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GM stick up at Tesco in Bristol

15-02-2011 20:19

Tesco have been pushing their 'we don't use Genetically Modified ingredients, honest' line for years. With evidence mounting of the horrific impact of GM soya in South America, it seemed about time to start making some noise about the way GM has been creeping back onto the shelves, especially when we heard they'd gone so far as to make an in store display of GM oil.

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Anti- GM Protestors Target Oxford Tesco

15-02-2011 12:40

[Oxford] This morning, as part of a nationwide day of action on genetically modified (GM) products in UK supermarkets, two groups of protesters entered Tesco’s on Cowley Road in Oxford to warn customers who might be unwittingly buying GM products.

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Protest against Andrew Lansley on 14 February

13-02-2011 19:27

On 14 February there is a protest in London against Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley.

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Fruitarian Diet: Most Nonviolent, Healthiest, Highest Acreage Yield,Reforesting

12-02-2011 20:15

Nut groves, olive orchards, grape vines can yield 450,000 pounds of food per acre.
Slaughterhouses filled with the shrieks of terrorized animals yield a maximum 1000 lbs
per acre.

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Save Sheffield Sure Start Children's Centres

10-02-2011 17:00

Sure Start Centres all over the country are under threat of closure and budget cuts. In Sheffield the Council may cut funding to all Sure Starts by 15%. Join the campaign to resist this cut.

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Vegan awareness via confectionery

10-02-2011 02:53

Lakeside Ethical Treats stall at Wolves Uni Green Fair
At the Wolverhampton University Green Fair yesterday, a stall promoted veganism from a slightly different angle to the average vegan stall you may have seen. Alongside a selection of vegan leaflets were free samples of vegan chocolate and sweets, and also a wide range of confectionery for sale. This was the latest stall by Lakeside Ethical Treats, a 'shop' set up recently by Midlands Vegan Campaigns

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Four of the Ways Mammals' Intestinal Waste Further Contaminates Their Cadavers

07-02-2011 04:14

Most are aware of the ecoli (colon bacteria)
in animal flesh. Not all know how the contamination

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Crisis in Care: Interview with an anarchist support worker

31-01-2011 20:57

The Fargate Speaker talks to a local support worker about the problems in social care as a result of the recession and the proposed austerity measures.

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"Population Mixing" and Nuclear - A Health Warning?

31-01-2011 13:36

image courtesy of TOXIC COAST
If proposed nuclear developments in the North West go ahead - the population of West Cumbria will increase in a relatively short space of time by the tens of thousands.

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My call to ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the sick and disabled.

26-01-2011 04:53

A disabled person calls ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the disabled and sick ATOS deems fit for work, in preference to being forced to die from starvation, neglect or homelessness. 7 minute call.

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Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Gets Job Dictating Drug Policy!

23-01-2011 18:13

Mad bastard and member of the Maranatha Christian cult, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe has been given a job on the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs according to the Guardian.

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Sharing n Caring!

21-01-2011 21:20

Sumac Skill Share Days every Thursday at Sumac Centre in Nottingham

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The Case to Close Temple Cowley Pools is Crumbling...

15-01-2011 22:03

We are getting more and more information, mostly forcing it out of the council via Freedom of Information requests, that refutes all the arguments they have used to push forward with their scheme to close TCP.

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Leeds Toxic incinerator meeting

08-01-2011 12:31

Toxic incinerator meeting / consultation.
Consultation in to the South Leeds Toxic waste incinerator .

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Survivors Resistance Network demands an end to Work Capability Assessment (WCA)

07-01-2011 14:12

From April 2011 those of us who have been receiving disability benefits on mental health grounds will start having our eligibility for benefits reassessed en masse using the discredited and ill conceived Work Capability Assessment (WCA) which is a computer based method of assessment. We do not accept that this move is taking place to provide us with a way out of poverty and social exclusion as the government claims but rather that its purpose is to reduce the welfare bill regardless of the distress, destitution, disengagement with mental health services and suicides that will result.

The government is specifically targeting people who are living with mental health problems as this group of claimants is less likely to return to work than other claimants. It is not suggesting that we do not have mental health issues; simply that it is still possible for us to work even though we are in mental distress. It is now the case that pain, distress, indignity and an abysmal quality of life caused to us by work cannot exempt us from it; we can only be excused from work if, mechanically, we cannot perform a job and not because work would have negative consequences for us. This is called ‘focusing on what we can do rather than on what we can’t do’; the misery being what we can’t do. Although these changes to the way mentally distressed people are assessed for benefits were introduced by the last Labour government we are aware that Ed Milliband is now undertaking a review of Labour policies and we urge him to abandon support for the WCA in favour of a more accurate, honest, discerning and compassionate way of assessing a mentally distressed person’s fitness for work.

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Sheffield to Import Waste?

03-01-2011 20:45

It's always interesting when councils and their major contractors run public consultations nicely placed over the Christmas period, as if to catch the public unaware of a deadline for responses on, let's say, 15th January. This is the case with the proposal to ship in up to 50,000 tonnes of waste for Bernard Road Incinerator. It would come from surrounding towns and counties, by heavy lorries presumably. That's not likely to be controversial is it?

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National Health Service "could collapse"

29-12-2010 18:46

Senior figures in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) have warned that the government proposals to reform health care, as laid out in the white paper, “Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS”, could lead it to “implode” or face a “train crash”.

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Protest Against Welfare Cuts Wed 15th - Newcastle

13-12-2010 13:02

National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts
Wed 15th December

Linking to recent student protests - keep up the momentum and support all action against the cuts!

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ALFIE MEADOWS. Police commandeer hospital!

11-12-2010 18:30

Police tried to refuse treatment to Alfie Meadows at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.