence as the are under mail and visitor monitoring. Also this means that the state can keep them on remand for a full year, without charge….

A trial date is set for 9th May 2012, but information is sketchy as to wether we’ll be getting access to the courtroom as previously it was held behind closed doors.

The arrested are being held in Vridsløselille state prison.

Attacks for which they are charged :

17th. April 2010 : 2 molotovs thrown at the Kopenhagen Fur

14th. May 2010 : Flammeble fluid ignited at the police academy, a few cops cars burn out too, in Brondoester
20th Sept 2010 : Flammmeble mfluid ignited at the company Pelsbox ( A fur company ) in Herlev

27th. Oct 2010 : 4 plastic jerrycans with flammeble liquid thrown through the window and ignited at the food company Nestle, Copenhagen.

10th. Nov 2010 : Molotovs thrown through windows at Saga Furs, Vedbaek.

8th Dec 2010 : Plastic jerrycan of petrol thrown at the police intelligence HQ in Søborg, Cph.

15th Dec 2010 : Windows smashed at a bank in Odense, police states they wanted to burn it…

11th. Jan 2011 : Several vehicles burn out at the Police data central in Hvidovre, Cph.

14th Jan 2011 : Pigs says they wanted to burn another bank in central Cph, but for reasons unknown failed the attempt!!

6th April 2011 : With flammeble liquid the front door of the Greek embassy in Cph was set alight.

26th. April 2011 : 4 of the 5 are arrested at the police academy with petrol and flares…

from sabotagethis, Cph


Montreal, QC: Clashes break out during Plan Nord protest
from antidev: A brief insider’s report on the April 20th Plan Nord protest

This was overall a great day of fighting, even though it wasn’t all victorious. From the very first moments, it could be felt that we were set to totally seize the day, and this was showing in black blocs serenely chanting and joking as they were dressing/gearing up. The Native spirit of the Earth was in us; harmonious, even in our drive towards disorder.

All thanks to the incompetence of Montreal’s fascist police force (only efficient at ganging up on individual street people) and the careless, mindless nihilo-capitalism of the political establishment, this April 20th’s protest against the corporate Plan Nord, a huge development plan aiming at robbing and raping roughly 70% of the Great North’s wilderness -through mining and hydroelectric development, mainly- has turned into the havoc that tons of student strikers and radicals alike were waiting for, deep inside.

(As a side note, the protest was also doubled with an attempt at an action against a speech by the white supremacist Minister of Immigration Jason Kinney at the Marriott Hotel, in his defense of the new Bill C-31, aimed at further restricting the possibility for refugees, especially Roma, at gaining a political refugee status. As thousands of Roma are currently being targeted by racist pogroms and labor camps under Hungary’s neonazi regime, this is a direct equivalent to the restrictive immigration policies of most Western democracies during World War 2, which facilitated the Holocaust.)

Sabotaging and street-fighting among what it’s been a high-place of urban gentrification and pacification, the protesters of many different allegiances stormed the streets together and turned the opening of the Plan Nord conference at the Palais des Congrès into a microcosm of the ongoing class war, up against capitalism’s biggest, most violent push towards a new wave of colonization of Turtle Island’s land. This indicated how widespread and strong the awareness and opposition to corporate industrial development has grown

Shit finally hits the fan

Outside, battles have taken place between Police forces and rioters, successively going back and forth, where protesters made and extensive use of the (in)famous black bloc tactic of the “disperse and regroup later”, thus creating a tense fight and machine of mass destruction of order for the whole afternoon. It started with the total destruction of one of the main entrances of the Palais, by massive paint-bombing and throwing of rocks, where the police took cover for a while, same place where they’d first started the fight by shooting a protester right in the face with a CS canister gun.

In the meantime, some protesters were able to slip inside the gigantic, futuristic, bleached out, building of the Palais to get near the place where the conference was happening, but were pushed back at the last minute by riot cops. The battle inside and outside has succeeded to delay PM Jean Charest’s speech for about 45 minutes and he was forced to skip the promo photo shots at the beginning.

Then as the fights spread, fronts of many offices and businesses for the rich elite in the area were rampaged, including the World Trade Center building, with its facade being successively spray-painted (a red “A” was sprayed right on the “W” logo at the main entrance, with “Plan Mort” next to it) and then windows-smashed. Gloating aside, there were several arrests (authorities report only a dozen, while student/activist orgs are reporting a few dozens), a few protesters got shot with tear gas cannons and beaten by goons, but a few cops were also injured in the scuffles, that turned at some point into a storm of thrown rocks, pieces of pavement and whatever was found relevant to be thrown at the violent, yet scared police.

In the face of the savage fury — first verbal and then more physical — of many protesters, the disorganization of the police troops grew rampant, while generalized fear could be clearly observed among their ranks, especially as different swarms of protesters were smashing order at many places at the same time. They were not just suddenly overwhelmed, but losing their faces as the “scarecrows”, especially into people’s minds, just as more and more ordinary pedestrians were massing around and being treated just like the rest of the protesters. About the same kind of people to whom these corporate promoters/profiteers inside were trying to hand out a big, empty, carrot of promises, the increasingly frustrated proletariat was now being imposed the primitive, repressive, mind-warped argument of the stick. But so it seems, there are more and more people not buying into this one.

