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Take the flour back! Video

27-04-2012 07:21

Stop the open-air release of GM Wheat that contains genes ‘most similar to that of a cow’.

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National march & rally against vivisection in Birmingham, Sat 28 April

21-04-2012 15:15

World Day for Animals in Laboratories, in Birmingham on Saturday 28th April.

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Virgin Keep our NHS Public Picket: report and pics

21-04-2012 14:48

Virgin on the Ridiculous
Saturday 21 April saw about 30 activists descend on the Virgin shop in Cornmarket to protest Branson's plans to start buying bits of the NHS to run as competently as he runs trains, no doubt.

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Reprise of Sgt.Brighton Bike Fest Band Day Six

21-04-2012 06:12

Farewell lovely cyclists of London to Brighton crew and today's Menu...

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Keep Virgin Profiteering Out of Our NHS!

20-04-2012 09:28

Keep Our NHS Public will be picketing the Virgin Store, Cornmarket, Oxford, 12 noon this Saturday.

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More Cake!! And Bikes!! aka Day Five of Brighton Bike Fest

20-04-2012 07:39

You can have your cake and eat it at Brighton Bike Fest!!

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Brighton Bike Fest Day Four (It's Stopped Raining!!)

19-04-2012 06:45

Rain hasn't stopped Play! Police on Bikes Welcome!One less Riot Van.

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Fire! In A Crowded World

19-04-2012 03:38

Landscape fires appear to be increasing and more fierce. New wave of fires across N.E. North America in early April! Could UK drought bring more fire? Speech excepts from 3 fire experts recorded at 2012 American Academy for the Advancement of Science special session.

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Birmingham and Solihull Workers Memorial Day Events 2012

18-04-2012 10:40

Remember the Dead – Fight for the Living

Every year more people are killed at work than in wars. Most don't die
of mystery ailments, or in tragic "accidents". They die because an
employer decided their safety just wasn't that important a priority.
Workers’ Memorial Day is our chance to remember them and demand
an end to this suffering!

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Read All About It!!

17-04-2012 18:44

Another Press is Possible!

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Day Two Brighton Bike Fest

17-04-2012 06:32

So as Julian (18.000 miles) Sayarer rides off into the sunset..Day Two of Brighton Bike Fest!

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National March/Rally Against Newcastle Uni

16-04-2012 19:04

Protest web banner
This is a national call out to ALL

Please attend this national demonstration against Newcastle University animal testing lab

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18,000 Miles....

16-04-2012 05:20

18,000 Miles in 165 days find out why and where TONIGHT at Cowley Club.

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Day One Brighton Bike Fest

15-04-2012 09:51

Day One of Brighton Bike Fest

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Keep it well Lubricated!!!

14-04-2012 07:09

Brighton Bike Fest has Arrived!!

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UG#587 - Engineering The Stench of Urban Decay

10-04-2012 17:18

This episode spins a wide range of voices into an exposé of the myth of urban decay. We begin with Steve Macek, then hear Dr. Gabor Maté on his experiences of 'drug addicts' in an inner city neighbourhood. Our longest piece is Ivan Illich speaking about water and the sense of smell.

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Take the flour back - meetup point announced

03-04-2012 10:49

Stop the open-air release of GM Wheat that contains genes ‘most similar to that of a cow’.

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Last week was a lousy week - NHS - RIP Demo Photographs

29-03-2012 10:55

Last week we were hit with a triple whammy : first the Budget followed by the decision of leading unions, including the PCS, to call off the national strike set for the 28th 0f March and then the passing of the Health and Social Care bill.

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Harlan Interfauna demo - 13/4/12

28-03-2012 14:51

Demonstartion to be held at Beagle breeding kennels in Huntingdon!

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Take the Flour Back! Mass action against GM wheat

28-03-2012 08:28

Take the flour back!
Sunday 27th May 2012

Public day of action against the Rothamsted genetically modified wheat trial.