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Novartis Knock Down Day

06-10-2008 12:43

Novartis Knock Down Day is a call for actions against Novartis on Monday, October 27th for being one of Huntingdon Life Sciences’ (HLS’s) largest customers.

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Help displaced children in Haiti with toys, crayons and books

06-10-2008 05:38

Millions of poor children were displaced by recent hurricanes in Haiti.

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Abortion Rights Plans House Of Commons Public Meeting

05-10-2008 00:37

Abortion Rights, the UK pro-choice organisation is planning a public meeting this Tuesday 7th October at 7pm in the House of Commons. Speakers will include Dr Evan Harris MP, Diane Abbott MP and Dr Audrey Simpson from the Family Planning Association of Northern Ireland. The meeting is aimed at putting pressure on the government to defend and improve rights for women as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is debated in coming weeks.

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SHAC Newsletter 48 - Out Now!

03-10-2008 15:10

Summer 2008 Newsletter
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty: The Global Campaign to Close HLS

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SHAC Global Day of Action - Hampshire

02-10-2008 14:47

For the global day of action, SHAC were busy down in Hampshire naming and shaming those who help keep Huntingdon open, to maim and mutilate 500 animals every single day, especially those on the NYSE. You would think with the current financial crisis the last thing that the NYSE would want is shac on their back, but they haven't dropped HLS yet, so maybe they like our protests?

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William Johnston on hunger strike since the 3rd of September

01-10-2008 09:44

The Scottish Executive recently announced that a consultative process was currently under way to consider passing all responsibility for health care facilities and treatment in Scottish prisons to the NHS. Inevitably the announcement was met by hostile opposition from medical staff presently employed directly by the Scottish Prison Service, although their argument against allowing prisoners access to NHS standards of care and treatment in fact makes a compelling case for the proposed reform.

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Sussex police taser street drinker

30-09-2008 12:14

According to that venerable Brighton institution- The Argus, Sussex Police used a taser on a street drinker who turned aggressive/violent after they attempted to confiscate his booze.

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HLS & NYSE Shareholders have more protests

28-09-2008 19:32

With the world of finance far calmer than this time last week, our demos did not generate such a big external interest as then, but we were still outside the same companies shaming them for their involvement in the torture of animals inside the razor wire of Huntingdon Life Sciences. We targetted Barclays, Axa and Merrill Lynch to demonstrate against.

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SHAC Netherlands - back in business!

28-09-2008 19:27

Friday, 26th September saw the rebirth of SHAC Netherlands with a full day of protest at HLS customers.

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Telegraph publishes 39th article parroting corporate pseudoscience on asbestos

28-09-2008 09:45

Since 2002, the Sunday Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker has published at least 38 articles denying or downplaying the health risks of white asbestos. His claims are strikingly similar to those made by the industry-funded "Chrysotile Institute". Earlier this week, the Guardian ran an exposé on Booker's activities. In his response, Booker yet again distorts the scientific facts around this issue.

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Jail—Mortgage Lenders, brokers, Who Knowingly Sold or Made Fraudulent Home Loans

26-09-2008 16:44

Regards from Nevada:
How can Americans possibly trust this Congress to protect $700 billion in Taxpayer Dollars that is needed to Restore US credit liquidity—from being misappropriated?

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Free Gary Mckinnon Campaign- London Autistic Rights Movement - demonstration

25-09-2008 11:55

Protest to support Gary Mckinnon's case all will be most welcome to attend this protest... Please spread the word.... See link below for more details....

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Barclays and Vanguard get HLS protests in DC

24-09-2008 19:16

Audio At Barclays
On Friday, Sep 19, two bottom-feeding investment firms got office demos over their stubborn refusal to divest themselves of puppy-killing, money-losing Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS).

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Protest against transphobic psychologist Kenneth Zucker in London, 1st October

24-09-2008 19:15

Kenneth Zucker, transphobic doctor who supports repression and torture of gender-variant children has been invited to speak at the Royal Society of Medicine. Protest against Zucker and for the right to seld-determination of gender identity, October 1st, 8.30am, The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE

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Lydd airport Kent-MD resigns

23-09-2008 20:23

Managing director of Lydd Airport, Romney Marsh, Kent has resigned suddenly after a shareholder/board member dispute over the future of their expansion plans..

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Philippine women’s groups urge lawmakers to pass Reproductive Health Bill

22-09-2008 12:45

MANILA, Philippines – A day before several lawmakers deliver their respective sponsorship speeches on the controversial bill promoting the use of both artificial and natural means of family planning, among others, a network of more than 50 non-government and people's organizations advocating women's and people's rights today urged other members of the House of Representatives to affirm women’s right to reproductive self-determination, and to support the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health Bill.

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Anti-HLS US Demo Tour, Monthly Roundup

22-09-2008 11:36

Over a period of thirty days and thirty nights, from mid-August 2008 through mid-September 2008, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) customers and profiteers across the United States were struck by a surprise anti-HLS tour of the country.

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HIV denialist to speak at ESF

21-09-2008 07:56

The 'Dr Rath Health Foundation', who will today join a workshop at the European Social Forum, have been involved in spreading deadly misinformation about medication for HIV, and promoting other ineffective treatments for serious illness, sometimes with fatal consequences.

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Italy bans Pesticides linked to Bee Devastation

19-09-2008 10:55

The Italian government banned the use of several neonicotinoid pesticides that are blamed for the deaths of millions of honeybees. The Ministero del Lavoro della Salute e delle Politiche Sociali issued an immediate suspension of the seed treatment products clothianidin, imidacloprid, fipronil and thiamethoxam used in rapeseed oil, sunflowers and sweetcorn

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AV Tour of Herefordshire

18-09-2008 14:13

Wednesday, 17th September

Campaigners today visited firms in Herefordshire who deal in the disgusting vivisection industry.