Attack on the World Trade Center: this time it wasn’t a false flag, but a black flag!

Strangely, as the street battle was still unfolding between the walls of the financial center of downtown, screams and flash grenades being muffled out by the ordinary traffic noise, non-life was still relatively flowing as usual elsewhere in the area, with only the helicopters from the provincial police preying above like vultures as a faint signal of “something big” happening somewhere, added by the war-like radio reports of total mayhem happening at the Palais des Congrès… stuff that only proles would dream of in their wildest dreams. Perhaps they’re just waiting for a bunch of black blocs to show up and show them the way to liberation from their slavery?

There is another day of protest today against the Salon du Plan Nord, and huge (symbolic?) marches are set to be held, tomorrow, for Earth Day, so more updates may be flowing in soon, here and elsewhere. For live video coverage of the events, like the other student protests, have a look at CUTV Montreal.

For the liberation of the Earth… in the streets!




Act for freedom now!

On Friday 21 April afternoon various individuals, pushed by a desire to express solidarity with our anarchist comrades on hungerstrike in Greek prisons, took banners and fliers into some streets of London to celebrate the rebel values of dignity and the struggle for freedom. The area, Peckham, south London, was the scene of strong rebellion in the August 2011 riots, a struggle which we and many of the people we encountered valorise and wish to extend. Police and the media have been working assiduously to extinguish rebellious passions and create a climate of submission and suspicion, condemning the rebels and rewarding snitching, leading to thousands of arrests and centuries of prison, under a manufactured public veneer of citizenist approval. By coming out on that rainy afternoon we found confirmation of what we are already convinced – that a conspiracy of rebel hearts exists whose infinite aspirations for freedom go beyond all prisons and control structures. At times momentary encounters pierced the shroud of urban isolation, upturned the earth of the graveyard of habit to reveal glimpses of the possibility of a future collusion of defiant spirits. We don’t need to wait for the next cop murder to arm our rage and aim at the enemy.

Complicity with the hungerstrikers!

For the destruction of the existent.




Life has been reduced to little more than a question of statistics. Every day the talking heads of the media roll out percentages, mortgage rates, numbers of unemployed, casualty figures of dead and wounded in the great massacre of daily life. Faithful guardians of the rich’s lockdown, they say our choice is sacrifice and sheeplike obedience or isolation and criminalisation as enemies of society. We are ‘the bad ones’, ‘the scum’, the enemy within… They focus attention on isolated acts that come from personal dramas or the ghettoes of boredom in order to justify the Police State that is stregthening itself day by day. They promote a snitch culture, glorifying the scum who grass up their neighbours, even family members, to the police. We all know who our real enemies are: the rich, the police, the politicians, the lying journalists, all the oppressors of the people.

What the media don’t tell us is that all over the planet young people, and also the not so young, are coming out into the streets to rebel. Against the unrestrained greed of those who dominate and oppress in the name of profit. To bring the flame of life into our grey existence and turn our rage against the oppressors rather than each other. Across all borders.


When we want anything – particularly freedom and dignity – we have to fight hard for it, with our people, against the “Law and Order” of the system. No politicians deserve anything other than our contempt, definitely no trust. Last year in this country alone we saw thousands of young people in the streets rebelling against university fees on at least two occasions. In August the whole country was ignited by the police murder of Mark Duggan in a rebellion that started from anger against the police and soon developed into a widespread social revolt that lit up the drab city centres with fire. Piles of rubbish were expropriated from high street stores, rubbish that masses of people slave to produce, and other masses slave to buy. Here the media did not fail to do their job of criminalising the revolt and showed their true colours by publishing CCTV photos of rioters supplied by police.

In Greece, which has been in the headlines for months, because in spite of viscious cuts and ‘austerity measures’ against the Greek people, the State economy has gone bust, and, being a part of the great bankers mafia, the Eurozone, the other European State economies have rushed to ‘bail out’ Greece. The effect has been an almost total collapse of social and economic life there, always under the world media spotlight, resulting in the Greek people being presented as receivers of charity who ‘belong to us’.


What is not said is that there is a situation of constant rebellion, attack and solidarity among many of the Greek people, including thousands of anarchists. Demonstrations in the streets, which have now gone as far as attacking the parliament. Neighbourhood assemblies to fight back when people have their electricity cut off because they cannot pay the bill – the people come together and help each other to reconnect the power. Groups of anarchists fill up trolleys with food in supermarkets and walk out with them to distribute it free at the local market along with leaflets urging others to do the same. Other groups came out in broad daylight to attack CCTV cameras in the main streets to the extent that there are practically none left standing.

We are living through the militarisation of London in preparation for the Olympics, something that the people of Athens went through in 2004. Many acts of sabotage took place, demos, etc. expressing anger at the absurd expense of the huge security operation that left so many debts that affect everybody’s lives today. The London Olympics are being passed off as great event that unites everyone and will improve peoples lives with its example of ‘excellence’, whereas we know that all the corporations behind the Olympics are the real terrorists of the planet. We can all see that it’s just another excuse for a more of a lockdown prison society, moving people of out their homes in London to make room for businesses and yuppies.

Solidarity means sticking up for each other and not letting the powerful and their servants (politicians, cops, media, etc.) use their ‘divide and rule’ techniques. Our solidarity has nothing to do with the false national community celebrated by the UK flag-waving around the Olympics, carrying on the dirty history of imperialist racism in another form. It means staying solid in our all our many diverse fights for freedom. Dignity and self-respect in the place of arse-kissing and snitching. It means finding out who our real enemies are and organising ourselves, with those we know and trust, in small groups without leaders, finding joy in our attacks, big or small, on the oppressors and the structures of the present prison society, for a world without bosses or slaves.

Revolutionary solidarity is not just words. We have come out into the streets today to bring to the fore the hungerstrike of some anarchist prisoners in Greece because their struggle is also our struggle.

Nine anarchist revolutionaries are currently on hunger strike in Greece, fighting for dignity and freedom.

There are countless insurgents imprisoned the world over for not having bowed down their heads to this system of death.



Greece – Athens – Responsibility Claim for sabotage of the tram lines in the wider area of the south suburbs On 21/4
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Responsibility Claim for sabotage of the tram lines

Re-appropriation of old means

On 21/4 we built, with reinforced cement, 3 parts of the tram lines in the wider area of the south suburbs.Very quickly we would like to clarify at this point that we will not suck on the candy of silencing by the snitches (media).Their role is clear and hostile and they will answer for their attitude in time.
Obviously we do not have any illusions that we would stop the functioning of the tram for the whole 24hours. Our move was of a reflex character, adjusted to the imperative need for factual solidarity.

We believe the target was accurate for the following reasons:

First of all the mean is immediate and in a wider scale appropriational. A more complex action in the present condition would have demanded lost valuable time.

Second, sabotage and attack on urban (and suburban) means of transport makes the people that will have to go a bit further to get to their destination to learn the REASON of their hassle and be informed about the action. In this way social normality is cracked and you raid the life of someone foreign to the radical movement, leaving the tight limits of addressing specific individuals through “traditional” procedures.

And third, in the special condition of the hunger strike of comrades, a cycle of extensive and spread out actions of sabotage in the metropoles forces those in charge and the pawns of repression to respect your presence and your demands.

Let’s refuse the role of the participant in the silent crowds.

No more postponements. Our brothers from prison threw the hatchet of war. It’s in our hands to stick in the heads of our enemies or to bury it deep in the ground. There is no time for hesitation; every minute brings a brother closer to death. Some are mettlesome, some soulless. Some are enraged, some have fun.

We must make the colourful flower of solidarity blossom in the dark world of resignation and misery.

With a deep breath we shall show our steel bite. Make every fucking suit and every uniformed scum wet their pants, burn the cars of the prison guards, the houses of the cops and the judges. Let’s not fool ourselves. Let’s not smile. With mechanisms of sabotage and counter-information we shall transform every moment into a reason for action. Everyone from their own front and with whatever powers they have available. Let’s blow the terror into the whole authoritarian pyramid. Let’s invade the lives of those who have eyes and see and ears to hear.
Open Call to a cycle of sabotages

We call the groups and communities of direct action to an exacerbation of the attack with every way, every mean. We call every individual and collective that fights in the street TO ACTION.

Brothers we shall not hesitate anymore. We shall show them our teeth now. Let’s not leave any hunger striker hostage to their sadomasochistic appetites. Always with careful moves because we are involved in a game of balances.
We do not intend to undermine the meaning of solidarity. Its democratic and christian forms do not express us. Our comrades are not in a condition of weakness which needs help but in a PROUD test which demands offensive contribution. We support our comrades because we see in their faces our choices, in our faces their choices. Because if it was the other way around, they would do the same.

To the anarchist hunger strikers: G.KARAGIANNIDIS, A.MITROUSIAS and K.SAKKAS. Lift the new vengeful imprisonments and IMMEDIATE RELEASE of anarchist comrade S.Antoniou.

To the anarchist urban guerrillas of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire and Th.Mavropoulos who have begun a hunger strike from April 8th, demanding the final transfer of G.Tsakalos and P.Argirou to Koridallos prisons from Domokos prisons.
We do not beg to be heard. We invade their lives nad make them.
We withhold about the intensification of our action according to the hunger strike. You should know that as easy as you invade fighting and anti-hierarchical spaces THAT easy we will invade your houses. And then you will deal with our “sickening” and violent appetites. Tentes motherfucker today we built the tram, tomorrow we might build your feet.

To finish we would like to give this action of ours to the well-advertised greek tourism and to those who intend to “live their myth in Greece” this summer too.